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Title: The Third Act--With Dessert
Fandom: Castle
Word Count: 381
Words/Prompts Used: All, underlined

Castle opened the door into the loft and began pulling off his necktie, mulling that the toughest part of testifying in court was that he had to wear a stiff suit and a noose around his neck. A loud cacophony of whirring startled him from his plaint, and he was startled to see his mother, in a tall white hat and apron, at the kitchen counter running a food processor and loudly proclaiming "Heat it slowly, Alexis dear, you want to carmelize the sugar without burning it!" as Alexis, hair tied in a checkered scarf, hustled around behind her waving a large spoon and peering over the stove where something was steaming.

Pausing with his tie half-tugged, Castle stared and approached the counter warily. "Um, Mother...what is...I've never seen you...what are you doing? COOKING?" His incredulity was papable.

Martha looked up and smiled brightly. "Not cooking, dear, and don't sound so surprised. I'm schooling myself to learn to bake.  I predict great things." Gazing at the dough in the Cuisinart, she nodded decisively and began to spoon it out onto a wooden board.

"Baking?" Castle couldn't hide the tone of incredulity (nor did he try to). Martha paused as she reached for the rolling pin, put her hands on the counter, and looked him in the eye.  "Yes," she said with an actress's emphasis. "Baking. A Tarte Tatin. That's apple pie to you. But with an added finesse."  She gave a dramatic gesture and proceeded to roll out the pie crust. “If there’s one thing I know at my age, Richard, is that one must keep the spirits alive with new things. It’s the Third Act!” Again she gestured, this time spraying a mist of flour around her.

“Third  Act? Aren’t you up to more like the Fifth Act?”

“Hush, dear, don't be vulgar. Take one of these to sweeten your sour words.” She pointed to a plate. “Homemade chocolate truffles with nougat, no less. Dessert first!” Castle tentatively sampled the morsel and was amazed to find it was delicious. Hmmm, he thought to himself, getting up to go change, maybe this 3rd Act of Mother’s wouldn't be all that bad, and promised himself to up his personal trainer to four days a week.
catko: (Castle Martha) progress...

Fandom: Castle
Characters/Pairings: Miscellaneous
Bingo Prompt used: See subheads
Word count: 277 so far
Note: If you want a visual, check out this recast I did once…

Gender Bender
Castle brushed her hair back and stared in the mirror. Presentable enough for a day trailing around Detective Beckett at a grimy crime scene. Now come on, Ricki, she admonished herself, you asked for this. Make the most of it. She strode out into the living room, where her dad and son were huddled over coffee cups at the counter. “I’m out of here,” she sang out, scooping up her shoulder bag and heading toward the door. They both waved, and went back to their musings as Castle exited the loft, checking her phone for the text that Beckett had sent with the address.

In The Beginning....
The cab pulled up next to the alley, and Castle hopped out, spotting Beckett and his team crouched over what must be the body near a large dumpster. Buoyed by an innate self-confidence, Castle strode forward and bent to scoot under the caution tape. "Hold on there, ma'am," interceded a uniformed officer. "It's okay, they're expecting me," Castle said brightly, mid-scoot. "Sorry, can't allow anyone in, official business only." The officer's raised voice drew the attention of the cluster around the dumpster, and Castle caught the eye of the man now straightening and grimacing. The man gave a few quick words to the two women bending down near him, and walked over toward Castle and the officer. "See, he'll tell you, Detective Beckett, I'm allowed, right?" Castle said as she slipped into the circle. The man nodded briefly at the officer, who retreated, and fixed Castle with a glare. "Yes, Ms. Castle, you're allowed. But over my strong objections. So you'd better not mess up my crime scene."


Everybody Hurts


Difficult Decision


24 Hours Earlier

Day Off Difficulties
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Doing drabbles off of phrases in other people's drabbles, so fun.

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Challenge for [ profile] gameofcards to write a fic using two randomly chosen prompts from a list of events and themes. Mine were ‚ÄčOne or more characters wake up with superpowers (event), and Jealousy (theme). I always think of Castle when it comes to this kind of thing.

Event and Theme Used: ‚ÄčOne or more characters wake up with superpowers (event), and Jealousy (theme)
Fandom: Castle
Word Count: 1751

Prologue: "C'mon, guys, it'll be fun!" Castle wheedled as he shepherded the somewhat reluctant group across the street from the pub to the park, where a decidedly rag-tag looking carnival was set up. "It's not even 8 pm! Let's keep the party going! Nothing is too much for my beloved's birthday," he added, as he put his arm around Beckett's waist.
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The challenge is toimagine your favorite TV characters have been put under a spell and have turned into a supernatural creature or, if they're already a supernatural creature, they've turned human. Tell us what they have turned into and how they react or deal with the change. So here's mine:

Title: Wolf Moon Over Manhattan
Fandom: Castle
Words: 416

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Title: Tick Tock Castle
Fandom: Castle
How Does the World End?: Time Travel Disaster
What Do the Characters Do? Seek a Cure/Fix
Word Count: 625

"What the..." )
clubs catko
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Challenge was to write a fic that featured a product featured on shopping networks. This immediately sprang to mind.

Beckett and Castle3
Fandom: Castle
Words: 391

Castle peered through the dark toward the couch bathed in the glow of the television set. “Beckett?” he said softly. “Honey, are you still up?” Seeing his wife staring intently at the screen, he sighed to himself and called a little more loudly, “Kate? Can’t sleep?”

Kate turned toward him with the look of —not quite a deer in headlights, but more like someone caught watching, yes, it was, The Shopping Channel at 3:12 am. Sighing again, audibly this time, he moved to sit next to her, as she blinked at him and clutched the afghan on her lap.

“Um, no, yeah, it’s this damn thing—“ patting her very pregnant belly — just can’t get comfortable, you know.” Her eyes turned back to the screen, and Castle’s followed.

“Ah. So is that why you are just about to buy…a Boyfriend Pillow?” With one hand he pointed at the TV, with the other he pulled her hand out from under the afghan, where she had been clutching her cel phone. “Sweetheart, c’mon. We still got three or four weeks before the baby comes. You can’t keep buying weird stuff at night; we’re gonna drown in it.” He nodded toward the sideboard, covered in a jumble of half-boxed items.

Kate looked down guiltily. “I know, Castle, I don’t know what’s coming over me, I’ve never been the kind of girl to collect a bunch of crap. For some reason I just felt like I needed … “ her voice trailed off as her eyes fell on the bright pink Air Hair Curler and words seemingly failed her.

Castle’s eyes softened as he reached out to hug her. “It’s okay, baby, I understand. It’s nesting, Mother explained it to me. Just next time, let’s start looking at things that match our decor.” Cuddling her close, he reached to switch off the TV, making a mental note to bring home some Barney’s catalogs tomorrow.
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Dunno why when you say "body swap" I think "Castle." For a trope fic-prompt. If I'd had more time, I'd have also had these two in a wing-fic.

Trope(s): Body Swap
Word Count: 320

“I knew it! I knew it! I never shoulda let you talk me into it!” Esposito bounced his clenched fists off his knees as he glared at Ryan who was uncharacteristically driving the car. He was staring straight ahead, jaw set, clenching the steering wheel. Finally, at another outburst from his partner, he turned and growled, “Okay, okay bro! Don’t forget, we were both into it! In fact, I distinctly remember YOU were the one who said it would be “a ‘lark’!” He lifted both hands off the steering wheel to make quick “air quotes” while his passenger slumped down in his seat, arms crossed petulantly.

The driver stared for a second and barked out a laugh. “Ah, dude, this is so freaking weird. I mean, I know I’m ME and that is you, but I’m lookin’ at myself—and hey, man, sit up straight. Don’t wreck my back while you’re slouching around in my fine bod.”

“Just shut up and concentrate on the driving, will you? Ugh, I can’t believe that even in YOUR body, you wouldn’t let ME drive.”

“No way, bro.” The face was Kevin’s but the tone, and the admonitory glare, was totally Espo. “Even in YOUR body I’m a better driver than you.”

“Espo” waved his had with a weary dismissiveness and turned to stare out the window. “How the heck long did Castle and Beckett say this thing lasts, anyway? And where will be be when we switch back? HEY!” — sitting up suddenly — “it’s gotta wear off before end of shift, dammit. Jenny and I have plans, and there’s no way……..” The two looked at each other with a dawning realization. “I guess we shoulda thought of this before we went to that damn psychic,” grumbled Espo-In-Ryan.

“Yeah, just gotta stay out of the way of everyone until it wears off,” agreed Ryan-In-Espo, looking down at himself and flexing slightly. “Any suggestions?”


May. 4th, 2015 12:08 pm
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The challenge was to write an obituary or eulogy to a character. I chose Martha Rodgers of Castle, but hopefully it's a bit easier to take if you consider that she was 99 years old...

Fandom: Castle
Character: Martha Rodgers
Word Count: Two eulogies to Martha; 253 words and 337 words
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The challenge was to write an alternate ending for [ profile] gameofcards. This will probably be unpopular, but I'd have liked to see something like this.

Title: Two Steps Back
Fandom: Castle
Book/Movie/Episode: Set down the road mid Season 6, but the different road taken happened at the end of Season 4. Alternate ending fic.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 533
Note: Drawn from a bit of dialogue in Suicide Squeeze (2.15) between Castle and Alexis:slight spoiler for the fic to follow )

Castle crunched along the gravel path. In one hand he balanced a coffee holder carrying two tall cups; with the other hand he fingered a small, square cube of a velvet-covered box in his pocket. When he almost tripped stepping off the path onto the grass, he forced himself to stop, take a few deep breaths, then proceed with more measured steps across the lawn toward the play area, where he could see Beckett idly swaying on one of the swings. As she came more into view, he found himself smiling, his step more buoyant. He strode over to her, calling out, “Grande skim latte, two pumps sugar-free vanilla! Let’s hope you haven’t changed THAT in your time in our nation’s capital!”

At the sound of his voice, Beckett turned, and beamed a beautiful smile. Standing up, she headed toward him, reaching out for her coffee and tossing her hair. “It’s only been three weeks, Castle. You don’t think I’m gonna change the habits of a decade just because I’m chasing international criminals with the Feds?”

With a flourish, Castle proffered the coffee, then leaned in for a quick hug and kiss on the head. Pulling back, he gazed into her eyes. “You look good,” he said softly. “I’ve missed you.”

She gazed back. “Ditto on both, Rick,” she murmured. Castle shook himself slightly and gestured toward the swing set. “Step into my office?” he offered.

Kate rolled her eyes with a grin, and, linking her arm through his, led them to a seat on the swings. “Is that why you wanted to meet here after all these weeks?” she teased lightly. “To break it to me that you’ve started running your detective business al fresco? I figured that it meant you had some big news. After all, this is always where we talked about big stuff, right?” Sipping her coffee, she looked around with affection at their surroundings.

He swayed his swing closer to her. “Ah, the great detective; can’t put anything past you.” He felt a sudden clutch of nervousness, but decided to forge on. He fumbled in his pocket and pulled out the small box. “I—uh—it’s—dammit. I’ll just say it. I’m doing something…and there’s no-one’s opinion I value more than yours.” He showed her the box. Her eyes widened, moving from surprise to delight.

“Richard Castle!” she breathed. “I don’t believe it….” She reached out to touch the box with her finger. “Alison?”

Castle grinned and twitched the box. “Yup. At least, I hope so. I just feel like….the time is right. I love her and I want to make a life with her. But someone like her—I just don’t know, I’m scared about what she would like. I mean, I’ve never proposed to a social worker before. Actresses, agents, gold-diggers, yes. But someone with values and ethics? Not so much.” He started looking a little scared again.

Beckett plucked the box from his fingers and opened it. “Castle, it’s wonderful. And perfect for Alison.” Snapping the box shut, she reached over to embrace him. “I’m just so happy for you!” she sang out, as they hugged and swayed and laughed on the swings.
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Castle and Beckett go camping.

Fandom: Castle; Castle/Beckett
Rating: PG
Words: 609
Prompts: Mask, frame, green, animal, water, childhood hero

“What was that?” Castle jerked, and Beckett could feel him patting the ground around him—and her leg—then a fumbling sound, a click, and an edge of glowing light around the sleeping mask covering her eyes. She sighed, and simultaneously lifted the mask with one hand while pushing away the light source with the other.

“C’mon, Castle, I’m trying to sleep here!” She cracked an eye at the alarmed face looming above her.

“How can you sleep? Can’t you hear the danger lurking just outside the perimeter?”  he hissed. He made a sweep with his arm around the inside of the tent.

Beckett closed her eye, sighed, then levered herself up to sit crosslegged inside their double sleeping bag, noting again that the cushioning beneath them was not, indeed, very cushy.

It had been her idea, of course—to celebrate their anniversary by getting away from the city and civilization—no spa, no Spago, nothing fancy. Just the two of them and nature. The Great Outdoors. Of course, by “nothing fancy,” she had been thinking of, say, a tent cabin with cots and a wood fireplace. Or at least the kind of modernish equipment  they’d had the last time she camped with her dad and uncle Jack: pop up tent, memory foam bedding, and even a generator to power lamps and electronics.

But, once she’d overcome his initial misgivings, Castle became very engaged in doing all the planning: looking at catalogs, calling rental agencies, and nailing down a really sweet location—more rustic than Kate had intended, but a beautiful spot. He really got into all the preparations, so much so that Kate let him have his way and do it all on his own.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the campsite and unpacked the SUV that she realized that he, for some inexplicable reason, had gone full-on retro. As she stared at the heavy green canvas tent material, bundled together with huge aluminum poles that needed to be winched together to form a frame, and the stove that needed liquid fuel to be pumped up, and the lantern with cotton mantels…she couldn’t help herself. “Castle, what on earth…did you go back in time to get this stuff?”

Castle rubbed his hands together delightedly. “In a manner of speaking. Army Navy Surplus!” He started pulling out the tattered waxed cardboard boxes. “I remembered this as a kid, going to one of these upstate with my buddy Joey Richman — and his dad, Doc Richman, he was kind of my….childhood hero. So much cool stuff! I even had one of these!” He held up a battered canteen in an army green canvas sleeve. “I carried water in this to school every day! Until it got moldy and Mother threw it out.” He was so eager that Kate didn’t have the heart to complain, until later, when they were struggling with hoisting the heavy-ass tent canvas on the dented frame. And even then, she kept it to a loud groan and eye roll.

Which she repeated now, as it occurred to her that a more comfortable bunk would probably have led to a sounder sleep for her companion, instead of this nervous watchfulness. She summoned up her compassion and cupped his face with her hands. “Relax, Castle. It’s probably just some local animal foraging at night. Harmless. Let’s just cuddle ourselves back to sleep.”

Castle’s hyper-alert expression softened as he let her coax him into lying back down. “Mmmm, you’re probably right,” he murmured. “A good night’s sleep, wake up with the sun…”

“A hot cup of coffee to greet the dawn,” she said softly.

“I love camping,” said Castle sleepily.

“Me too, baby, me too.”

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A couple of prompt fics for [ profile] gameofcards.

Fandom: Castle; Castle/Beckett
Rating: G
Word count: 200
Prompt: "ache"

   Closing her book, Kate mock-glared over at the other end of the couch. "Castle! What is that? Are you humming, growling, or purring?" Castle looked up from the sports page, surprised. "Wha- oh. Sorry, didn't realize. Bad?" He quirked an eyebrow at her affectionately.
   Kate's gaze softened. "Well. It's rather tuneless. Not that I'd mind if you were purring. I like my men to be content." She grinned, and rubbed his thigh with her foot.
   Castle gaze drifted for a moment and he seemed to be replaying something in his mind. "Doo-do de-doo. De doody doody do. Just can't take it anymore....Ah. That's still stuck in my head. From the elevator earlier. Damn ear worm."
   Kate squinted. "What is it?"
   Eyes brightening, Castle leapt up, put his thumbs in his belt, and began sashaying around. "Don't break my heart/My achy breaky heart/ Just can't take it anymore!/You're tearing me apart/ My ach-"
   Yelping, Kate flung a couch pillow at his head. "No! Stop it. Go back to purring. Or else!"
   With a grin, Castle leaned over her and nuzzled her shoulder. "Grrrrrrrrrr. Whatever you wish, my lady," and pressed her back against the cushions in a kiss.

Prompt was to choose a Friends title ...
Episode Title for Inspiration: The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy
Fandom: Castle; Castle/Beckett
Rating: PG
Word count: 250

   "C'mon, Castle, 'fess up. Star Trek or Star Wars?" Beckett looked over the rim of her wine glass with curiousity in her eyes. Castle took a swig from his own glass and leaned back. "Oh, that is an easy one. Han Solo all the way, baby!" He made a move as though he was shooting under the table, then mimicked raising the gun and brandishing it dramatically. "And, by the way--Han shot first." He spun his imaginary pistol on his finger, then holstered it.
   Beckett grinned, then licked her lips. "Well. I always did have a thing for the swashbuckling type." She looked thoughtful. "I've got an idea. We have the whole weekend to ourselves. What do you say to a little....role-play?"
   Castle's eyes lit up. "You're brilliant. Because the only thing better than a Han Solo is--" he gestured over his torso, then around his ears. "Princess Leia with the cinnamon roll hair."
   Beckett grinned. "You're on, pal. You get the costumes, I'll set the scene." Castle was already pulling out his phone and heading toward the door, when he stopped and looked back. "Wait a minute, just so we're clear. I'm Han, you're Leia...right?'
    His wife slinked up to him and slid her body against his. "Well, we can start off that way. But I gotta say--I have a powerful hankering to see you in a gold bikini."
    Castle gulped, considered, then absolutely ran out the door, calling out, "Siri! Costume dealers, midtown Manhattan!"
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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards, to come up with New Year's Resolutions for some favorite characters. I bring you...Castle Resolutions!

“So glad you could all join us for Epiphany!” Martha raised her glass to those present. “And in the spirit of our tradition on this day, we will ask each of you to make a promise for the year ahead.” She took a sip of champagne and smiled brilliantly around the room. “You mean a … New Year’s Resolution, Martha?” Beckett looked warily over the rim of her glass. “Isn’t that a little…old school?”

Martha waved a hand airily. “Call it what you like, my dear. A tradition’s a tradition. So on with it. You first.”

Beckett looked toward Castle and her expression turned misty. “Well, with all that happened last year, I resolve to make this year nice and peaceful. Homey.” Castle’s eyes softened, and she pointed at him. “You next!’

“Easy one,” said Castle confidently. “I firmly resolve to make a huuuuge success of my private detective business.” He twirled an imaginary mustache as some in the group groaned. He turned on the loudest groaner and growled, “Okay, Mr. Grumpy Pants. You go.”

Espo preened. “No problem, bro. I’m making a promise that I will place numero uno in the New York City’s Police League Athletic Championships, and get a shot at Nationals. What?” he questioned, as Ryan sputtered. “You’d better learn to swim, then, partner. Last year you sank like a stone.” Espo glared. “Just for that, you go next, partner.”

Ryan looked thoughtful and squeezed Jenny’s hand. “My resolution is to be a good dad. Raise healthy and happy kids.” He bent to give Jenny a kiss as the room shrieked. “KIDSSS?” expostulated Beckett. “You mean…..????”

Jenny elbowed Ryan but looked delighted. “Way to go, Kev, motor mouth. Yes,” gazing around at the happy expressions, “we are pregnant again!” As the others surged forward to hug and back-pat, she continued on, “so my resolution is to have an easy pregnancy and short labor this September!”

Lanie finished clapping and declared, “Well MY promise to myself is to go on at least one date per week. I’m gonna find my prince. Even if it means I have to kiss some frogs.” Perhaps unconsciously her gaze settled on Esposito, who waggled his eyebrows, making her laugh.

Alexis twirled on her stool and raised her hand in the air. “Mine’s easy,” she proclaimed. “I’m going to make the most of my year in London. Do everything, see everything, experience everything!” “Everything?” began Castle, bleatingly, but Beckett silenced him with a jab to the side. Alexis smirked at her father, then turned to her grandmother. “And how about you, Grams? What’s your promise for 2015?”

Martha struck a pose, but her eyes were filled with genuine warmth. “Same as every year, my darling. To always remember my motto. ‘If you’re going to do something, do it big, or don’t do it at all.’” She grinned and bowed as the others broke into cheers and applause.
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With a little ethnic and gender mix. Art of the original cast by @amro0 at deviantArt.
Guess who... )
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Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 1.48.36 AM...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe, to pick a character from the show we chose--I chose Castle--and do writing or graphic fills. I chose writing this time, and am trying my hand at writing about Alexis. Posting the fills in a different order than on the card, made more sense that way.

Fandom: Castle
Rating: G, some mention of trauma
Notes: Featuring Alexis. Possible spoilers for Season 7.

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00 Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.58.30 PMI chose the episode "Hunt" from Season 5, Episode 16, the second part to the one where Alexis gets kidnapped. Loved the final scene of Part 1 and the Eiffel Tower Effect. Not my favorite episode necessarily, just the one I remember the best, loaded with tropes and memorable moments. Here's the bingo card and my graphics!

Picspams and banners and bookmarks.... )
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Graphics for this bingo card of prompts. I picked Castle! Icons, postcards, and whatnot...

Icons, wallpaper, poster, and whatnot... )
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...for [ profile] tv_universe. The challenges were to do a popular meme based on a TV character, and to write a short fic giving a TV character a superpower. I kind of combined mine.

Fandom: Castle
Characters: Martha Rodgers, Alexis Castle
Words: 562
Notes: Martha suddenly acquires a superpower. This story is named after a character who has this particular power; check it out if you want. Oh, and this is a follow-up of sorts to a story I did for a body-switch prompt. :)

“Grams! I can’t believe you went back to that crazy psychic after what happened the last time!”

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