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Re-cast a JJ Abrams show with other actors. Hee hee.


recast 22
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Drabble for[ profile] jjverse; JJ Abrams shows, had to use one of three randomly-generated words: equipment, announcer, reversal. I used them all!

Show: Fringe. Set just after 3:16, Os.

Peter found Walter muttering. "Osmium, lutecium, but how, how--"

"Walter." In his soothing-announcer voice. "Case is over. Let it go."

Walter stood, wild-eyed. "OVER? The search for knowledge is NEVER OVER; surely you realize…to alter the laws of physics! Defy Gravity! Turn Back Time! UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE! Nothing can be 'let go.' I CANNOT LET IT GO!" He flailed, knocked over the equipment stand, beakers crashing. Peter grabbed him. "Walter!"

Walter crumpled, whispered. "It could be the key, Peter. To the reversal. Of everything."

Peter patted his back. "And we…keep moving forward, Walter. To ice cream, maybe?"

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Since [ profile] jjverse  is coming to an end...*sob*...


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For the fanmix challenge at [ profile] jjverse . This was the oft-maligned "musical" episode of Fringe, so it made the song choices easy. I threw in a few that weren't in the show, including one that was new to me, "Brown Betty" by Kay Hanley. I'd never heard of her, but now I'm going to look her up. And, "Blue Moon" is one of my favorite songs of all time, pretty much any version.    Cover, songs, and excerpts )
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(For Challenge 30 at the awesome [ profile] jjverse . Thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers  for the support, and [ profile] teamtrek  for the constant inspiration!)

No time for polishing! Probably a lot of you don't even remember this show, but this is the theme song from The Greatest American Hero. Check it out sometime; fun and silly.

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Another picspam for [ profile] jjverse . The song is Neither One of Us by Gladys Knight and the Pips.
John/Olivia... )
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For the very fun [ profile] jjverse . Go [ profile] teamtrek !

Let's Play Trekspressions!

...or, "Why the face?" )

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For [ profile] jjverse . Thanks to my [ profile] teamtrek  for the pressure and the advice. Muah!

Postcards from Earth...
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