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Idris Elba as Ace Freeley, pilot onboard Serenity.

When Wash is injured in an explosion during a job involving noxious gas, he's required to rest his eyes for three weeks to allow them to heal and for his vision to come back to normal. Due to some Unification Day hijinks, Mal's gotten in bad with most of his and Zoe's former cronies and running mates, so it's up to Jayne to scout out a temporary replacement pilot. He comes up with John "Ace" Freeley. Seems like it'll go okay, but turns out Knack has a shady past--several shades of shady, one of which is as a former officer for The Alliance. Another is...he recognizes Book and Book recognizes him. But neither will say more. Plus, he's a good enough pilot to piss Wash off. Bound to be complications.

Idris Elba brings just the right amount of grizzled experience, bad boy charm, sheer physical and mental competence, and devastating English accent to the role of a mercenary with a possibly violent past. He can hold his own in a firefight, stay calm in an emergency, and cook a mean protein stew.

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Firefly Next: The Next Generation Flies with Serenity

After the spinoff of the much beloved series Firefly, Persephone Tales, which had our crew settling down and making their way dirtside, we return to meet the next generation of dreamers and adventurers. Yes, while Zoe, Mal and Inara, Simon and Kaylee, River, and even Jayne, came to enjoy the peace and occasional tussle of life in an edge-city community, working jobs, raising kids, and sharing meals, as their children came of age, they began to feel restless and long for the sky.

So after secret workings for a year, and above the objections of each of them at least once, the old crew rebuilt and refurbished Serenity into a space-worthy craft, and gifted her to their next generation: Simon and Kaylee's twins, Derria and Hoban; Mal and Inara's two, Sierra and Joao; the eldest, Maia, raised by her mom but with the charm and skill of the dad she'd never met; and the girl who appeared on the scene one day, in search of her father who didn't know she'd existed: Janie Lee, Jayne's daughter. Join us as we join them on their adventures in the Black!

(Casting, description, and graphic = 60 points)
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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to write an AU of an existing fandom. Once I did a visual recast of Firefly using Glee characters. So, I thought I'd write a little something about that....

Title: Glee--In Space!
AU Type: Space AU
Word Count: 250+

Kurt had just finished his protein bar when he felt the ship lurch and shudder. He shot an alarmed look at Tina and they both rose from the dining table. "Compression coil?" the pilot asked, dusting off the crumbs and heading out the door. "I'll check the engine, hopefully it's just the auto-pilot going wonky," Kurt said hastily as he followed his crewmate into the passageway. "Never did trust those things," the pilot said briskly, swinging herself up the grating just as the Captain came clambering up from the cargo hold, followed by Jayne and Zoe. The five stared briefly at each other then each went to their various posts: the Captain following his pilot and first mate up to the comm, the merc to her bunk to grab some weaponry in case trouble was afoot, and the engineer to his engine.

Later, satisfied that it had only been a glitch in the auto-pilot programming, they reconvened in the cargo hold, drawn by the loud refrain of "Single Ladies." There, they found the rest of the crew practicing dance steps and dissolving into laughter. Kurt, who'd stopped to wipe off the engine grease and apply moisturizer, was the last one down to the hold, and he paused momentarily on the catwalk, watching Brittany whip her hair around while showing the moves to a surprisingly-for-a-preacher adept Mike Chang, while pilot and first mate swayed in each others' arms, Artie circled the action in his motor chair,  and the others tried to join in, prancing and posing.

Kurt felt a glow of happiness as he thought how lucky he'd been to be brought on as a mechanic-countertenor with this wacky but talented crew. That glow turned to annoyance as he saw Puck and Santana showing Finn the step-ball-change before the jazz square. Ugh, how many times did he have to tell them! Shaking his head, he bounded down the stairs to show his crewmates how to do the damn dance.

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...for [ profile] allthingsfandom.

For Sherlock (Elementary) -- For Kaylee Frye (Firefly). Art piece by mermaidunicorn at deviantart -- For Manny Delgado (Modern Family). Phantom of the Opera painting by Raffi Jacobian

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Challenge at [ profile] gameofcards to write a fic using wintry prompts.

Prompt Used: blinding, blizzard, cold, fireplace, ice hockey, quilt, slippery
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 571

“Brrrrrr!” Kaylee shivered as she looked out the cargo door into the blinding snowstorm and waved the mule up the ramp. “Not used to this kinda cold, huh,” she said to Zoe who punched the switch to close the door. Zoe grinned as she strode over to the dripping vehicle. “Nope, the cold of space is more like … a dry cold.” Grimacing, she nonetheless grabbed the slippery arm of her husband and pulled him out of the driver’s seat into a kiss.

“We gotta get us a new truck if we’re gonna make a habit of doin’ business in a blizzard,” grumbled Jayne as he clambered out of the mule and shook himself all over like a big dog.

“Quit the bitching! A job’s a job!” Mal leapt out of the shotgun seat and started pointing his finger around. “Sooner we unload this stuff, the sooner we’ll be sitting in the warm and getting the heck off this planet and on our way.”

“Hmmm, might be no rush for that.” Wash hunched over the cargo bay console and squinted at the screen. “Think we’re gonna have to wait for this system to pass to have a clear take-off. Stabilizer’s been a little dicey,” — Kaylee groaned loudly— “so I think we better stay put overnight.” He punched a few keys, squinted again, and nodded. Mal set his jaw. “Well, that’s that, but it still don’t change the plan to get this stuff settled, and ourselves, too.”

“As to that…” Inara’s dulcet tones came down from the catwalk, and as all eyes raised to her, she smiled warmly. “I’d like to invite you all to my shuttle for a warm-up tea.” As Jayne snorted, she added, “And by warm-up, I mean something special to add to the tea.” With a lovely gesture, she departed. Jayne grinned wolfishly and started hauling boxes off the mule, double-time.
“Well, this is real nice,” declared Kaylee as she settled back on Inara’s pillows, smoothing a silken quilt over her lap. “I’d be wiling to sit out a blizzard any day like this.”

“Great idea to have a fire.” Wash gestured with his mug towards Inara’s com screen, where she’d pulled up a vid of a fireplace crackling merrily. “Grog is good,” acknowledged Jayne with a growl as he rotated spread-legged on the comm chair. “But I wasn’t raised to any kind of cold weather, and I don’t take to it much.” Still, he pulled rather fondly on the ends of the orange and yellow knitted hat on his head.

“None of you have a lick of fortitude,” proclaimed Mal from the doorway where he'd been lingering. “Growing up, we had winters like this from time to time. Toughens a body.” He patted his own chest with one hand and took a swig off his mug with the other. “ ’N fact, when the lake’d freeze over, I got pretty darn good at ice hockey.” He licked his lips and his eyes went distant.

“Ice hockey? What’s that, Cap?” Kaylee leaned forward, her eyes glowing. Mal almost never talked about his past, but she could see he had some feeling running for it just then.

Mal focused on her, ambled into the room, and plopped down on the bed. “Well, Kaylee, it goes like this….”

As his voice ran on, the others leaned in, drank, closed their eyes, or otherwise followed their natures and felt the warmth of gathering together.
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Title: Every Seven Years
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 493
Note: Pastfic. This is related to a head-canon/series I have about Zoe Washburne, growing up. Other parts are here and here.

My dearest daughter Zoe: So it's your 14th birthday, and you know, it's the way of our people to celebrate the 7s something special. Don't know where that came from, some old story from Earth-That-Was, something about the seventh son, but never mind that about sons, because it's for girls, too, and you especially. When you were seven, you were so happy, to have the cake, and the giftings, and all the folks gathered round. I can still remember you blowing out your candles, and the light shining in your eyes, and I knew that was your beautiful spirit, shining through and lighting up everyone around you. Even if it was just our same old crew and kin, and our same old table and ship and protein mush. You didn't seem to have a care in the 'Verse, and I remember my wish for you I knew would be in vain, but I wished it anyway: that you would always be so happy, with the light shining in your eyes.

I know the last few months have been tough on you. Hell, they've been tough on all of us. Sure 'n' all, with the dratted Alliance squeezing us honest folk further and further out to the Black, and the ship getting to feeling smaller with alll the crew and taking on passengers and all. Maybe it's becoming an unfit life for a girl entering her womanhood. Your dad and I, we've talked about setting you down at a school somewhere, but we can't bear to let you go just yet. Maybe in a year or so. We can talk about that, okay?

I don't know what else to say to you to make this way of life easier for you now, except that you are a gift and a marvel and you are very very loved. Be angry if you need to be, rage for your freedom, but turn that energy toward your own power and your own future, and not against those around you who care for you and your happiness.

I want you to be able to sit down with the family and celebrate just like you did for your 7th. Do you remember that every time you have a birthday with a seven, the clan gathers and gifts you with a special talent, a skill, or a tool to help you get along in life? People want to give to you, and it's a sign of grace to be able to receive, even now when you wish you were anywhere but here.

And I want to tell you a secret.  No matter what the gifts that people give you, the biggest gift you get is something you already have within you. So you think about what that is, find it deep down inside, and let it out, and you’ll have it forever. Find your strength, find your power, and soon we will watch you soar free. With all my love,


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Prompts Used: Fall, haunted, mask, candy, endings
Title: Firefly Halloween
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count:
NOTE: This is a based on an episode description I did for another comm; this time it’s in story version.

Read more... )
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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards.

Title: Persephone Tales
Originating Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 484

Prologue to the New Series: Kaylee looked around the table at the candlelight flickering on the familiar faces, and felt the tears welling up. “I just can’t believe this is the last time we’re gonna sit around this table like this,” she said, with a catch in her throat. Inara leaned across the table and patted her hand. “It’s okay, mei-mei,” she said softly. “Everything changes, and we too.” She turned her sweet smile to Simon, who nodded and wrapped his arm around Kaylee, kissing the top of her head. “Besides, we’ll all still be together, you’ll see. We’ll set out our shingle out in Eaves Valley, with Mal and Zoe over the way, close enough for you ladies to share pregnancy stories, and we’ll get Inara to perch nearby after she’s done her stint at Olympia House. And even Jayne’ll hole up somewhere near the Docks, so I’m sure he’ll be underfoot once he sees how well set up we are.”

Jayne barked out a laugh as he pushed away from the table, picking his back teeth with a large hunting knife. “Fat chance, little doc,” he scoffed. “No ways I’m gonna hang around some Stuck-upbaby’sville when there’s fun to be had with the real people.” He smacked his lips, thinking of the rough-and-tumble of the bars and houses of ill-repute of Eavesdown Docks. “ ‘Sides,” he said with a bit of a snarl. “I agree with Kaylee-girl here. Never thought we’d all end up going straight and setting down dirtside. And taking up business with Badger, of all the low down dirty…”

“Jayne.” Zoe’s eyes were flinty and her voice cold steel, so at odds with her softly rounded physical shape. “There’s no call to be criticizin’ the Captain’s decision. We all agreed that it’s time, for all of us and for Serenity, set ourselves down for a spell and try to have some kind of normal life.” She grimaced slightly at the sound of her own words, as the voices of the others’ chimed, called, choked, and sneered at once.

This was silenced by a loud scrape as Mal pushed back from the table, stood, and eyed his crew with a mixed expression. “Now we’ll hear no more arguing, it’s happening, and it’s the right next thing, we all know it. Time to put down some roots, find our feet on solid ground, and sees what’s gonna happen with the next generation here.” He looked with warm eyes at Kaylee and Zoe, gave a mock glare to Jayne, and ended with a lingering smile at Inara. “It’ll be good, you’ll see. We'll have plenty of adventures, doing jobs 'round town, and setting up housekeeping, and getting into scrapes. It'll be fun. And if it ain’t, well then, Kaylee here’ll put Serenity back together, we’ll scoop up the babies, and head back into the Black. Deal?” He raised his mug and looked around the table.

“Deal,” they chorused, and sipped, gulped, laughed, hugged, or went back to teeth-picking, each as was their wont.

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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe.

A Very Special Episode of Firefly
“You Can Go Home Again”

Episode Synopsis
Serenity gets a WAVE from Jayne’s home planet. When informed by Wash that it’s from his mother, Jayne gets worried, since it’s not like them to use WAVE tech, preferring more to write. Once he listens to the message, he asks Mal if they can go there to help out. His family’s in trouble—his brother Mattie’s gone missing, feared kidnapped by a local gang who’ve been spreading stories about having rights to the Cobb’s land.

When they get there, they are engulfed by the hospitality of the Cobbs who, despite their crushing worry for Mattie, are warm and generous with their simple ways. Each of the crew is pleasantly surprised by some aspect of staying with the Cobb clan. Mal likes sharing stories with Jayne’s gruff dad; Inara charms baby Jayne stories from Jayne’s mom. Kaylee romps with the sisters and tunes up the ranch vehicles; River communes with the ranch animals. In between plotting and scouting with Mal and the older Cobbs, Zoe and Wash enjoy some privacy in the guest cabin down by the river.

The action team determines that Mattie is, indeed, being held by the gang on the outskirts of town. Before they storm the place to free him, a series of twists and turns lead them to decide instead to negotiate. Book and Mal, Dad Cobb, and Jayne accomplish this feat with a mix of diplomacy (Book), mild threats and shows of force (Mal and Jayne), and eventual capitulation (Dad Cobb, who agrees to cede some of the ranch land so the interlopers can homestead.

Thus satisfied, the gang releases Mattie to his family only a bit worse for wear. During the ensuing celebration and a few days of relaxation, Simon  is able to determine the cause of Mattie’s damplung; treats him for tuberculosis, and he is well on the mend, along with numerous other locals who’ve been lining up for Simon’s treatments during their whole stay.

Amid hugs, tears, gifts, and promises to return, the crew of Serenity go on their way. Jayne is pensive for a time, but cheers up as he realizes that their next job is on a planet full of bars and pleasure-houses—something to look forward to after playing innocent with his family these past weeks.


May. 10th, 2015 01:59 pm
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...with quotes from one show matched with caps from another. Mine are all Firefly quotes matched with scenes from Leverage!

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A version of something I wrote once for the Secret Santa Threesome Extravaganza, with a graphic that I've been wanting to add for ages....

Hot and Cold
Fandom: Firefly
Threesome: Kaylee Frye/Zoe Washburne/Malcolm Reynolds
Requested Element: engine trouble
Warning: Implied sexual activity
Note: Originally written for I Saw Three Ships Secret Santa 2009 for Glinda


“Tianna, it’s hot in here.” Zoe pulled off her leather vest and yanked at the hem of her blouse... )
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Written for this photo prompt.

Name: catko
Team: clubs
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Word count: 301
Note: From a headcanon I’ve touched on before….

“Hey, hey, not that way! No! Gorramit, grab her!” Mal yelled as Maya clattered across the catwalk with a squeal. “I got it,” called out Kaylee, running up the other stairs and rounding the corner. “Whoof, wait, no I don’t!” she laughed as the little girl ducked under the railing and headed crossways.

“This ain’t funny, Kaylee!” Mal growled. “Head her off at the pass!” The two of them waved their arms as they zig-zagged along the metal walkways until they finally converged on the chubby toddler.

“Ya wouldn’t think a baby could run so fast or so smart,” panted Kaylee as she swung the girl into a hug. “You are smart, aren’t you, baby? So smart.”

“Now don’t go praising her, and she’s no baby. She’s old enough to outsmart us, not smart enough to stay out of harm’s way. She’s a Terrible Two, just like my ma woulda said.” Mal shook his finger and gave a mock glare, only making the girl peal with laughter.

“Aura Linn Alleyne Washburn!” At the sound of the voice come thundering up from the cargo hold, followed by thundering steps, the little girl looked from crewmate to crewmate with an abashed grin. Kaylee gave her one last squeeze and lowered her to the ground. “Time to face the Wrath of Mom!” she said sweetly, urging the girl forward. But when Zoe was toe to toe with her daughter, the face that looked up at hers was so sweet, and impish, and apologetic—so like her Daddy’s, that she had to relent. She bent down and nuzzled the little girl, whispering something that made Aura nuzzle back.

Kaylee and Mal exchanged looks and shrugs with the air of those who’d see it all before, and wandered off to leave mother and daughter to their communing.

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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards, to write a backstory for a character. I picked one of my favorites, Zoe Alleyne Washburne. I've touched on this headcanon about the seven year thing elsewhere, but this is a past!fic, of course, so see what you think.

Zoe, Before
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Word count: 885

Taking a deep breath... )

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