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Fandom: The Librarians
Words: 401
Theme: Unusual Holidays, January; taken from this site:

Cassandra glared at The Book, then let her gaze drift to the open air above it, eyes darting and fingers fluttering. “Hmphf,” she grumped. “Apparently January is a low time for magical action, just like it is in the ordinary world.”

“Post holiday slump,” called out Ezekiel, who was stretched out by the fire, chewing on licorice and gazing at a handheld device. “What do you expect on the day after New Year’s Day? Worst time possible for the thieving arts. Everyone stays home, hides out, pawns their valuables to pay off their excesses…..” He sighed, and stared toward the fire.

“Hey, man,” growled Stone, passing by with an armful of old maps. “If you’d stick to the lawful life, you wouldn’t need to worry about ups and downs.”

“Children, children,” said Eve briskly, coming down the stairs. “We’re just bored. If only you all would make good use of this down-time by practicing your self-defense.” The others groaned loudly, and Ezekiel made a great show of burrowing even deeper in the armchair.

“Well if we think our January’s boring, take a look at these funky holidays.” Jacob held up an old piece of newsprint. “Fruitcake Toss Day? Humiliation Day?” He chortled as the others, lacking anything better to do, gathered round.

“BEAN day,” scoffed Ezekiel. “I wouldn’t half want to avoid that one. Phew!” He held his nose in a broad gesture.

“Aw, Cuddle up day,” murmured Cassandra. “That sounds nice.”

“Well here’s something we can do to expand our minds,” said Jacob. “We can each pick a day and research it. Then, when the day comes, you can share the history with the rest of it. Who knows, buried deep in some of these might be some mythology that might come in handy.”

Ezekiel moaned, but then his eyes caught on the list. “January 9. Play God Day. That’s for me. Back later!” The others watched him head to the computer, rolled their eyes, and scanned the list for something to pick. “Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day, the 12th,” proclaimed Eve. “I’m sure that’s got a great story behind it.”

“I’m deciding between Cuddle Up Day and National Hugging Day. That’s the 21st, so it gives me more time to plan something,” said Cassandra brightly. “And as for me,” said Jacob, “I’m going to look into Appreciate a Dragon Day.” He eyed the Back Door, then the maps in his hand, with speculation.
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...for [ profile] lands_of_magic
Fandom: The Librarians
Words: 432
Notes: for the prompt "New Year's Eve"

Colonel Baird strode into the Library annex, whistling softly to herself, having just completed a security tour around the perimeter of the grounds. Hardly necessary, not on a holiday night, but bracing nonetheless. Once in the room, she looked around with surprise at the Librarians, engaged in random though characteristic activities. Jacob was at the long table, paging through a book that looked ancient and crumbly, his eyes lit with excitement. Ezekiel was slouched in a corner, thumbing at an electronic device that was presumably some type of video game. Cassandra was staring into space with her hands moving in front of her. And Jenkins was just coming down the stairs, a tea tray in his hands.

"What in all heck are all of you doing here ON NEW YEAR'S EVE?" As they all looked over or up at her, she checked her watch. "Ok, admittedly, it's only 7 pm. But shouldn't you be out celebrating?" She sat opposite Jacob at the long table as Jenkins drifted by, depositing the tea tray in front of her. "I mean after all. You could go anywhere in the world to celebrate. It might be 7 pm here, but it's sure to be midnight somewhere." She pointed to the Back Door and looked around indignantly. "Whoa, settle down, Nellie," Jacob intervened mildly. "Don't see you gettin' gussied up to go party in Berlin."

She shrugged. "Yeah, well. With Flynn off in Antarctica, I figured I'd just spend the evening here. Brush up on my tae-kwon-do." She made a few martial arts movements, catching the attention of Cassandra. "What? Oh, New Year's Eve. Well, yes, I was calculating the probabilities of attending an actual party and having fun." She shook her head as she stabbed at the air. "Highly unlikely. I'm going to play it safe."

"Never celebrated New Year's, ever," called out Ezekiel. "Always been a working night for me." He too gestured in the air, more in the nature of picking pockets and slipping jewelry off unsuspecting necks. He chuckled to himself as the others rolled their eyes.

"Well, as none of us seem to have any particular plans, maybe we should do a little something here," said Jacob. "That is, if Jenkins doesn't mind." Jenkins sketched a bow of welcome. "Perhaps the Back Door could be employed to bring items of revelry back here for us to enjoy. Let's see, where shall we start?"

Eyes alight, the Librarians and the Guardian gathered around, tossing out suggestions for where to go and what to get to celebrate the New Year in their own, magical way.
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Fandom: Scorpion
Prompt: Weather
Words: 165

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, da-da-dahhh da-daahhh da-dah-dah,” Toby sang as he entered the Garage and locked the door behind him.

“What is THAT?” Happy, who had been coming forward to greet him, dropped back a step. “Is THAT…a Christmas Carol?”

Toby’s face softened, as it always did when seeing her; then he paused in thought. “Da-da-dadeda-dah dah dah…” he sang to himself. “….Let it snow, let it snow…Yup. Well, technically it’s a Christmas-season song, not a carol.” Arms outstretched, he ambled toward her.

She put up a warning hand. “Hold it right there. No Christmas carols. OR…” as he began to argue, “Christmas season songs.” Her glare froze him in his tracks. He parted his lips to protest, but then again, he knew his Happy. So instead he dropped his head, looked sheepish, and made a zipping motion across his mouth. She stared for a moment, then strode toward him, and, making an unzipping motion across his mouth, gave him a big kiss.

Fandom: Scorpion
Prompt: Holiday Song--Merry Christmas, Baby by Christina Aguilera
Words: 187

"Great job, Ralph. Who doesn't love a rendition of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?" called out Sly, adorned in a Santa's cap, as he clapped and waved Ralph back to his seat. "To call that a rendition is abject flattery," muttered Toby to Happy, as he took a swig of his whisky-spiced hot apple cider. "Strictly grade-school talent show quality." "Shhh, shut up," growled Happy, socking him on the arm. "He may be a genius, but he IS in grade school. You think you can do better, get up there." She gestured toward the makeshift stage where they'd set up a flatscreen, speakers, and a PS4 running Rock Star. "Nope, too late, there goes Paige," Toby grinned smugly. "Looking none-too-confident, and singing...uh oh. Christina Aguilera? Doubt she's got the chops for it." He settled back in his chair and threw slightly bruised arm around Happy's shoulders. But as the piano tinkled in, and Paige began belting out "Merry Christmas, baby, You sure did treat me nice, oh ooh yeah yeah..." he sat up in his chair, and joined in the surprised cheers and "woo-woos" of all the others.
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Prompts Used: Fall, haunted, mask, candy, endings
Title: Firefly Halloween
Fandom: Firefly
Word Count:
NOTE: This is a based on an episode description I did for another comm; this time it’s in story version.

Read more... )
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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards, to come up with New Year's Resolutions for some favorite characters. I bring you...Castle Resolutions!

“So glad you could all join us for Epiphany!” Martha raised her glass to those present. “And in the spirit of our tradition on this day, we will ask each of you to make a promise for the year ahead.” She took a sip of champagne and smiled brilliantly around the room. “You mean a … New Year’s Resolution, Martha?” Beckett looked warily over the rim of her glass. “Isn’t that a little…old school?”

Martha waved a hand airily. “Call it what you like, my dear. A tradition’s a tradition. So on with it. You first.”

Beckett looked toward Castle and her expression turned misty. “Well, with all that happened last year, I resolve to make this year nice and peaceful. Homey.” Castle’s eyes softened, and she pointed at him. “You next!’

“Easy one,” said Castle confidently. “I firmly resolve to make a huuuuge success of my private detective business.” He twirled an imaginary mustache as some in the group groaned. He turned on the loudest groaner and growled, “Okay, Mr. Grumpy Pants. You go.”

Espo preened. “No problem, bro. I’m making a promise that I will place numero uno in the New York City’s Police League Athletic Championships, and get a shot at Nationals. What?” he questioned, as Ryan sputtered. “You’d better learn to swim, then, partner. Last year you sank like a stone.” Espo glared. “Just for that, you go next, partner.”

Ryan looked thoughtful and squeezed Jenny’s hand. “My resolution is to be a good dad. Raise healthy and happy kids.” He bent to give Jenny a kiss as the room shrieked. “KIDSSS?” expostulated Beckett. “You mean…..????”

Jenny elbowed Ryan but looked delighted. “Way to go, Kev, motor mouth. Yes,” gazing around at the happy expressions, “we are pregnant again!” As the others surged forward to hug and back-pat, she continued on, “so my resolution is to have an easy pregnancy and short labor this September!”

Lanie finished clapping and declared, “Well MY promise to myself is to go on at least one date per week. I’m gonna find my prince. Even if it means I have to kiss some frogs.” Perhaps unconsciously her gaze settled on Esposito, who waggled his eyebrows, making her laugh.

Alexis twirled on her stool and raised her hand in the air. “Mine’s easy,” she proclaimed. “I’m going to make the most of my year in London. Do everything, see everything, experience everything!” “Everything?” began Castle, bleatingly, but Beckett silenced him with a jab to the side. Alexis smirked at her father, then turned to her grandmother. “And how about you, Grams? What’s your promise for 2015?”

Martha struck a pose, but her eyes were filled with genuine warmth. “Same as every year, my darling. To always remember my motto. ‘If you’re going to do something, do it big, or don’t do it at all.’” She grinned and bowed as the others broke into cheers and applause.
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...for  a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe.

Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Words: 552
Note: The opening paragraph is lifted from another Firefly holiday fic I wrote for Valentine’s Day, but I figured it would be okay. These are all real holidays from around the world; it was fun to think about who might have celebrated what.

Even though, as River had noted, the concept of “days” and “months” was irrelevant to Life in the Black (or, as she put it, "a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles … not applicable"), there was always someone that kept them on some version of an Old Earth calendar, bringing in the half-remembered holidays from multiple cultures like faded photographs, memories in bits and pieces.

So when the alert that Kaylee and Wash has set into the ship’s computer pinged them that it was winter solstice, fortunately they happened to be down on a planet during its snowy season, so it matched the mood. No time really to gather food or other specialties, but they brought in some evergreen branches from outside, and lit candles, and had warm drinks—with a little something extra in them to lure Jayne—and sat around and told tales of memories of home.

Holidays here... )
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..for [ profile] tv_universe. Postcards here.

Shore Leave
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Words: 1069

“This is real exciting!” burbled Kaylee. “We never had nothin’ like a holiday before!” She grinned around the room at her crewmates, variously engaged in making tea (Inara), hunching over a card game (River and Simon), looking at a screen displaying of hotels on various planets (Wash and Zoe), and picking their teeth with a hunting knife (Jayne). She herself was shaking out some shirts and skirts and considering what to pack.

"Hey, now, that's not fair.... )
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