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Title: At the Movies
Fandom: Elementary
Characters/Pairing(s): Joan and Sherlock
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers for the movie they are watching; see icon. Note: I didn't know how to resolve the "meta" elements, so I didn't try...
Word Count: 503
Words/Prompts Used: Movie Theater

Joan reached in the bag for another handful of popcorn--buttered, but why not--when she heard a snort from her left. Glancing over, she saw Sherlock hitching forward in his seat, finger raised, and mouth opening to (presumably) launch into some sort of commentary. Dropping the few kernals of popcorn, she quickly grabbed for his hand and quickly flashed the 'shush' gesture. He grimaced and subsided in his seat, drawing his knees up and glaring at the screen. Catching his eye, she gave a questioning look. He leaned toward her and blurted, while waving at the screen, "This is patently ridiculous. To approach the detection with such a single-mindedness, and for people to revere this insanity." Joan shrugged and whispered, "It's the only movie playing, and better this than wait out our confrontation with Landegris in his waiting room or lurking on the street corner for an hour. Anyway, I think it's fun." She settled back in her seat and munched some more popcorn. "It's a respite from thinking about how to catch a human trafficker."

Sherlock glowered and wagged his head from side to side as he tracked the dialogue of the characters on the screen. "In any case, it's specious to pit one form of detection against another. A good detective uses physical evidence, logic, and knowledge of human behavior. It would be totally ineffectual to only select one approach."

"Well, it's just a movie, and anyway I think it's a neat conceit. Famous psychiatrist, famous deductive detective, matching wits. The only one I don't care for is the sidekick. They make him out to be such a dolt." Joan picked up her Slushie and took a sip.

"Oh, I disagree entirely," said Sherlock, "I find that character to be the most believable, almost appealing. And the actor, Duvall, is incomparable." Joan glanced at her watch. "Well, too bad for you, because it's time to go. Landegris should be getting back to his office by now." As she gathered up her belongings, Sherlock jumped up, pushed past her, and began striding up the aisle. "However shall I survive, not knowing the conclusion to this half-baked affair!" he muttered. Joan trotted to catch up with him, and as they exited the theater, said perkliy, "Well, full disclosure, I read the book, decades ago, so I know how it ends."

In response to her partner's inquiring look, she continued. "The crux of the story is that the psychiatrist determines that the detective is deluded about the Master Criminal. That obsession, his desire to become a detective, and his--" she paused slightly, "his drug addiction, all stem from a childhood family trauma." Her companion paused as they reached the sidewalk. "Indeed. Well, perhaps that is a neat conceit. At any rate," as he began to stride on, "If from such trauma, good works come, who are we to question." Joan smiled to herself as she again trotted to catch up. "Sure. And speaking of good works...what's our approach to Landegris?"
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Missing Moments Challenge: Write about a missing scene; Wordless: Dialogue-free Challenge
Fandom: Elementary
Warnings: Spoilers for Season 4 finale
Word Count: 467

Joan tapped the glass, gestured toward the curb, and shoved a twenty into the slot as the cab slowed to a stop. She barely noted the cabbie's grateful wave as she gathered herself to step out onto the street. Unusually for her, she stumbled on the exit, and, steadying herself on the open cab door, realized that she was light-headed and bone-tired. She took a deep breath, closed the car door, and took three firm steps to the sidewalk. Looking up at the brownstone steps, she realized that it had been scarecely more than 48 hours ago that they'd gone home to find a homemade bomb in their parlour, and that the ensuing hours had been so strenuous--stimulating at points, yes, she had gotten a charge out of the caper with Vikner and the phone, and horrible, too, seeing that self-same man's body crumpled in the warehouse. Oh, god, the relief that it hadn't been Morland Holmes lying there dead. She'd been so drained by it that she'd barely registered Sherlock rushing off with hardly a blurted word--though it did occur to her that perhaps that had been his response to the relief, needing to get away so his emotions wouldn't show--leaving her test her calm by spending an hour and a half debriefing with Agent Burke back at headquarters. In her still-heightened state, it was a challenge that she had rather relished, and accomplished smoothly as far as she knew, but no doubt it had contributed to her current sense of depletion.

As she willed herself to mount the steps to home, she caught a flash of  movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned to see a figure move out from the shadows of the side passage. She gasped, and the figure turned toward her, just as a black SUV rounded the corner, shining its headlights on the face of -- Morland Holmes. Joan faltered as the flash of the expression on his face caught her in alarm--the intense, deep, unguarded sadness. She parted her lips to call out, but as the car pulled up, the face was once again in darkness, though she was sure she could see the eyes glittering, as Sherlock's father turned fully toward her, bowed deeply, then moved to be shephered briskly into the SUV by two looming figures. As the car pulled away, only just not screeching the tires, she was sure she saw a hand raise in the back window.

She actually watched the car recede down the street, realized her mind was at the moment completely blank, and looked up at the door of the brownstone, wondering what she would find behind it. Quickly trotting up the stairs, she found a sudden reserve of energy, and decided firmly that hot fudge sundaes were very much in order.
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Title: #StarringJackSohn
Fandom: Elementary
Name of OC: Jack Sohn (played by John Cho)
Word Count: 402

Joan flung the door open and beamed. "Jackie!" she cried to the man standing, duffel in hand, on the stoop. "Oh, it's great to see you!"

The man dropped the duffel as he wrapped her in his arms. "Joanie, baby, likewise!" He held her at arm's length. "You're looking good, cousin," he winked. "Come in, come in," she urged him, and the two entered the brownstone, bumping shoulders and grinning happily. She gestured at the coat rack and eyed his duffel. "That's all you brought? Aren't you here for a while??

He dropped the bag, unwound the scarf, and pulled off his leather jacket, depositing all on or around the coat rack. "Aw, left most of my stuff at the theater, easier that way. Modern dress Shakespeare, wearing a lot of my own clothes." He stood and looked around the flat speculatively. Joan shrugged. "It's not much, but it's home. And then some." She gestured him through the dining room, past the lock wall and crime-photo-adorned fireplace, and drew him into the kitchen. "And here's the 'and then some.' She gestured at Sherlock, sitting intently in front of a laptop. "Sherlock!" she called with raised voice. "Head's up! My cousin's here! Jack, meet my flatmate and work partner, Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock, my cousin Jack Sohn."

Sherlock jerked his head up and fixed the newcomer with his eagle-eyed stare. What he saw was an attractive man, about Joan's age, seemingly totally at ease, smiling and gazing right back. "Sherlock, pleased to meet you."

"Yes, indeed," responded Sherlock vaguely, then his voice sharpened. "Modern day Shakespeare? Off off Broadway, i presume?"

Jack laughed as he pulled up a chair. Joan bustled around, ultimately putting a mug of tea and plate of fruit and cookies in front of him. "Yeah, I know, sounds cheesy, but it's really kind of cool. It's ... well, they are pulling in all the non-white actors from LA and the provinces. Shakespeare of Color, y'know? Like, an artistic statement of sorts." He shrugged, a bit apologetically.

Sherlock leaned forward and his eyes gleamed. "Quite the contrary. I find such statements against...isn't it being called 'whitewashing'?...entirely apt and it is to be hoped successful at forcing a tipping point. Do tell me more about the parts you've been engaged to play." He plucked a piece of fruit from the plate and looked rapt as Jack expounded, and Joan looked on in amazement.

clubs john cho.jpg
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Doing drabbles off of phrases in other people's drabbles, so fun.

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...for [ profile] allthingsfandom.

For Sherlock (Elementary) -- For Kaylee Frye (Firefly). Art piece by mermaidunicorn at deviantart -- For Manny Delgado (Modern Family). Phantom of the Opera painting by Raffi Jacobian

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Title: Well, That Wasn't What I Expected To Happen
Fandom: Elementary
Prompts + links to prompts: Embedded links in blue
Word Count: 310

“These shoes are made for walking, not running,” proclaimed Sherlock, as he bent, rather solicitously actually, over Joan, who had pulled herself onto a doorstep of a building on the side-street off of Park. “Don’t you think you should be trying to catch him?” said Joan testily, gesturing down the street after a figure in a black leather jacket, who was turning onto Park and disappearing in the throng.

Sherlock waved his hands as he settled on the stoop next to her and bent to peer at her ankle, which she was rubbing gingerly. “It’s no matter. We clearly had no inkling we would run into Mallory, or we would have been better prepared.” He gestured again toward her footwear. “This indicates to me that it will not be difficult to, shall we say, run into him again. In that future case, I might recommend, literally. Sprained, not broken, yes?” He looked up at her.

“Hmm, yes, thank god,” Joan groaned slightly as she moved to lever herself to a standing position. “Well, we just can’t sit here all day. Better get a cab home.” She squinted up and down the side street and looked a bit dismayed.

Sherlock stood abruptly. “Never catch a cab here, best get down to The Avenue,” he said briskly, and in one sudden move, half-bent and scooped Joan into his arms.

“Aacck!” Joan cried. “What are you doing? Please put me down, it’s just a sprained ankle." Resolutely, Sherlock proceeded down the sidewalk. “Tcha-tcha, Watson, patience. We must preserve your ankle, not to mention your designer footwear, for the morrow, when we will again venture out and attempt to flag down our witness. Until then…a taxi.” Having reached the corner of Park Avenue, he managed to wave imperiously at a fortuitously oncoming cab, while keeping a comfortable yet respectable grip on his detecting partner.
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lyde, the tortoise who graces our screens sometimes in Elementary.
Lives with Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson in a brownstone in Brooklyn
Yet disappears for large stretches of time, leaving us to worry and wonder
Does he fend for himself, how does he survive?
Even a turtle needs love, attention, and food. Such as lettuce. Clyde loves lettuce.

True, when he does show up, his appearance is striking
He may bring a missive to Joan
Edging up her bedspread as she sleeps,

Toting a postit with a morning message
Or acting as an ambulance puttering among Sherlock's locks
Rolling over on his back, for as long as he likes
To mimic a paperweight
Or even painting, by his own volition
If Sherlock is to be believed, but to Joan's dismay
Still, we know Clyde would only do what Clyde wants
Even it's a puzzle to mere humans.

"Sherlock! Sherlock, for heaven's sake. I found Clyde in the shower. AFTER I'd turned on the water." A dripping wet Joan, wrapped in a towel, strode into the kitchen proferring a tortoise in front of her. "It's a hazard! To him as well as me!" Quite gently considering the circumstances, she placed the tortoise, seemingly placid except for front legs waving, on the table in front of Sherlock, who was peering into a microscope and apparently heeding no mind. "I don't know whether to be upset that he seems to have the run of the house, or concerned that he is being neglected. It's ridiculous!" Joan paced the kitchen behind the seated man, waving her free hand around whilt the other clutched the towel. "Sherlock! Are you listening?"

Sherlock turned his head to look at her. "Watson. I fail to grasp the controversy. Clyde is clearly thriving, and both appreciates the freedoms, as well as being impervious to the dangers, of life in the Brownstone. Not unlike you and I, am I correct?" He stared for a moment, blinked his eyes, and turned slowly back to the microscope--looking not unlike a tortoise himself, Joan couldn't help noticing, as she spun around and went back to finish her shower. (210 words)
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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe: to add a new character to an existing show. I want to add Jasika Nicole to every show, so here we have:

PortraitShow: Elementary
Character: Jasika Nicole as Leora Headley, personal assistant to Morland Holmes.
Description: After Sherlock's relapse, his oft-estranged father, Morland (John Noble), comes from London to New York to see to his son's situation. With him, as always, comes his personal assistant Leora Headley. Leora plays multiple roles for Morland: she arranges his extensive travel schedule, acts as secretary, and handles his personal affairs, such as they are. It is also possible that, a lawyer by training, she plays a stronger role in advising Morland on his own consulting work with governments and large corporations. She may also be a bodyguard of sorts, as her unassuming nature cloaks a skilled martial artist and expert at weaponry. Sherlock suspects that his father actually recruited Leora from the Secret Service. He does, reluctantly and grudgingly, quite like her, even though he feels extreme distrust of anyone who could work so closely with his father.
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This worked out, themtically, anyway. Warning: spoiler for the past season finale...
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Challenge was to imagine a meeting between two characters in a fandom whom we never saw meet, if that makes sense. Uh, this was challenging, so both of these are rather awkward...

Fandom: Elementary
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock's father
Word Count: 306

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Fandom: Battle Creek
Characters: Russ, Milt, one of Milt's assistants
Word Count: 514

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Another postcard challenge, but I'm sticking with my earlier theme of Postcards from Kitty (Elementary). I'm so curious about her doings since she left New York,'s turning into a bit of a mystery.

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catko: (heart) this case, from Kitty, in Elementary.


m_4e352d065868b 3
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The challenge at [ profile] land_deduction was to write a fic based on some seemingly random pictures we received. I tried to fashion mine into a partial story line. Emphasize partial. I did like the idea of Sherlock and Joan participating in a re-creation reality show.

The Red Queen )
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For [ profile] land_deduction...making graphics from quote-prompts--some from the shows/canon, some not. The gif one is based on the quote by Joan: "What's up with the nerd brigade?"

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For a challenge at [ profile] womenverse, to honor a character that only appears a few times. Ms. Hudson, from Elementary, is played by Candis Cayne, who was just featured in this week's Time Magazine piece on "transgender people who influenced American culture." Here's what Sherlock and Joan say about her--I meant to incorporate these into the cover, but couldn't quite do it. The songs celebrate her strength and her talents, and encourage her to keep being herself!

  • Sherlock: Miss Hudson is a fascinating woman. She has an Oxford don's knowledge of ancient Greek, but she's a complete autodidact. Well actually its a very fitting field of study for Ms. Hudson, considering she makes her living as something of a muse.

  • Joan: Are we fleeing from the scene of a murder because Miss Hudson and her boyfriend were up half the night yelling at each other?

  • Ms. Hudson: He said he wants me back. But…he just wants to stick me in some walk-up, giving me a clothing allowance.

  • Ms. Hudson (gesturing around the library): You start with the hard sciences on the north wall, and then you move clockwise around the room in descending order of academic rigor That way, Physics by Aristotle is as far away from You Can Learn Telepathy by Morton Zuckerman as possible...I have a touch of OCD. It seems to flare up after a breakup.

  • Watson: I like Ms. Hudson. You know, she's lost. She's just trying to figure herself out…I think it would be good if Ms. Hudson learned to take care of herself, that's all.

Songs! )


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...for another Bingo card at [ profile] land_deduction! This time it's quotes from the original!

Both shows... )
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...for a Bingo Card at [ profile] land_deduction. Titles are prompts.

With special thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers for the ideas.
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