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Where Joan of Arcadia's parents are Fox Mulder and Olivia Dunham. Hah!


"Okay, Liv, I just dropped her off at the train; she's on her way up to you."
"Thanks. How was it?"
"Aw, you know. It's always great to see her, but she's...yeah well. She gets more grown up every time. I mean, I've seen some scary stuff in my time, but nothing scares a man more than a gorgeous teen-aged daughter."
"Mmm. She's pretty level-headed, Fox. I don't think you need to worry all that much."
"Well, about that...we did have a long talk and it seems she, um--"
"Did she mention to you about ... the ... voices?"
"Hey, now, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Apparently she thinks...she seems to be...she thinks she's hearing the voice of God, giving her tasks, and--"
"Goddammit, Mulder! What the hell are you talking about? This is serious! Is she...did she seem ill? Feverish? On ... drugs? I swear, she was fine when she left Boston, what happened?"
"Shhh, shhh, calm down, Dunham, calm down. C'mon. After everything you and I have seen, surely you can consider that maybe she's telling the truth? That she really is being visited by a higher power? I mean, if you don't believe in spiritual causation, or even the supernatural...maybe one of your Weird Science explanations? Anyway, just talk to her about it. I think you'll find her eminently sane, and very reasonable."
"Hmph. Well, with you and me as parents, god knows the poor girl wasn't going to have a normal life. Okay, I'll talk to her. But trust me, I'll find some way to blame you for this."
"Par for the course, my darling, I wouldn't expect anything different. Anyway. How's business? The Bureau running well up there?"
"Classified to you, pal. And you?"
"Same. You have your secrets, I have mine."
"Well, as long as we don't have any secrets about Joan."
"Agreed, Dunham, agreed."
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Fandom: Fringe
Pairing: Olivia/Peter
Rating: G
Word count: 391
Notes: You have to know the show to know. I loved the ending, but I wanted it even less ambiguous!

Peter let himself into the house, and, catching sight of himself in the entry mirror, brushed some dandelion fluff from his hair. Smiling again at the warm memory of the day, he leafed through the mail and simultaneous cocked his ear at the sound of mingled squeals, splashing, and laughter from above.

He was just tearing open a long envelope whenRead more... )

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This was a cool challenge. We gave three numbers, and [ profile] bizarra pulled those numbered songs from her playlist. I got these:

Only You - Lasgo
We Belong - Pat Benatar
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

At first I thought the first one was a cover of one of my favorite songs ever, Only You by Yaz. But it turned out to be a different song. I'd heard the Pat Benatar, of course, but not the other two, so I listened to them, read lyrics, and in the case of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, read something that one of the members said about the inspiration for the song. As I thought about that, it made me think of this amazing scene in Fringe where Walter is in a bombed-out New York, sitting in a burned out cab, and listening to music with tears in his eyes. So I decided to do a picspam of that scene. It was only when I was in the midst that I realized that the song he plays is, of course, Only You by Yaz. So yeah, TL;DR but it all comes full circle, etc.

Picspams and fanmix! )
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Songs for Astrid and Walter of Fringe.


Just four songs... )
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Fun challenge; we submitted several fandoms and got random pairings. I got to choose between Felix and Paul of Orphan Black OR Peter and Lincoln Lee of Fringe. So I tried for both. Heed the warning.

Where Nobody Knows Your Name

Name: catko      
Team: clubs
Fandom: Fringe, Orphan Black
Pairing: Felix/Paul, Peter Bishop/Lincoln Lee
Rating: PG 13
Warning/Notes: reference to sexual activity; drinking. Crack, by which I mean silly and quite implausible.
Word count: 1014

“Oh, good. Look who it is.” Felix said witheringly as he pushed past Paul and put the key in the front door of his building. “Oops, sorry, didn’t mean to jostle you. Gonna arrest me?” This was thrown over his shoulder as he pulled the door open and moved to step into the foyer. He managed to keep his face and tone sardonic but felt his heart beating faster and had to fight to control his breathing. What was this now? A bit of PTSD from the arrest and near-frame-up? Couldn’t blame him; there had been a moment there where he’d been genuinely terrified. But this didn’t feel like fight-or-flight; no, it was more like…

More like what? )

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For [ profile] womenverse, for two women characters randomly selected from fandoms I provided. I got Alt-Astrid from Fringe and Dawn from Buffy!

How They Met
Fandom: Fringe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: G
Words: 441
Notes: This didn't quite get to the heart of what these two have in common, but I might get there sometime.

Dawn wound... )

I see both of these young women as sometimes feeling ostracized, different, left out. Major identity issues, right? But they also have strength and power and independence. So, here is a fanmix honoring that.

Songs, links, and quotes )

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Fun challenge re-do for [ profile] tv_universe, Challenge 10 - Who Said What Now? They generated a list of awesome TV quotes (see them at the link), then we were to make art/fic out of five of them, in a different fandom from the quote, if that makes sense. I tried my hand at wallpapers and tumblr graphics, which I tend to be bad at.  See for yourself.

We were on a break!... )
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Favorite Fandom, Character, OTP, Episode, and Villain.

Guess who... )
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These were for a "drabble tag" challenge at [ profile] womenverse where someone writes a drabble, then the next person chooses a three-word phrase from that story and uses it in their own. Rule: all stories must feature women characters, or be about a woman. So...

Castle, Sherlock BBC, Buffy, Firefly, Fringe )
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If I met Astrid Farnsworth, I'd SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


If I met Astrid Farnsworth I'd be smiling, because she is lovely and intelligent and helpful and a good laboratory scientist and has a great sense of humor and is funny and can also be badass, after all she is an FBI agent.

If I met Astrid Farnsworth I would be awestruck and tongue-tied and shy but she would be charming and welcoming, but not too effusive to make me uncomfortable, just enough to offer me a seat in the lab, and some bad warmed over coffee, and explain what she's doing on the computer, and urge me not to mind the body parts hooked up with electrodes, and wave laughingly when Gene moos and startles me, and ask me about what I do, and tell humorous but affectionate stories about Walter--"You'll never believe what he did for April Fool's Day! He rigged up a device so it would look like Gene was giving chocolate milk! That old man, he's not as crazy as he seems!"--and whisper about the secrets the team has uncovered, and say a few worried words about how pale Olivia is looking, and grin when she talks about Peter playing "The Way You Look Tonight" on the piano.

If I met Astrid Farnsworth I'd ask her about how it was to meet her alternate self--was it fun, like having a twin sister, or dislocating, like you were losing your identity? Was it like looking in a mirror at a woman wearing clothes and a beret you'd never wear, or was it like looking at a strangely familiar stranger? Or was it just like meeting anyone else, someone shy and scared and awkward, that just needed a happy grin and a cup of coffee to feel at home in a strange strange universe?

If I met Astrid Farnsworth, I'd probably find myself flirting a little, getting lost in those wonderful warm eyes, watching her nose wrinkle in concentration as she examines some data, or find myself staring at her--um--back walking across the lab to grab a sheaf of papers. I'd wonder if she saw anything in me, just a curiosity or a bureaucrat like so many others, or if she'd see the spark of interest in my gaze, maybe meet it with an inquiring, even seductive, look of her own. Reach her hand across the lab table, brush my wrist with her fingers, touch her lip with her tongue, give a throaty hum, and maybe gesture toward the back room with promise in her smile.

If I met Astrid Farnsworth, I'd ... call her by her right name.
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I guess I'm still working out my Fringe thing, so when this activity in [ profile] the_deepbluesea came along...


Poems and stuff for Fringe... )

sea turtle
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A variant of one I did ages ago, for [ profile] fringeverse.  Which is why it leans toward the earlier seasons. Slightly updated for the gifs done for [ profile] fandomverse.

A is for Astrid, her star is so bright,
   She hopes Walter won’t call her Asterisk tonight.

B is for... )
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For the [ profile] fandomverse Big Bang, I thought I'd:
--Say another goodbye to my much-lamented Fringe;
--Revisit an idea I had on [ profile] fringeverse thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers, the ABCs of Fringe; and
--Finally freaking learn how to make gifs.

Was I entirely successful? No. But it was sad, fun, and I think next time I could do better....

See if you can guess what's what. And if you need a hint, this revised (for post-Season 4) poem might help. Yeah, it's ridiculous too, but anyway. Fun, I say, fun!


The rest... )

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Fanmix for [ profile] fandomverse on "Beginnings and Endings". Fringe, of course, that's what's on my mind...

Fringe1cover Fringe2Cover
Songs, and some explanation... )

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- Write a fic that is exactly 26 words.
- Each word must start with a different letter of the alphabet.
- No first letter can be repeated.
- Letters of the alphabet do not need to be used in order.

But I did mine in order anyway. This was fun.

"Zeppelin! Yes! X!" Walter vociferously uttered. "Three stereo recordings quit playing! Oh, now my left knee joint is hurting."
"Go find energy drinks," coaxingly beamed Astrid.

"A bite can damage everlastingly! Ferociously!" Giles huffed insistently. "Just keep learning, memorizing, never over plan."
"Quite right," Spike toasted.
"Ugh, vampires, why?" Xander yawned Zeppo-ishly.
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Drabble for[ profile] jjverse; JJ Abrams shows, had to use one of three randomly-generated words: equipment, announcer, reversal. I used them all!

Show: Fringe. Set just after 3:16, Os.

Peter found Walter muttering. "Osmium, lutecium, but how, how--"

"Walter." In his soothing-announcer voice. "Case is over. Let it go."

Walter stood, wild-eyed. "OVER? The search for knowledge is NEVER OVER; surely you realize…to alter the laws of physics! Defy Gravity! Turn Back Time! UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE! Nothing can be 'let go.' I CANNOT LET IT GO!" He flailed, knocked over the equipment stand, beakers crashing. Peter grabbed him. "Walter!"

Walter crumpled, whispered. "It could be the key, Peter. To the reversal. Of everything."

Peter patted his back. "And we…keep moving forward, Walter. To ice cream, maybe?"

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It's a redux of this challenge from--wow--two years ago! Secret tee hee to [ profile] blue_sunflowers, who was irked beyond reason at the way the Alphabet thingies in the schoolroom were so oddly spaced. We never learned if that had any meaning.



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