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Idris Elba as Ace Freeley, pilot onboard Serenity.

When Wash is injured in an explosion during a job involving noxious gas, he's required to rest his eyes for three weeks to allow them to heal and for his vision to come back to normal. Due to some Unification Day hijinks, Mal's gotten in bad with most of his and Zoe's former cronies and running mates, so it's up to Jayne to scout out a temporary replacement pilot. He comes up with John "Ace" Freeley. Seems like it'll go okay, but turns out Knack has a shady past--several shades of shady, one of which is as a former officer for The Alliance. Another is...he recognizes Book and Book recognizes him. But neither will say more. Plus, he's a good enough pilot to piss Wash off. Bound to be complications.

Idris Elba brings just the right amount of grizzled experience, bad boy charm, sheer physical and mental competence, and devastating English accent to the role of a mercenary with a possibly violent past. He can hold his own in a firefight, stay calm in an emergency, and cook a mean protein stew.

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Coming in the Fall Season
A Stunning New Series
“Battlestar Galactica meets Lost meets Firefly!”

Next Life
The year is 2121. Climate change has made the Earth virtually uninhabitable. Over the past decades, there has been a strategic exodus from Earth to distant colonies scattered throughout the galaxies, with humans and other life forms loaded onto huge space vehicles designed to sustain life for years, while they seek out habitable planets.

We join the ship Pegasus XII, home to 5,000 individuals, just as it completes its hyper jump into the Aeon Galaxy. Suddenly, there is a shipwide emergency, resulting in mass evacuation, scattering the humans, and whatever they can bring with them, across this new solar system.

One escape ship lands on a habitable planet, where the oddly assorted group tries to take stock of their situation, and of each other.

Here they thought they were starting a new life. But now they must create their….Next Life.


Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk as Maya and Joe: A married couple, they were recruited by the Pegasus Corp to pilot the ship and provide a military presence. They are skilled, reliable, and very much in love.

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as Ray and Eames. Cops on Earth, they had joined the transport with twenty of their squad, and are the only survivors. Ray is sarcastic and hot-tempered, Eames is highly intelligent and a good negotiator.

Octavia Butler as Angeline. She is a schoolteacher, staunchly progressive, with strong ideas about a peaceful, utopian society. She can be warm and understanding, but she bristles at authority.

(And yes, my goal was to make a show with versions of some of my favorite characters. I had a lot more but ran out of time!)
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at [ profile] tv_universe. We got a randomly-generated name from The Seventh Sanctum--cool site-- and built it into a TV show. Here's mine...

Character Name: Rene Nicholson
TV Show: Firefly

idris elba

Character Background: Wash gets injured in a deal-gone-bad, and is temporarily blinded. He'll be okay, but if Serenity is going to keep on flying, they need a stand-in pilot for a month. They can't afford to be grounded, so Mal gets a referral from old ally Sir Warwick Harrow--someone tough, skilled, close-mouthed, and not looking for a longterm gig. The guy is is Rene "Knack" Nicholson. But it gets complicated, fast. Turns out Knack has a shady past--several shades of shady, one of which is as a former officer for The Alliance. Another is...he recognizes Book and Book recognizes him. But neither will say more. Plus, Knack's got enough of the mercenary in him to put Jayne's back up, enough of the charmer in him to make Kaylee's eyes light up, and is a good enough pilot to piss Wash off. Can this arrangement work?

Casting: Idris Elba is the ideal casting for this mysterious yet straightforward, shady yet straight-shooting, bold yet reserved, strong, calm, sexy, and troubled addition to the Firefly universe. Yes, he is larger-than-life, maybe a tad too large for the close confines of Serenity and her tightly-knit crew, but it'll shake things up, for sure.
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Ooh I like this challenge. At [ profile] the_deepbluesea, to come up with an original character for a show. Okay, full disclosure, the Cammie character is totally inspired by the wonderful Sofie Series by [ profile] morganstuart ... I kept thinking about Maisie Williams while I was reading it. The Mac character is just due to my impulse to put Mark Sheppard into every show ever.

maisie mark
Characters: Cammie Lestrade, Mac Lestrade
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Actors: Maisie Williams, Mark Sheppard

John pulled up behind Sherlock as he unaccountably came to a dead stop just inside the doorway of Lestrade's office. John peered around the lanky frame and goggled. Lestrade was sitting at his desk, no surprise, but what was startling was the huge, genuine grin on his face (rather than the more usual harassed grimace) being directed at a small female perched on the desk looking down at him. They both turned toward the doorway at the commotion, and the likeness on the side-by-side faces made one thing clear, at least.

"Sherlock, John," Lestrade said as he got to his feet. "Er, meet-"

"Your...niece," Sherlock said smoothly, moving into the room with a piercing stare. "Middle-school age, 11 or 12, has been living in New Zealand with her father, your brother, no mother. They are moving back to London, exact reason undetermined. She is good in sports, field hockey, and excellent student, strong in maths and sciences, but slightly lacking in-"

"Sherlock!" "Hey!" Oi!" shouted three voices simultaneously. It was only then that Sherlock and John noticed a figure slouching near the window. "And here is the brother, younger, not by much, bit of a black sheep, yes? Involved in the import-export trade, ran a bit afoul, ergo the escape to the Southern Hemisphere, but hoping to broker some type of deal in England, couldn't be too illegal, since he's contacted you, but perhaps that has something to do with the girl, who will need a stable living environment to pursue her schooling."

The girl only stared for a few seconds, then let out a peal of laughter. Hopping off the desk, she moved toward them with a grin. "Hi, I'm Cammie Lestrade," she said with a slight bob. "You must be Sherlock and John. Nice to meet you. And oh," as they composed themselves, "It's lacrosse, not field hockey."
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The [ profile] whedonland   Challenge: To come up with an original character for a Whedon show, complete with icon, tag banner, and backstory.

The Crew Gets a Cook
Badger makes a suggestion, Mal makes good on an old promise, and Maisie the Cook (played by Margaret Cho) makes her home on Serenity.


"Waal, she sure is cute enough, but jeez, Mal. Don't you think we're getting over populated by womenfolk here? I mean I like women 'smuch as any guy--more, even." Jayne's face, first petulant, lit up for a moment. "But we got ourselves a powerful preponderance of the female kind on crew already. And this one," looking sideways toward the kitchen, "got more 'n' a touch of the crazy in my humble opinion."

"Her name's Maisie, Jayne, and I didn't see you complaining while you were shoveling down the chow. So quit your whining and just appreciate that I've finally come through on an age-old promise to add a cook to this motley crew." Mal crossed his arms and looked satisfied. "And she seems stable enough to me. Granted-" he held his hand up to Jayne's sputtering-- "Granted, anyone comes recommended by Badger, gotta keep an eye out. But I think it's working out mighty shiny so far. So we'll hear no more gripin'. Just keep your distance if she makes you uneasy. Sure enough she feels the same 'bout you."

"Bloody hell, Boss. Grub's gone south since you shipped Maisie off with the scroungers. What's the use of training up one of our fine dancing ladies to be a cook, if you just up and let her scarper?" Marley tossed his fork on the table and pushed his chair back, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Manners, manners, mate." Badger's voice was mild but there was a glint in his eye. "It's all part of the plan. It's about time we made this uneasy alliance a bit more easy on our end. And there ain't no-one can do easy like Our Maisie. She's already sussed out their com system and found a few hidey-holes that'll be good to know of next time they do a run for us. And if we can get her to work her wiles on one of 'em...or more...." His mouth twisted in amusement. "Well then we just might find ourselves with a loverly little Firefly at our disposal." He took a bite of food, and his expression turned to disgust. "But you're right about one thing, mate. Time to start training another of our dancers in the fine culinary arts." He too pushed back from the table, and, clapping his bowler on his head, headed out the door.

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