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Doing drabbles off of phrases in other people's drabbles, so fun.

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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards was to write a short fic omitting one of the vowels. This might be cheating, but here you go. I also used two of the prompts from a different challenge: "The things you learn about people when you take care of their home while they’re away on vacation" and "She picks up the phone & says hello".

Title: Holly Housesits for Russ
Fandom: Battle Creek
Vowel Excluded: A
Word Count: 166

SUBJECT: Housesittin'

Hey. So everything's good round here, except I'm getting no phone reception so I'm using your Dell, which is wonky. Why didn't you mention -- how long's your ... "first vowel key" been broken? Knowing you, it's been forever & you figured out some work'round. I guess you could go with textspk but somehow I don't see you doing it. You're old school, honey, but it's ok. I'll keep you wired into the young cool stuff.

How's the conference? I know you're not big on sitting in meetings but it must be fun to be out of town. Hope you're in the nice section of Detroit & the hotel's good & you're not drinking too too much.

Hey by the by, someone phoned you. I didn't intend to pick it up, but it kept ringing, so....mmmmm. Your mom told me to tell you hello. There's more, but I'd better tell you in person. K hon. Miss you. Be good! See you soon!
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For [ profile] gameofcards. Click for bigger.

Five Movies I Saw in 2015.

Five TV Shows I Wish Weren't Cancelled.
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Fandom: Battle Creek
Words: 178

Holly stood pensively in front of the display, biting her lip. Just as she was reaching for one of the boxes, she heard a low whistle and looked quickly to her left. "Aha! At last I've found you." Russ rounded into the aisle and sauntered toward her. She slowly pulled her hand back and onto the strap of her purse, looking at him with wide eyes. "Oh, hey, hi, fancy meeting you here," she said as brightly as she could. His eyes narrowed in response as he neared her. "You don't sound all that happy to see--" His gaze followed hers at it darted, guiltily almost, to the row of boxes. He grinned suddenly and reached out for one of the boxes. "Here, let's give this one a try. It's you! 'Copper Sunset.'" He waggled the box of hair color in front of her.

Sheepishly, she shrugged and grabbed the box. "And here I thought you were calling me 'Nice and Easy,'" she said lightly, as she took his arm and led him to the check out counter.

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What would Russ and Holly have on their cel phones?

"Yikes, I'm late, gotta stop at the printer's on the way in. Let yourself out, okay?" Holly called over her shoulder as she downed the last swig of coffee, grabbed her phone off the counter, and headed toward the door.

Russ leaned out of the bathroom. "Hey!" he called.

She turned around to look at him. He winked, and her rather harried expression melted for a moment into a sweet smile. She waggled her fingers in a wave. "See you at the station."
Later, as she was pulling up at the printers, she felt an unfamiliar buzzing in her purse. Reaching in, she pulled out a vibrating phone and stared at it for a moment, puzzled. Seeing the text showing up on the lock screen with the picture of an old-style sneaker, definitely not hers, she rolled her eyes in exasperation and understanding.

--You got my phone. Unlock code is 2901.

She punched in the code and texted back:

--Sorry bout that. How did you unlck mine?
--5683? LOVE? Might as well be 1234.
--Whatev. What's yrs stand for?
--I'll tell u since have to change now anyway. Childhood address.
--Ah. Well I apreciate yr trust, I cld see all yr secrets.
--Look away. Got none.
--Yeah right, well no snooping on mine.
--K wont but some can't be unseen. Kittens. And how many weather apps do u need?
--I like weather. Anyway yrs is boring. No games, and what's with the sneaker pic?
--Tell you later. Im getting donuts for work, dont be late or youll miss em.

Holly tucked Russ's phone back into her purse and grinned at the thought of the day ahead.
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Challenge was to imagine a meeting between two characters in a fandom whom we never saw meet, if that makes sense. Uh, this was challenging, so both of these are rather awkward...

Fandom: Elementary
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock's father
Word Count: 306

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Fandom: Battle Creek
Characters: Russ, Milt, one of Milt's assistants
Word Count: 514

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News stories from our favorite shows. Sigh. These tie into a couple of "three sentence fics" I did for [ profile] gameofcards for these two late lamented shows.
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Detective Russell Agnew
Heads To Detroit

BATTLE CREEK  -- Battle Creek Police Department Detective Russ Agnew is heading to Detroit to take a mid-ranking post with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Police Commander Kim Guziewicz confirmed yesterday. "We will be sorry to lose Russ. He is a fine officer and has served the city ably for twenty-five years," Commander Guziewicz stated. "We are proud that his talents have been recognized in this way, and congratulate the FBI on a fine decision."

Agnew was born and raised in Battle Creek, and attended Valley High School, where he graduated in 1982. He entered the Battle Creek police force in 1990, and was promoted to detective in 2000. His career has been marked by several high-profile cases, but also by multiple suspensions, investigations, and charges of inappropriate behavior.

He is expected to take up his new post in July. The Department has not released any plans for his replacement.

Henry Morgan, MD, Last Seen At
Family Funeral

NEW YORK -- The New York Police Department are still searching for information on the whereabouts of New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Morgan. Morgan, the lead ME for the NYPD, has been missing since May 25, when he was last seen attending the funeral of downtown antique dealer Abraham Morgan, who died of natural causes on May 23. Friends of both men have stated that they were related, though the exact relationship continues to be unknown.

"The NYPD is dedicated to locating Dr. Morgan," said Lieutenant Joanna Reece, "He is one of our own, and we know we can locate him and bring him home safely." The NYPD is working with the local FBI in order to determine Morgan's whereabouts. Some in the department have expressed concern that Morgan's criminal investigation work may have proven to be a factor in his disappearance.
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Long Distance (Battle Creek)
Russ looked at the box on his desk holding the last of the miscellaneous crap that he was going to drag out of here, sparing a glance at the desk that used to be Holly's; things kept changing, even if you had stretches--decades even--when everything stayed the same.

He looked at the door as Milt swung in, saying "Hey, let's go; the FBI waits for no man." With a shrug, Russ stood up, grabbed the box, and headed out to take up his new job with the FBI in Detroit.

Not Forever (Forever)
Henry slid the letter into the envelope, stamped and addressed to Jo. It was best to do it this way, he told himself firmly; it just wouldn't do to pull another poor mortal soul into his dreadful morass of immortality.

Shouldering his bag, he looked around one last time at the empty antique store, with only one drop-leaf desk left behind to bear witness to Abe's passion, and walked out the door to whatever his new life would bring.

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