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...for [ profile] allthingsfandom.

(photo: Members of Robert F. Scott’s expedition to south pole inside an ice grotto with Terra Nova ship in the distance, 1911.)
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4639882-7774429550-Got-gChallenge for [ profile] allthingsfandom is to pick a fandom character and describe their life as if they were living among us. I chose Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones.

I imagined that Brienne lives in a small, charming brownshingle house on a quiet street in Berkeley, California. I think she would like the woodsy element, but want to be in an lively town with good food and intellectual pursuits. She needs a vehicle with space, so she drives a classic 1953 Jeep Willys which she cares for lovingly. The Jeep is also perfect for carting around her tools for her job as a landscape gardener. She enjoys working with her hands, making things come alive, and spending her days outdooors.

She is athletic, and plays on several local teams for basketball, volleyball, and, in tribute to her English upbringing, field hockey. She likes the camaraderie as well as the physical exertion. For fun, she indulges in a zest for medieval cosplay, camping and hiking, and hot tubbing at hot springs spas--again, showing her love for physical movement and the great outdoors.

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Horror icons for [ profile] allthingsfandom, brrrrrr. Second 10 are movie posters, see if you can guess...

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[ profile] allthingsfandom is now accepting members! Every form of fandom is represented from TV shows, movies, books, video games, etc. You may join one of the four teams or even go solo! It's completely up to you. Come join the fun! If you join, comment on this link with the form filled out and tell them that I sent you!
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...for a challenge at [ profile] allthingsfandom.

My Fandom Crushes

#1. Battle Creek--Russ Agnew
He's tough but tender, worn down but still hopeful. He's had a rough life but is a survivor. He's a hometown boy, and decided to be a cop for his hometown, so everywhere he goes he has good and bad connections. He's kind of trapped in a world where everyone knows him from grade school, but he works it to his advantage (sometimes). He's rumpled and hilarious.

#2.Game of Thrones--Margaery Tyrell
She's smart and ambitious, and knows how to use her born role in society to her advantage. She works her femininity but is subtle, or at least subtle in a way that only another wily woman can recognize her intent. We don't know if she will ultimately succeed in her goals, but I'm rooting for her, because she's one of those characters in this particular world that knows what's going on and how to work it.

#3. Castle--Rick Castle

He's sharp, witty, and sees the humor in most situations. But he can be deep and real when it's needed, such as when he's supporting his daughter. He's somewhat amoral, a hedonist, but he's also deeply ethical in human relationships. He knows he makes mistakes and he owns up to them. He can also draw the line, such as in his relationship with Beckett. He's a family man but can also be a party animal. He has a zest for life that is infectious.

castle Detective-Russ-Agnew-battle-creek-38171929-200-200Untitled-1

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The challenge at [ profile] allthingsfandom was to make graphics and writing on the theme of words from the very wonderful Otherworldly. I focused on Sense8...

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