Jan. 26th, 2017

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...for [livejournal.com profile] lands_of_magic
Fandom: The Librarians
Words: 432
Notes: for the prompt "New Year's Eve"

Colonel Baird strode into the Library annex, whistling softly to herself, having just completed a security tour around the perimeter of the grounds. Hardly necessary, not on a holiday night, but bracing nonetheless. Once in the room, she looked around with surprise at the Librarians, engaged in random though characteristic activities. Jacob was at the long table, paging through a book that looked ancient and crumbly, his eyes lit with excitement. Ezekiel was slouched in a corner, thumbing at an electronic device that was presumably some type of video game. Cassandra was staring into space with her hands moving in front of her. And Jenkins was just coming down the stairs, a tea tray in his hands.

"What in all heck are all of you doing here ON NEW YEAR'S EVE?" As they all looked over or up at her, she checked her watch. "Ok, admittedly, it's only 7 pm. But shouldn't you be out celebrating?" She sat opposite Jacob at the long table as Jenkins drifted by, depositing the tea tray in front of her. "I mean after all. You could go anywhere in the world to celebrate. It might be 7 pm here, but it's sure to be midnight somewhere." She pointed to the Back Door and looked around indignantly. "Whoa, settle down, Nellie," Jacob intervened mildly. "Don't see you gettin' gussied up to go party in Berlin."

She shrugged. "Yeah, well. With Flynn off in Antarctica, I figured I'd just spend the evening here. Brush up on my tae-kwon-do." She made a few martial arts movements, catching the attention of Cassandra. "What? Oh, New Year's Eve. Well, yes, I was calculating the probabilities of attending an actual party and having fun." She shook her head as she stabbed at the air. "Highly unlikely. I'm going to play it safe."

"Never celebrated New Year's, ever," called out Ezekiel. "Always been a working night for me." He too gestured in the air, more in the nature of picking pockets and slipping jewelry off unsuspecting necks. He chuckled to himself as the others rolled their eyes.

"Well, as none of us seem to have any particular plans, maybe we should do a little something here," said Jacob. "That is, if Jenkins doesn't mind." Jenkins sketched a bow of welcome. "Perhaps the Back Door could be employed to bring items of revelry back here for us to enjoy. Let's see, where shall we start?"

Eyes alight, the Librarians and the Guardian gathered around, tossing out suggestions for where to go and what to get to celebrate the New Year in their own, magical way.

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