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Primary goal today: To get to that Burger Joint at the Parker Meridien, which other than the mysterious Momofuku, has been the most recommended spot of this whole trip. Decided to wrap in that (also mysterious) iD-Soul exhibit that I learned about from Yoko Ono's Twitter, which as I told someone, I realize sounds kind of dirty.

Secondary goal: To be okay with not posting every night. Let's give that a try.

Success! )

Rain day.

Jul. 21st, 2009 10:04 pm
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For some reason I woke up at 6 am, and it was raining! 

I had disbelieved... )
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...when they include:
1) Waking up under a skylight and realizing I can roll over and go back to sleep.
2) Wandering out to go shopping at fun Japanese stores.
3) Buying pretty stuff.
4) Leisure lunching at a kind of funky quiet shady cafe, reading the Sunday NY Times Magazine.
5) Manicure and pedicure two doors down from the apartment.
5) Duck won ton soup across the street.
6) Sittin' around watching TV.

Oddly, none of these are things I do at home, especially on a Monday. Even doing laundry was kind of fun.



Jul. 18th, 2009 10:37 pm
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Yet another thing I wanted to do on this trip was to have an open house to meet people. I miss throwing parties, which we used to do a lot in the Berkeley days. It was cool because it gave impetus to setting up the apt, too; if it had just been me (and Lori, and later I hope Nance) coming and going, I might not have bothered. Hey, it was a terrific success! )
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I'm thinking of this as the JT day, because he lived in Midtown and would have liked all these things. Took the Uptown 6 Train, and had "breakfast" at one of those places that serves people who work in skyscrapers and are in a hurry, the Europa Cafe. Sat in the shadow of the CitiCorp building and mused on what it would be like to work in a high-rise. Consensus: it would suck.

Bb... )

The View

Jul. 15th, 2009 11:54 pm
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We decided to eschew (hah! I love that word) our customary routine today and go out for breakfast. The Brazilian Diner that has no name! Walked through Washington Square Park again, took another tourist shot with a view of the fountain and arch. Just for [profile] blue_sunflowers  I shall sometime post all my touristy shots in one go, but not today.

Day At the Beach, Downtown style )


Jul. 15th, 2009 01:38 am
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On the way back from SoHo, stopped at the Corner Cafe Shop (or Corner Shop Cafe, I forget which) which I think might end up being my hangout. When I was thinking of this trip, one of my ideas was to find a local bar to hang out in, just to be out at night and maybe meet some people. But the bars on my street are all loud live music young drinkers' bars. This is a cafe and bar and restaurant open to the street, with organic food and whatnot, couple blocks from the place. More my kind of thing, not that I knew I had a kind of thing.

Rearranged the apartment. I'm realizing that I really lucked out with this place, with the view, the loft, the open windows, and the fact that it doesn't face the street with the noisy late-night bar hoppers. Around 6, we headed out to the East Village, which has a very different feel, more ethnic, and seems quieter. Our destination: the Niagara Bar, and the Joe Strummer tribute mural.

I posted here about Joe, he's one of my heroes, and ever since I found the video linked there, of a guy painting this mural right after he died,   I vowed I would see it one day. Today was the day.

Don't know what else to say. Lori and I were both in tears just being there. We wished we'd brought a candle or something. Funnily enough I'd just bought two candles at Aveda, but I wouldn't have wanted to use a $12 aromatic oils candle just to leave on the street, so.

Stopped at a restaurant NOT mentioned on our list (Banjara,1st and 6th) and had really wonderful Indian food. Indian food always seems so....salubrious, like the spices and stuff are good for your chi or something. I had a student that said a lot of the herbs are medicinal, so maybe that's it. I had coconut milk in an actual coconut! It was good, nice and sweet.

Back to the apt to upload photos and post, chat a bit online, and watch the All Star Game. I told blue and kathyk we did that instead of seeing fireworks at Central Park, so I guess we're bad tourists.

By the way, the weather is still amazing. So lucky. Of course, I'd be loving this even if it was 95 and humid, but this just makes it seem so much more the right thing to be doing.


I'm kind of getting into arranging these little still lifes of our meals. Not bad for a phone camera. And the mural shot, Lori says it's hard to take a picture when you're crying, but I think it came out good.

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Spent the morning waiting for the cable modem guy who was scheduled to be here between 11-2 and of course arrived at 2:01. Something about New York living--you have to push for your advantage in everything. People don't say right off: Here's what we have to offer, here's what's available, would you like it? They'll say: Well, it's not wireless. That's extra. Then you say "But the management company promised me wireless I said I NEEDED it. And he says, "I have to get the approval from Cindy." Me: "I'll call her right now." Call Cindy, same rigamarole. "Alex told me it would be wireless for my iPhone, can you tell the cable guy?" "That wasn't included." "But I told him I needed it for my iPhone" "Let me talk to the cable guy" etc etc. Got the wireless though. It goes against my naturally shy, retiring personality, but it's kind of fun in a way to know there's more to be had if only you just persist.

Spend a lot of time looking out the window... )
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Lazy Sunday with Peet's coffee and the SNYT. What a life, the best of both coasts.

Headed out around 4 pm for our first real "planned" event--John's "house concert" on Beekman Place up above the UN Building. On the way, walked through a street fair on Madison, where they were selling PASHMINAS FIVE for $20! Bought some (more).

Per John's suggestion, stopped at the Waldorf Astoria. Nice ladies room, and had a very civilized snack at Peacock Alley, which is built where the actual alley was that connected the old Waldorf to the old Astoria. Lori had a Manhattan; fitting.

The Beekman Place apartment hosting the concert had a doorman outside and an elevator guy, who had a fan going in there. The concert was just John and his Bill (aka the Manhattan Valley Ramblers), playing fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin and chatting about the songs and their history playing together. Apparently at a previous house concert Oliver Sacks, who works witih John (a pediatrician at Columbia Med) was amazed at the digital instrument tuners, as was I.

It's so amazing to see people who love music, play music. Bluegrass is real human-level stuff, too. Took the 6 back downtown, crowded and very New York-ish. So was the whole day, in fact. Though the lounging around in the sun, drinking coffee and reading the paper, did remind me of home, too.

Pashminas! The count is up to 15!

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One of the first things I thought of, when I first thought of this trip, was how to have music in the apartment. Figured I'd buy a set of cheap speakers at a store on the corner somewhere so I could play my 800 songs that are in this laptop somewhere. I even tried to bribe my New York friends to come to a party by promising to load their requests. Dave wanted something by Bon Jovi, which was lucky since I already had Livin' on a Prayer. It's a weird disco version with a wah-wah sound, but anyway.

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