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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to write an AU of an existing fandom. Once I did a visual recast of Firefly using Glee characters. So, I thought I'd write a little something about that....

Title: Glee--In Space!
AU Type: Space AU
Word Count: 250+

Kurt had just finished his protein bar when he felt the ship lurch and shudder. He shot an alarmed look at Tina and they both rose from the dining table. "Compression coil?" the pilot asked, dusting off the crumbs and heading out the door. "I'll check the engine, hopefully it's just the auto-pilot going wonky," Kurt said hastily as he followed his crewmate into the passageway. "Never did trust those things," the pilot said briskly, swinging herself up the grating just as the Captain came clambering up from the cargo hold, followed by Jayne and Zoe. The five stared briefly at each other then each went to their various posts: the Captain following his pilot and first mate up to the comm, the merc to her bunk to grab some weaponry in case trouble was afoot, and the engineer to his engine.

Later, satisfied that it had only been a glitch in the auto-pilot programming, they reconvened in the cargo hold, drawn by the loud refrain of "Single Ladies." There, they found the rest of the crew practicing dance steps and dissolving into laughter. Kurt, who'd stopped to wipe off the engine grease and apply moisturizer, was the last one down to the hold, and he paused momentarily on the catwalk, watching Brittany whip her hair around while showing the moves to a surprisingly-for-a-preacher adept Mike Chang, while pilot and first mate swayed in each others' arms, Artie circled the action in his motor chair,  and the others tried to join in, prancing and posing.

Kurt felt a glow of happiness as he thought how lucky he'd been to be brought on as a mechanic-countertenor with this wacky but talented crew. That glow turned to annoyance as he saw Puck and Santana showing Finn the step-ball-change before the jazz square. Ugh, how many times did he have to tell them! Shaking his head, he bounded down the stairs to show his crewmates how to do the damn dance.

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Challenge for [ profile] gameofcards to write a fic using two randomly chosen prompts from a list of events and themes. Mine were ​One or more characters wake up with superpowers (event), and Jealousy (theme). I always think of Castle when it comes to this kind of thing.

Event and Theme Used: ​One or more characters wake up with superpowers (event), and Jealousy (theme)
Fandom: Castle
Word Count: 1751

Prologue: "C'mon, guys, it'll be fun!" Castle wheedled as he shepherded the somewhat reluctant group across the street from the pub to the park, where a decidedly rag-tag looking carnival was set up. "It's not even 8 pm! Let's keep the party going! Nothing is too much for my beloved's birthday," he added, as he put his arm around Beckett's waist.
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Prompts Used: Fall, haunted, mask, candy, endings
Title: Firefly Halloween
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count:
NOTE: This is a based on an episode description I did for another comm; this time it’s in story version.

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Title: Seeing Mom
Fandom: Mr. Robot
Warnings: Vague spoilers
Word Count: 449

Yeah, so the one thing Darlene knows is that she can never tell Elliott. No matter how much she wants to tell someone. No matter how bad things get. She can’t tell him that she’s been seeing their mom.

Not just seeing her, but, well, okay, so, Mom…Mother…Yvonne—has kinda taken up residence in Darlene’s apartment. Not that it’s actually Darlene’s apartment. More like she’s…well, call it house-sitting. That’s it, house-sitting. Nice place, Chelsea, no doorman, but then again if there was a doorman, Darlene couldn’t really be staying there, right? Anyway, not like Darryl’s gonna mind, what with being on consult in Dubai for three months. After all, what’s the point of having boring yuppie hookups if you can’t scam a cool pad off of it? Whatever. It’s just temporary. Just like having Yvonne around. Won’t last. Something’ll blow up, hopefully not literally, and everything’ll change again.

Or more like, just fade away into the next reality. For sure if it’s to do with Yvonne, that’s how it’ll happen. Fade in, fade out. Barely leaving a trace. Like, showing up to Darlene outside Stumptown, nearly scared the coffee right out of her hand. Never even got around to asking how she managed to find her. Just shrugged and shepherded her up to Darryl’s. Got her settled, even gave her the coffee. Went from there, for like two weeks now. Mostly leaves her to her own devices, who knows what she's doing, not like Darlene is around all that much, everything going on and all hell breaking loose, like always. Sometimes she staggers back to the condo and there Yvonne’ll be, putting out food from the corner, or staring at the flatscreen. Other times she’ll be sleeping already. Darlene keeps meaning to just get face to face with her and ask her what the FUCK is she doing there, what does she want. But the days are already so goddamn full of confrontation, there never seems to be enough energy left for one more.

Besides, there's not all that much emotion between the two of them, never had been. Not like her brother, with all his emo shit about Mom v. Dad, who betrayed whom, all that drama. ‘Course, Darlene had been away for a lot of it. Never thought she’d be able to be grateful being shipped upstate to that crap school, but really, being around home woulda been way way worse. Look how it messed up Elliott.

So, Darlene doesn’t know what's going on with with her mom, but she knows one thing. She can NOT tell Elliott. Out of everything else, this one thing is gonna have to be her little secret.

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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards.

Title: Persephone Tales
Originating Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 484

Prologue to the New Series: Kaylee looked around the table at the candlelight flickering on the familiar faces, and felt the tears welling up. “I just can’t believe this is the last time we’re gonna sit around this table like this,” she said, with a catch in her throat. Inara leaned across the table and patted her hand. “It’s okay, mei-mei,” she said softly. “Everything changes, and we too.” She turned her sweet smile to Simon, who nodded and wrapped his arm around Kaylee, kissing the top of her head. “Besides, we’ll all still be together, you’ll see. We’ll set out our shingle out in Eaves Valley, with Mal and Zoe over the way, close enough for you ladies to share pregnancy stories, and we’ll get Inara to perch nearby after she’s done her stint at Olympia House. And even Jayne’ll hole up somewhere near the Docks, so I’m sure he’ll be underfoot once he sees how well set up we are.”

Jayne barked out a laugh as he pushed away from the table, picking his back teeth with a large hunting knife. “Fat chance, little doc,” he scoffed. “No ways I’m gonna hang around some Stuck-upbaby’sville when there’s fun to be had with the real people.” He smacked his lips, thinking of the rough-and-tumble of the bars and houses of ill-repute of Eavesdown Docks. “ ‘Sides,” he said with a bit of a snarl. “I agree with Kaylee-girl here. Never thought we’d all end up going straight and setting down dirtside. And taking up business with Badger, of all the low down dirty…”

“Jayne.” Zoe’s eyes were flinty and her voice cold steel, so at odds with her softly rounded physical shape. “There’s no call to be criticizin’ the Captain’s decision. We all agreed that it’s time, for all of us and for Serenity, set ourselves down for a spell and try to have some kind of normal life.” She grimaced slightly at the sound of her own words, as the voices of the others’ chimed, called, choked, and sneered at once.

This was silenced by a loud scrape as Mal pushed back from the table, stood, and eyed his crew with a mixed expression. “Now we’ll hear no more arguing, it’s happening, and it’s the right next thing, we all know it. Time to put down some roots, find our feet on solid ground, and sees what’s gonna happen with the next generation here.” He looked with warm eyes at Kaylee and Zoe, gave a mock glare to Jayne, and ended with a lingering smile at Inara. “It’ll be good, you’ll see. We'll have plenty of adventures, doing jobs 'round town, and setting up housekeeping, and getting into scrapes. It'll be fun. And if it ain’t, well then, Kaylee here’ll put Serenity back together, we’ll scoop up the babies, and head back into the Black. Deal?” He raised his mug and looked around the table.

“Deal,” they chorused, and sipped, gulped, laughed, hugged, or went back to teeth-picking, each as was their wont.

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What does Mrs. Wellick have on her phone? Disclaimer: I used Google Translate for the Danish and Swedish, so apologies for errors...

"Damn. Det er min telefon ikke fungerer."
Tyrell shrugged. "Få en ny." He reached in his pocket for his money clip while he scrolled through texts --someone's-- on his own phone.
She waved it at him. "Guld fon," she reminded.
He shrugged again, clicked his platinum-edged, E-Corp Black Card down on the brushed-metal kitchen counter, and strolled, still scrolling, to the wine rack.
"Foruden , jeg har alle mine apps og fotos. At kink site, er ikke let at få download link."
He looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "Back up?" he said.
"Farlige," she rejoined. "Disse fotos ... du ved selv hvor let det er at få dem.." She stood and moved to him, pressing her belly against his hip. "So ønsker du bare nogen lort hacker at se mig?"
He set his phone down and wrapped his arms around her. "Jag ska skydda dig."
She looked up him and blinked slowly. "Du kan prøve," she murmured, as she slipped out of his arms, tossed her phone on the counter, plucked up the credit card, and headed for the door.
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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to do art/writing on the theme of playing cards. Up next: The Two. Like the Tarot they are based on, "regular" playing cards have meanings given certain schools of thought. This time I used the cartomancy interpretations explained here.

So, first, a Tumblr graphic with the qualities, then a picspam of various related pairings--mostly friends-types, since I'm not a huge shipper, but there is one category....You tell me if (1) you can identify the individuals; and (2) whether they fit the description! Remember, even concepts that seem to us to be "negative" can have positive meanings...

As a backdrop, I used the analogous Tarot cards from the amazing deck, Tarot of the Wild Unknown.

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Title: Tick Tock Castle
Fandom: Castle
How Does the World End?: Time Travel Disaster
What Do the Characters Do? Seek a Cure/Fix
Word Count: 625

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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to do art/writing on the theme of playing cards. Up first: The Ace. Like the Tarot they are based on, "regular" playing cards have meanings given certain schools of thought. I started with this one, Cards of Life, that associates each card with certain birthdates, and certain life qualities.

So, first, a Tumblr graphic with the qualities, then a picspam of various individuals born on the key dates. You tell me if (1) you can identify the individuals; and (2) whether they fit the qualities! [Scan around at the link for the names if you want; you can also look up your own birthdate there!]

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Challenge was to imagine a meeting between two characters in a fandom whom we never saw meet, if that makes sense. Uh, this was challenging, so both of these are rather awkward...

Fandom: Elementary
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock's father
Word Count: 306

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Fandom: Battle Creek
Characters: Russ, Milt, one of Milt's assistants
Word Count: 514

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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards, to re-cast some characters...I know it seems superfluous to re-cast Mad Max: Fury Road with anyone, but how about more women! Just for fun...

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Long Distance (Battle Creek)
Russ looked at the box on his desk holding the last of the miscellaneous crap that he was going to drag out of here, sparing a glance at the desk that used to be Holly's; things kept changing, even if you had stretches--decades even--when everything stayed the same.

He looked at the door as Milt swung in, saying "Hey, let's go; the FBI waits for no man." With a shrug, Russ stood up, grabbed the box, and headed out to take up his new job with the FBI in Detroit.

Not Forever (Forever)
Henry slid the letter into the envelope, stamped and addressed to Jo. It was best to do it this way, he told himself firmly; it just wouldn't do to pull another poor mortal soul into his dreadful morass of immortality.

Shouldering his bag, he looked around one last time at the empty antique store, with only one drop-leaf desk left behind to bear witness to Abe's passion, and walked out the door to whatever his new life would bring.
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Dunno why when you say "body swap" I think "Castle." For a trope fic-prompt. If I'd had more time, I'd have also had these two in a wing-fic.

Trope(s): Body Swap
Word Count: 320

“I knew it! I knew it! I never shoulda let you talk me into it!” Esposito bounced his clenched fists off his knees as he glared at Ryan who was uncharacteristically driving the car. He was staring straight ahead, jaw set, clenching the steering wheel. Finally, at another outburst from his partner, he turned and growled, “Okay, okay bro! Don’t forget, we were both into it! In fact, I distinctly remember YOU were the one who said it would be “a ‘lark’!” He lifted both hands off the steering wheel to make quick “air quotes” while his passenger slumped down in his seat, arms crossed petulantly.

The driver stared for a second and barked out a laugh. “Ah, dude, this is so freaking weird. I mean, I know I’m ME and that is you, but I’m lookin’ at myself—and hey, man, sit up straight. Don’t wreck my back while you’re slouching around in my fine bod.”

“Just shut up and concentrate on the driving, will you? Ugh, I can’t believe that even in YOUR body, you wouldn’t let ME drive.”

“No way, bro.” The face was Kevin’s but the tone, and the admonitory glare, was totally Espo. “Even in YOUR body I’m a better driver than you.”

“Espo” waved his had with a weary dismissiveness and turned to stare out the window. “How the heck long did Castle and Beckett say this thing lasts, anyway? And where will be be when we switch back? HEY!” — sitting up suddenly — “it’s gotta wear off before end of shift, dammit. Jenny and I have plans, and there’s no way……..” The two looked at each other with a dawning realization. “I guess we shoulda thought of this before we went to that damn psychic,” grumbled Espo-In-Ryan.

“Yeah, just gotta stay out of the way of everyone until it wears off,” agreed Ryan-In-Espo, looking down at himself and flexing slightly. “Any suggestions?”
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Fic on the theme of someone being in an uncomfortable situation...

Waking Up
Fandom: Orphan Black
Words: 309

Felix felt himself rise into consciousness, and in that sudden response that stress chemicals can stimulate, his brain raced over a myriad of thoughts and reactions in mere seconds….as it had many times in his life when he awoke in an unfamiliar place and time.

First, physical.
Eyes closed, keep ‘em closed. Check.
Sitting straight up—in a chair, then. Check. (Not passed out in some hook-ups bed, okay.)
Arms pinned to sides, uh-oh.
No physical pain, good. No hangover, good.

Next, what/where.
Given life of late, could be anything. Thanks to Sarah’s shenanigans, he had in the last few months been held at gunpoint, almost kidnapped, almost arrested, arrested, punched, and held at gunpoint again. This…could be anything. The no pain thing was good, though.

Gradually—though actually only over another few seconds—he let his senses come back on line. Eyes still closed, shamming unconsciousness in case that bought him some time. Smell—dusty, even chalk dusty. Sound coming in over the stress-induced roaring in his ears: lot of voices, muttering, murmuring, even shouting. Not alone in a dungeon then. In a public or semi-public place.

Sigh. Even as he was determining to bite the bullet—hopefully not literally ha-ha—open his eyes and see what kind of effed-up situation he was in this time…a sharp jab in his ribs made him yell “OW!” and glare to his right, where Alison was hissing at him, “For god’s sake, Felix, you were snoring! Wake up! The talent show is about to begin!” Shaking her finger at him, she composed herself and looked forward with a big, even slightly manic, smile on her face. "Let's go, Gemma, come on Oscar!" she sang out.

Staring at her for a moment, Felix turned to face, yes, the stage, and slumped down in his folding chair, rubbing his side. Maybe a kidnapping would have been better.


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...with quotes from one show matched with caps from another. Mine are all Firefly quotes matched with scenes from Leverage!

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