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Come join [ profile] lands_of_magic, an interactive challenge community focusing on fandoms rooted in magic, fantasy, fairy tales, and the supernatural. We have two teams: [ profile] the_summercourt and [ profile] the_wintercourt, and our next round is starting soon. Tell them I sent you!
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Songs that I think suit our dear some performers I think she'd like. Some lyrics NSFW.

Maneater - Nelly Furtado
And when she walks she walks with passion
  when she talks, she talks like she can handle it
  when she asks for something boy she means it

Am I Evil - Metallica
I'll make my residence, I'll watch your fire
  You can come with me, sweet desire

Zeitgeist - Black Sabbath
The strings of fear they hide within the human race
  The answers buried underground

I Bleed - the Pixies
As loud as hell / A ringing bell
  Behind my smile / It shakes my teeth

Kill for You - Skylar Grey
Oh, Lord, forgive my weary hands / And for what they may do
  I'll carry out his evil plans / If he wants me to

Evil Hearted You - Yardbirds
Your siren song smiling, beguiling,
  You lead me on 'til all hope's gone

Everybody Needs a Hero - Joan Jett
You know you knew just where you stood when
  Your good friend was around / No one could put you down

Night in My Veins - Pretenders
It's just the night in my veins
  Making me crawl in the dust again
  It's just the night
  Under my skin
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Made in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the film Labyrinth.

A Four-Disc Music Collection on the themes of Labyrinths, Liliies, Diamonds and Pearls (symbols for the 30th anniversary).

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Using quotes from shows picked by TV Universe players...

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catko: (magic) post something creative every day. So, a few fanmixes to the women out there in our magical fandoms.

December 21, 22, 23 )

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Posting a little something magical and creative here for every day of the month.

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...of characters from "magical" fandoms. Here's mine....
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Fun stuff for Halloweenish prompts from [ profile] lands_of_magic. Fanmixes using tropes and songs provided as prompts, picspam, and sigtags!
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Come join [ profile] lands_of_magic, an interactive challenge community focusing on fandoms rooted in magic, fantasy, fairy tales, and the supernatural. We have two teams: [ profile] the_summercourt and [ profile] the_wintercourt, and our next round has just begun. Tell them I sent you!
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for a "re-do" challenge at [ profile] lands_of_magic. I think that Willow and Tara started their own family clan when they got together, so here is the Family Crest of Clan Fantastico: with a cat, books for knowledge, a cup for potions, and hugs and love.

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...for a challenge at lands-of-magic. I always loved Arrested Westeros on tumblr; these are not as good as those, though.

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The challenge at [ profile] lands_of_magic is to cast some characters in magical here you go!

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I've always wanted to try my hand at these beautiful art boxes, a la Joseph Cornell (mostly since they featured so prominently in one of my favorite books, Count Zero by William Gibson, where they take on a haunting mysticism).

So, I thought I'd try one for ... well can you guess who? It doesn't look like much, but thinking of the items, gathering them (or reasonable--I hope--facsimiles), and arranging them did take some time. Not sure how successful, but anyway, now I'm intrigued to try more.  For [ profile] lands_of_magic.

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[ profile] lands_of_magic is celebrating Christmas early!

Fandom--Harry Potter

Harry looked out over the snowy field, with the moonlight glowing an unearthly pale silver over the ice and the fences and the trees and the melee of footballs, play sets, wooden carts, and no end of other stuff littered about the yard of The Burrow. His eyes drifted up to the full moon, and realized that, despite the (now seemingly ever-present) clutch in the pit of his stomach, despite the fear that prickled along the back of his shoulders, and despite the chill that permeated his bones, he was, of all things, happy. Certainly happier than ever when he stared at that selfsame moon from the Dursley's front window on any Christmas eve, huddled next to the lush Christmas tree piled high with gifts for Dudley, and only a few for him. "You're a piece of work, you are, Potter," he whispered to himself. "Happy, are you? Happy with evil and destruction? With Dementors and dark armies lurking at every turn? Knowing that Voldemort himself is out there, gathering his forces to defeat all you hold dear?" He hugged himself closer, then heard the door creak behind him, and a swell of enthusiastic if off-key singing spilled out.

"Harry? Harry? Come in, won't you? We're singing Christmas carols." He turned to see Ginny, reaching toward him, gesturing him toward the open door. "Someday sooon our troublessss will be out of siiiiiiiight, So have yourself, a merry little Christmas nowwwwww," warbled, grunted, trilled, and shouted the various voices inside the house. With a smile, Harry moved toward Ginny and into the warm embrace of the people inside.

Favorite Holiday Song: see above, :-)

magic potter
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For [ profile] lands_of_magic, to do a dating profile for a magic-fandom character. Awww, she doesn't need help getting a date, but anyway.....


Hello! I am Margaery, and I hail from Highgarden. Yes, I am of House Tyrell, thank you for asking. Let’s see, what would you like to know of me. Age? Now, now. Shall we say “young enough to know better, old enough to care?” Gender? Hee hee. Isn’t it plain? I’m all woman and happy to be so. Job? Tending to my family and to our future. Our House motto is Growing Strong, and I feel my life’s endeavor to be dedicated to that principle, in mind, body, fortune, and clan. Speaking of body, my Body250px-House-Tyrell-heraldry type? It’s just me as I am. Perhaps it would help to know that our House Sigil is a Golden Rose on a Bed of Green. I try to emulate the peace, beauty, and fertility of that beloved image.

What am I looking for from a love match? Ah, what shall I say? I seek a man who is strong and sure, who knows who he is and where he is going. He should be a man of the people, but also a leader—with a depth of vision to lead Westeros into peace and prosperity. He can be younger or older, dark or fair; must be of good form and family, fighting fit. Animal lovers are a plus.

Not looking for: May I say from past history, I’d prefer to avoid anyone who loves his fellow man too little, or too much. And I regret to decline any alliance that doesn’t bring benefit to my clan or my people. Harsh, you say? As I have stated, ’tis my vocation and my calling, and my raison-d’etre, to use the gifts I am privileged with, to bring stability to my lands and to my clan. Only an advantageous match will assure as such.

If you feel you are the man for me, please be in touch. I have much to bring to a relationship, and I don't stint in my giving for the right man. (Words: 330)
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For [ profile] lands_of_magic, do do a graphic using a magical fandom and the very cool words from Otherworldly.

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