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Magnum P.I. (with the cast of Leverage)

The world has been waiting, so here it is, for the 21st Century: Magnum P.I.! Yes, it's the lovable island denizens, living in Paradise, looking for trouble, and trying to solve mysteries--including some of their own. Starring Timothy Hutton as Thomas Magnum, ex-Navy Seal, now pursuing a tropical retreat, punctuated by helping out those more unfortunate than him...for a price (sometimes). He's helped out by his pal, another military vet, Theodore "TC" Calvin (Aldis Hodge), helicopter pilot and all around good guy. He lives on an estate run by Jona Quayle Higgins III (Gina Bellman), a somewhat stuffy but also mysterious Britisher. They spend a lot of their free time at the King Kamehameha Club, run by the suave Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright (Christian Kane), and also frequented by JJ Bonnick (Beth Riesgraf) , a recent arrival who has strange ties to Rick and seems to be a bit of a conman.

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Firefly Next: The Next Generation Flies with Serenity

After the spinoff of the much beloved series Firefly, Persephone Tales, which had our crew settling down and making their way dirtside, we return to meet the next generation of dreamers and adventurers. Yes, while Zoe, Mal and Inara, Simon and Kaylee, River, and even Jayne, came to enjoy the peace and occasional tussle of life in an edge-city community, working jobs, raising kids, and sharing meals, as their children came of age, they began to feel restless and long for the sky.

So after secret workings for a year, and above the objections of each of them at least once, the old crew rebuilt and refurbished Serenity into a space-worthy craft, and gifted her to their next generation: Simon and Kaylee's twins, Derria and Hoban; Mal and Inara's two, Sierra and Joao; the eldest, Maia, raised by her mom but with the charm and skill of the dad she'd never met; and the girl who appeared on the scene one day, in search of her father who didn't know she'd existed: Janie Lee, Jayne's daughter. Join us as we join them on their adventures in the Black!

(Casting, description, and graphic = 60 points)
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This was fun! We listened to old-time radio shows here at Radio Echoes, and wrote about them, and did a little recasting...
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We got a randomly-generated character name to put into an existing show, we go!

Character Name: Rheba Curley
TV Show: Nashville


Casting: I chose Laverne Cox for the role of Rheba Curley in Nashville because she has just the right presence and star-power, but with the sensitivity of someone with a troubled background, to hold her own with Connie Britton and Hayden Panattiere. Plus, she looks awesome in big hair and Southern-style glam clothes. Amibition, moxie, and that dollop of sweetness--a perfect fit!

Character Background: Rheba Curley burst onto the Nashville scene seemingly like a rocket--a rocket's red glare, given that she somehow got the gig of singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl after being a relative unknown. Her supposed backstory is that she was an expatriate on a Greek island, where she was a local favorite, and where she was discovered by Charles Wentworth. However, Rayna James and Juliette Barnes are highly suspicious of this story, finding an unusual alliance in their shared agreement that it would be impossible for such a talent to remain hidden until now. They undertake to investigate; meanwhile, Rheba charms Nashville as she makes her way around the scene. But is she innocent, scheming, or a bit of both?

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This was a fun one. And...because you can't have too many police procedural / time-travel genre show mash-ups that only last one season, I give you....(click graphics for bigger)

Just In Time
He’s from the Past. She’s from the Future. Together they’re fighting crime in The Present.

It’s the Year 2025, and the setting is San Francisco, California, where the Federal Crime Bureau has a secret time travel tech lab run by Robert “Dr. Mac”  Mackenzie (John Noble). An experimental run using live animals is interrupted by a moderate earthquake, and the resulting glitch in the systems results in the transport, to the current time, of two human beings: one from the year 2125, Alea Dhal (Megan Good) and one from the year 1925, Gun Kang (John Cho).  With the time-travel machinery damaged, the Chief of the Bureau (Lili Taylor) is faced with the decision of what to do with these displaced individuals. Fortunately in a way, Dhal is a law-enforcement officer in her own time, and being from the future is conversant in time-travel. Kang is a tougher case, but as a Korean immigrant born into a rough-and-tumble community, he is quick-witted, tough, possibly with criminal tendencies. The Chief determines to make the best of the situation and use these two assets to assist her team in handling the intense crime-wave that has flourished in the society-wide chaos resulting from the 2016 presidential elections.

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The challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to write an AU of an existing fandom. Once I did a visual recast of Firefly using Glee characters. So, I thought I'd write a little something about that....

Title: Glee--In Space!
AU Type: Space AU
Word Count: 250+

Kurt had just finished his protein bar when he felt the ship lurch and shudder. He shot an alarmed look at Tina and they both rose from the dining table. "Compression coil?" the pilot asked, dusting off the crumbs and heading out the door. "I'll check the engine, hopefully it's just the auto-pilot going wonky," Kurt said hastily as he followed his crewmate into the passageway. "Never did trust those things," the pilot said briskly, swinging herself up the grating just as the Captain came clambering up from the cargo hold, followed by Jayne and Zoe. The five stared briefly at each other then each went to their various posts: the Captain following his pilot and first mate up to the comm, the merc to her bunk to grab some weaponry in case trouble was afoot, and the engineer to his engine.

Later, satisfied that it had only been a glitch in the auto-pilot programming, they reconvened in the cargo hold, drawn by the loud refrain of "Single Ladies." There, they found the rest of the crew practicing dance steps and dissolving into laughter. Kurt, who'd stopped to wipe off the engine grease and apply moisturizer, was the last one down to the hold, and he paused momentarily on the catwalk, watching Brittany whip her hair around while showing the moves to a surprisingly-for-a-preacher adept Mike Chang, while pilot and first mate swayed in each others' arms, Artie circled the action in his motor chair,  and the others tried to join in, prancing and posing.

Kurt felt a glow of happiness as he thought how lucky he'd been to be brought on as a mechanic-countertenor with this wacky but talented crew. That glow turned to annoyance as he saw Puck and Santana showing Finn the step-ball-change before the jazz square. Ugh, how many times did he have to tell them! Shaking his head, he bounded down the stairs to show his crewmates how to do the damn dance.

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Challenge at [ profile] gameofcards is to make a team of Zodiac-inspired characters. Here's mine.

Need mischief made? Got dirty tricks to do?
Just what you need: The Zodiac Crew!
This Springfield team brings all their skill
To help you get done what you will.
Pranks to play? Folks to scare?
This merry band is yours to share.

The Zodiac Crew! )
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I’m trying a reboot of the great 80s classic, Remington Steel. Want to know what it’s about? Here’s the voiceover intro: "Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele, he doesn't exist...I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement so I studied and apprenticed and put my name on an office but absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so feminine, so I invented a superior, a decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm until the day he walked in with his blue eyes and mysterious past and before I knew it he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live but as long as people buy it I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure, well, almost never. I don't even know his real name."

The reboot is…a little different.

Title: Remington Steele
Synopsis: Voice-over intro: “Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement. As the daughter of a cop and an actress, maybe it’s not too surprising that I wanted to become a private eye. So I studied and apprenticed and put my name on an office, but nobody wanted to hire me. So, I invented a new name for the door—a decidedly masculine one. See, I was always good at disguises, it’s been one of my stock-in-trades in the work. So it was easy to not only have the name, but the actual character, available at a snap with a costume-change and a British accent.

“Sure, sometimes it gets a little strange, keeping track of whether I’m him, or me—but, between us, we get the job done.”

Starring... )
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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe: to add a new character to an existing show. I want to add Jasika Nicole to every show, so here we have:

PortraitShow: Elementary
Character: Jasika Nicole as Leora Headley, personal assistant to Morland Holmes.
Description: After Sherlock's relapse, his oft-estranged father, Morland (John Noble), comes from London to New York to see to his son's situation. With him, as always, comes his personal assistant Leora Headley. Leora plays multiple roles for Morland: she arranges his extensive travel schedule, acts as secretary, and handles his personal affairs, such as they are. It is also possible that, a lawyer by training, she plays a stronger role in advising Morland on his own consulting work with governments and large corporations. She may also be a bodyguard of sorts, as her unassuming nature cloaks a skilled martial artist and expert at weaponry. Sherlock suspects that his father actually recruited Leora from the Secret Service. He does, reluctantly and grudgingly, quite like her, even though he feels extreme distrust of anyone who could work so closely with his father.
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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe, to pick a show and switch the genre. Some cast pics of the wonderful actors of Sense8 made me wonder what it would be like to follow these characters in a reality-show format, where they are physically living together and trying to make it work, with the usual alliances, spats, jealousies, laughter. With the added twist that they are sensate with each other.

New on Netflix! You watched them discover their uniqueness as they tried to live their own challenging lives. Nomi, the hacker, caught in the web of conspiracy before she even knew of her powers. Lito, riding high on his acting but hiding his true nature. Will, the upright policeman, plagued by visions beyond his memory. Wolfgang, living on the edge with a desire for revenge. Capheus, embracing joy despite his pain. Kala, bound for security yet longing for something more. And Sun, punching out of her place in society but doomed by it nevertheless. When last we left them, they were united in their understanding of their shared destiny. At peace, inasmuch as dedicated to their mission to protect their own.

The Real Sense8 is taking a radical step: putting these eight into one house, to face their challenges in real life, real time. What will happen? Will their actual physical proximity trump their sensate connections? Will it be vice-versa, where they can commune, relate, and decide who should take out the trash by sitting alone in their own rooms and communicating through their psychic connections? Or will their sensate connections be totally different from their IRL ones, thus creating an algorithmic expansion of connections and relationships? Join us on Netflix to see. It's bound to be out of this world.
Hosted by: Jonas Maliki and Angel Turing.

Episode 5: The Friends and Family Plan
For Week 5 of this grand living experiment, each of the Sense8 cast members are told that they can invite 1-2 family and friends to join them for a house party weekend. Everyone is told that the reasons for this are to give the cast a chance to connect with their loved ones, and to have the chance to meet each others' loved ones, as a way of getting to know each other better. But as the cast decide whom to invite, Jonas and Angel remind us that there are a few dilemmas. In most cases, the cast members' nearest and dearest are unaware of their sensate status. So, this party is to be a coming-out party in many meanings of the word.

Each cast member deliberates his or her decision on camera in the Selfie Room, some with more agonizing than others. Ultimately, the guest list as is follows:
Nomi has the easiest time of it. She invites Amanita and her mom. No secrets there.
Lito invites Hernando and Dani. He has already given them hints about his sensate status, and is ready for them to know everything.
Will struggles with his decision but ultimately chooses both his father Mike and his partner Diego. He sees this as a chance to explain to both of them what has been going on with him these past few months.
Wolfgang names Felix, who is finally up and about, though still hampered by his injuries. Wolfgang knows that, no matter how hard it will be for Felix to grasp, the sheer excitement of the trip, and being on TV, will make it worthwhile.
Capheus invites his mom and his best buddy Jela. Like Wolfgang, he knows the news will be a shock, but the thrill of the trip will help smooth the message.
Kala invites her parents, hoping that they will understand. Besides, she misses them dearly.
Sun invites her coach, and asks him to bring her beloved dog. They are all she has.

The episode ends with the group preparing bedrooms, tents and sleeping bags, planning food and music, and letting their excitement and anticipation show. What they don't know is that their invitees have had a chance to view their individual deliberations in the Selfie Room before arriving on the scene. Will this cause conflict?
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The challenge at [ profile] lands_of_magic is to cast some characters in magical here you go!

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Where Joan of Arcadia's parents are Fox Mulder and Olivia Dunham. Hah!


"Okay, Liv, I just dropped her off at the train; she's on her way up to you."
"Thanks. How was it?"
"Aw, you know. It's always great to see her, but she's...yeah well. She gets more grown up every time. I mean, I've seen some scary stuff in my time, but nothing scares a man more than a gorgeous teen-aged daughter."
"Mmm. She's pretty level-headed, Fox. I don't think you need to worry all that much."
"Well, about that...we did have a long talk and it seems she, um--"
"Did she mention to you about ... the ... voices?"
"Hey, now, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Apparently she thinks...she seems to be...she thinks she's hearing the voice of God, giving her tasks, and--"
"Goddammit, Mulder! What the hell are you talking about? This is serious! Is she...did she seem ill? Feverish? On ... drugs? I swear, she was fine when she left Boston, what happened?"
"Shhh, shhh, calm down, Dunham, calm down. C'mon. After everything you and I have seen, surely you can consider that maybe she's telling the truth? That she really is being visited by a higher power? I mean, if you don't believe in spiritual causation, or even the supernatural...maybe one of your Weird Science explanations? Anyway, just talk to her about it. I think you'll find her eminently sane, and very reasonable."
"Hmph. Well, with you and me as parents, god knows the poor girl wasn't going to have a normal life. Okay, I'll talk to her. But trust me, I'll find some way to blame you for this."
"Par for the course, my darling, I wouldn't expect anything different. Anyway. How's business? The Bureau running well up there?"
"Classified to you, pal. And you?"
"Same. You have your secrets, I have mine."
"Well, as long as we don't have any secrets about Joan."
"Agreed, Dunham, agreed."
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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards, to re-cast some characters...I know it seems superfluous to re-cast Mad Max: Fury Road with anyone, but how about more women! Just for fun...

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With a little ethnic and gender mix. Art of the original cast by @amro0 at deviantArt.
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For a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe, to re-imagine a movie as a TV series, and recast a few characters. It was hard to think of movies that could convert to TV! But anyway...

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Badger’s Planet (a Firefly spinoff)

Badger Booker (Mark Sheppard), onetime nemesis of Malcolm Reynolds and the Serenity crew, has had a lucky strike. An uncle he never knew has died and left him a substantial amount of money and a somewhat down-at-the-heels hotel/casino/nightclub in a seaside city on Greenleaf, home planet to the moon where Badger was raised.

Judging that Persephone had become a little risky for a businessman such as himself, Badger tips his bowler and hies off with some of his crew to see what fortune could be made on a tropical planet that was just developing a thriving industry—bordering on outright piracy—in black-market drugs borne from the plant life that grew so richly in the rain forest.

And what do you know? He's making a go of it. Join us for the humor, intrigue, larceny—and even romance—that thrive in the neon lights, bubbly drinks, and hectic management of….Badger’s Planet!

Also starring:
Mischa Collins as the local Alliance Administrator, Jack King, monitoring Badger’s gambling operation and occasionally casting a wary eye at the burgeoning black-market plant and drug trade. Despite his adversarial role, he and Badger are actually becoming friends, often sharing a late-night drink and waxing philosophical over the ups and downs of life.

Amy Acker as Rue Lette, nightclub maitre d’ and the most outspoken of the holographic  staff corps who work as entertainers, wait staff, and other personal service providers. Her constant attempts to organize the holo-crew and fight against the discrimination they face, create problems for Badger, but he generally treats them as well as he does the human staff.

John Cho as Chip Underlay, card dealer and eager up-and-comer, who may or may not be involved in nefarious activities outside the casino. Despite his annoyance at Chip’s brash confidence, Badger has somewhat taken him under his wing, though he doesn’t trust him 100%.

Cast pics below! )
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The challenge at [ profile] womenverse was to cast characters from books--so I picked our favorite female detectives. Let's get some diversity in here!

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For a challenge at Tv_universe. I added an extra because I forgot it was supposed to be TV only....
They're here.... )
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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards to assemble a dream team of experts. Here's mine.

Women of Color Walk the Walk

The WOC team is:
Melinda May, aka Calvary • Santiago and Diaz, aka B-99 • Zoe Washburne, aka Mare’s Leg
Tanya, aka SuperMom • Mindy Lahiri, aka Talk Doc • Jenny Mills, aka Snake Pit
Joan Watson, aka SoberSides • Wendy Watson, aka Paintbrush

They’ve gathered and joined forces to combat the evils of sexism and racism on a case-by-case basis, using their many and diverse talents and skills. Some wield physical prowess, others intellectual skills, and still others ply their emotional intelligence to seek out people in distress and exact justice.

They team up in various groupings depending on what the situation demands, but usually as a three-woman team, bringing their best abilities to bear to make a difference. For particularly challenging problems, they will amass in an awesome 9-woman force for a truly supreme impact.

In between cases, they relax and tune up at their groovy modern loft, where they enjoy communal living, honing their skills, cooking, and occasionally dating.

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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards to create an AU. As a tribute to the recently departed James Garner, always a favorite actor of mine, I did an update of The Rockford Files, 21st century style. Here's what I said about this show for a previous challenge:

"With the most awesome James Garner as a hapless, lovable loser type of private detective, with his own set of morals, a funky trailer on the beach, and a Pontiac Firebird. One of the best gimmicks of the show, and one that really illustrated Rockford's character, was the opening telephone answering machine message. See the sample here."

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