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For a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe to make graphics using the Top 100 Quotes of All Time here.

One Song

Feb. 11th, 2016 11:19 pm
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...for [ profile] tv_universe, the challenge was to take a song that sticks with you, and link it to a tv fandom. Whenever I hear Prince's Let's Go Crazy, I think about breaking into that intro ("Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to get through this thing called LIFE") the next time I'm at a podium. And who better to take advantage of that than Jake Peralta of Brooklyn 99?
Tumblr graphic here... )
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A version of something I wrote once for the Secret Santa Threesome Extravaganza, with a graphic that I've been wanting to add for ages....

Hot and Cold
Fandom: Firefly
Threesome: Kaylee Frye/Zoe Washburne/Malcolm Reynolds
Requested Element: engine trouble
Warning: Implied sexual activity
Note: Originally written for I Saw Three Ships Secret Santa 2009 for Glinda


“Tianna, it’s hot in here.” Zoe pulled off her leather vest and yanked at the hem of her blouse... )
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They provide the reaction, we provide the trigger--by representing a scene that evoked that reaction in us!

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So I realize this is tough to look at, but the idea seemed good at the time. Maybe I'll re-do at some point. ANYWAY, an AU related to my sadness over the end of Almost Human, which I was really enjoying. The gifs illustrate the fic. For a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe to pay tribute to a cancelled show; in this case, a bit of a fix-it.
Kennex knew it was bad before he got to the door of the office... )
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......for a Bingo Card at [ profile] land_deduction. Titles are prompts.


...and Clyde, bees, Sing Sing, and TV room... )

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The challenge had us develop something based on some parent-related quotes. Whenever I think of parents, I think of Malcolm in the Middle...

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Favorite Fandom, Character, OTP, Episode, and Villain.

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For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the: to do something on the theme of "hero." I'm always attracted to the idea of regular people doing extraordinary things. And I wanted to try to learn something new, so, inspired by this gifset by tonystarks, I tried a fade-in gif thing with text that...well, see for yourself.

ETA: Wow, now that I look at that one done by tonystarks, I realize I should have aligned the names so the hidden thing is easier to read. Next time!

What's that spell? )
catko: (angel disco) I picked music! Three of my favorite songs/performers. The challenge at [ profile] universe_the was to spend three hours. My personal challenge was to learn how to do those tumblr-style graphics with a gif embedded in a background. Also with lyrics. Interesting experiment. Kinda fun, actually.

Can you guess who? )
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...for a challenge at [ profile] universe_the. I decided to pick some from different decades. So.....

1970s The Rockford Files
With the most awesome James Garner as a hapless, lovable loser type of private detective, with his own set of morals, a funky trailer on the beach, and a Pontiac Firebird. One of the best gimmicks of the show, and one that really illustrated Rockford's character, was the opening telephone answering machine message. See the sample below.


And the rest...some surprises, maybe. )
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And more!
--Like an Old Married Couple (well, they are a married couple...)
--Moment Killer (hahah)
--I Will Find You

Gifs here... )
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--Everyone Can See It
--My Favorite Pairing (also an alternate for Moment Killer)
--Headbutt of Love

Gifs here... )
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Gifs for a challenge at TV_universe to do fanart for some popular love tropes. You kinda have to know Firefly to get these, maybe. Check out TV Tropes for an explanation of these tropes!
--Meet Cute
--The Four Loves: agape, etc.
--Flirting under Fire
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We were supposed to account for the time we spent on this project, so, below...

here. )
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For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the, which I am hurrying to get posted since Series 3 will no doubt make all of this look ancient and obsolete in three days. If you can't guess what they all are, the answers are here. At one point I thought of making a poem, but the only part I could get was "Jim Moriarty, he's crazy a smidge; K is for Kitchen, a head in the fridge" so I thought I'd better give it up. Anyway. This might make your eyes go buggy. (And in case you want to see these for Fringe and Castle....)

sherA sherB SherC...and so on... )
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Here's the answers to the Sherlock ABCs, heh.
Did you guess them all? )
catko: (aaScifilandTSCC) division. For [ profile] universe_the.

000fhwhy 10 bsg data dog
k9 robot rosie term twiki
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More for [ profile] the_deepbluesea challenge to do stuff for a favorite episode. I liked how the episode relied so much on words and text, mostly in newspaper form, and on inanimate objects, to advance the story. The gifs are just gifs....

Random gifs here... )

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