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From [ profile] scifiland, way back. Challenge post here if you were in scifiland.

Challenge 15: Sci Fi Cookbook
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This challenge asked us to imagine a What If for one of our Sci Fi universes.

So...What If the crew of Firefly landed in Lima, Ohio?


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It's a redux of this challenge from--wow--two years ago! Secret tee hee to [ profile] blue_sunflowers, who was irked beyond reason at the way the Alphabet thingies in the schoolroom were so oddly spaced. We never learned if that had any meaning.



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For [ profile] scifiland, slightly different from the other challenge. After all, don't we love Star Trek because it has all the best qualities of a Disney cartoon--silly, sentimental, dramatic, adventurous?

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The [ profile] scifiland challenge is to come up with a team of five sci fi characters and do something with them. I'd already made this love bar for another challenge, so decided to choose Theme Songs for each of these Badass SciFi Women using songs from Badass Rock Women! Silly, I know.

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Three Times Uhura Didn't Kiss Spock…and Two Times She Did
Fandom: Star Trek (TOS and 2009)
Rating: G
Word Count: 268

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Because I love the characters of Fringe!
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A Tribute to Sci Fi Pets
I got a hankering for pets in science fiction after an earlier [ profile] scifiland Big Bang. So here I’m revisiting my admiration with some verses and icons. Big thanks to my pal [ profile] blue_sunflowers for the creative inspiration, which she always has tons of. (250 words + 10 icons = 20 points)

Scary to Riker.
Puzzling to Data.
Observation Experiment.
Trusted Friend.
    (Star Trek: TNG)

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catko: (aaVillainSix) write a fic, meta, etc. about your favorite (or one of your favorite) characters, ships (whichever definition you wish), fandoms etc. It could be better, but still.

These are a few of the best sci-fi things... )

These are a few of the best sci-fi things... )
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This was silly fun for a challenge at [ profile] scifiland . See 'em bigger at the links below.

Something's amiss with the clickable thumbnails and/or Photobucket, so links below.

1) Comm

2) Beam On

3) Khan
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3 Love Letters written for the [ profile] scifiland  Love Letters Challenge

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Doing fanstuff for the following prompts:

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For a [ profile] scifiland  challenge to make icons of minor characters in the sci-fi universe. And here you have it: my tribute to the awesome Mark Sheppard.


Of course you know, but just in case:
Dollhouse, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, The Middleman
Star Trek: Voyager, Jake 2.0, Supernatural, Dr. Who
The X Files, Warehouse 13, Firefly, The Bionic Woman
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For [info]scifiland --my idea for a challenge! More here.

Khan’s Revenge Chopped Bleu Cheese Salad, Wife Soup, and Jean-Luc Picard's Earl Grey Tea Cookies.

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For a Challenge at [ profile] scifiland  to recast a sci-fi show...

I too did Firefly...but with the cast of Glee. Too silly. The last one is not for points, but it's the most fun one. :)

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Fandom: Fringe
Rating: G
Word count: 454
Note: For [ profile] scifiland —A fic challenge for a holiday in April.

“Walter?” Peter called as he strolled into the lab. “Are you here? What the hell time did you leave this morning?” Hearing a shuffling and keening to his right, he headed to Gene’s stall. Sure enough, there was Walter, crouched on the stool, his hands working beneath the huge white and black spotted creature. “Morning, Gene. Morning,…Walter” he said warily as he saw Walter’s head bobbing, lips moving, white earbud wires hanging. Glancing down, he instantly recoiled. The bucket below Gene’s udders was filled with a dark liquid. “Geeesh! Walter! What the f- WALTER!” He strode forward and waved in front of Walter’s downturned face and simultaneously pointed at the bucket. Walter started, then looked up smiling. “Good morning, son! Isn’t this marvelous?” He got to his feet, lifting the bucket and tipping it toward Peter.

Peter stared aghast at the brown fluid contents. “Walter what the hell is that? There’s got to be something wrong with Gene!”

Walter looked at him delightedly. “On the contrary! It’s a wonderful breakthrough!” To Peter’s horror, he raised the bucket to his mouth and took a swig. Smacking his lips, he said, “Chocolate milk, straight from the source!” Peter’s shock turned to disbelief, rendering him near-speechless. “Wh-wha-whaaaa…”

“I’ve been working on it for weeks,” Walter said airily, as he brushed past to the lab table. He began pouring the liquid from the bucket into a beaker; Peter gaped, noting that yeah, it sure did look like chocolate milk. His mind began reeling over the possibilities while in the background Walter’s voice prattled on about “cacao beans…extract…steroidal compound to carry it through the cell walls…” Then: “Here, Peter, do try some. I assure you it is quite safe” and the beaker being handed towards him. Almost involuntarily, he reached out for it, his eyes focused on the fluid within.

Suddenly a shout came from the back. “DAMMIT! Not again! Walter, didn’t I tell you!” and into the lab strode Astrid, eyes fiery. “You left the lid off and I knocked it over, and there’s Nestle’s Quik all over the counter! Again!”

She lunged into the circle: Walter holding Gene’s milk pail and proffering the beaker, Peter reaching toward it, and herself holding out a brown and yellow carton adorned with a cartoon rabbit. They froze in position, eyes darting from person to person, and with the quickness of highly intelligent people took it all in, light dawning on each from his or her own position. Walter broke first, beginning to guffaw, bending over and gasping for air. “Oh, Peter, if you’d only seen your face. April Fool’s, April Fool’s! Har-har-har-har!” while Astrid and Peter lowered their arms, first glaring, then, lips twitching, finally joining in his laughter.

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For Scifiland: Your favorite SciFi scene.
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Firefly, Dark and Light

Summary: Everyone – and everything – has a dark side, and a light side.
Rating: G
Note: For the [ profile] scifiland  challenge Come to the Dark Side.  1000+ words + 20 icons = 40 points. This didn't come out quite as I would have liked, but you get the idea.


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