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This was a fun one. And...because you can't have too many police procedural / time-travel genre show mash-ups that only last one season, I give you....(click graphics for bigger)

Just In Time
He’s from the Past. She’s from the Future. Together they’re fighting crime in The Present.

It’s the Year 2025, and the setting is San Francisco, California, where the Federal Crime Bureau has a secret time travel tech lab run by Robert “Dr. Mac”  Mackenzie (John Noble). An experimental run using live animals is interrupted by a moderate earthquake, and the resulting glitch in the systems results in the transport, to the current time, of two human beings: one from the year 2125, Alea Dhal (Megan Good) and one from the year 1925, Gun Kang (John Cho).  With the time-travel machinery damaged, the Chief of the Bureau (Lili Taylor) is faced with the decision of what to do with these displaced individuals. Fortunately in a way, Dhal is a law-enforcement officer in her own time, and being from the future is conversant in time-travel. Kang is a tougher case, but as a Korean immigrant born into a rough-and-tumble community, he is quick-witted, tough, possibly with criminal tendencies. The Chief determines to make the best of the situation and use these two assets to assist her team in handling the intense crime-wave that has flourished in the society-wide chaos resulting from the 2016 presidential elections.

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For a challenge at [ profile] gameofcards.

Title: Persephone Tales
Originating Fandom: Firefly
Word Count: 484

Prologue to the New Series: Kaylee looked around the table at the candlelight flickering on the familiar faces, and felt the tears welling up. “I just can’t believe this is the last time we’re gonna sit around this table like this,” she said, with a catch in her throat. Inara leaned across the table and patted her hand. “It’s okay, mei-mei,” she said softly. “Everything changes, and we too.” She turned her sweet smile to Simon, who nodded and wrapped his arm around Kaylee, kissing the top of her head. “Besides, we’ll all still be together, you’ll see. We’ll set out our shingle out in Eaves Valley, with Mal and Zoe over the way, close enough for you ladies to share pregnancy stories, and we’ll get Inara to perch nearby after she’s done her stint at Olympia House. And even Jayne’ll hole up somewhere near the Docks, so I’m sure he’ll be underfoot once he sees how well set up we are.”

Jayne barked out a laugh as he pushed away from the table, picking his back teeth with a large hunting knife. “Fat chance, little doc,” he scoffed. “No ways I’m gonna hang around some Stuck-upbaby’sville when there’s fun to be had with the real people.” He smacked his lips, thinking of the rough-and-tumble of the bars and houses of ill-repute of Eavesdown Docks. “ ‘Sides,” he said with a bit of a snarl. “I agree with Kaylee-girl here. Never thought we’d all end up going straight and setting down dirtside. And taking up business with Badger, of all the low down dirty…”

“Jayne.” Zoe’s eyes were flinty and her voice cold steel, so at odds with her softly rounded physical shape. “There’s no call to be criticizin’ the Captain’s decision. We all agreed that it’s time, for all of us and for Serenity, set ourselves down for a spell and try to have some kind of normal life.” She grimaced slightly at the sound of her own words, as the voices of the others’ chimed, called, choked, and sneered at once.

This was silenced by a loud scrape as Mal pushed back from the table, stood, and eyed his crew with a mixed expression. “Now we’ll hear no more arguing, it’s happening, and it’s the right next thing, we all know it. Time to put down some roots, find our feet on solid ground, and sees what’s gonna happen with the next generation here.” He looked with warm eyes at Kaylee and Zoe, gave a mock glare to Jayne, and ended with a lingering smile at Inara. “It’ll be good, you’ll see. We'll have plenty of adventures, doing jobs 'round town, and setting up housekeeping, and getting into scrapes. It'll be fun. And if it ain’t, well then, Kaylee here’ll put Serenity back together, we’ll scoop up the babies, and head back into the Black. Deal?” He raised his mug and looked around the table.

“Deal,” they chorused, and sipped, gulped, laughed, hugged, or went back to teeth-picking, each as was their wont.

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Badger’s Planet (a Firefly spinoff)

Badger Booker (Mark Sheppard), onetime nemesis of Malcolm Reynolds and the Serenity crew, has had a lucky strike. An uncle he never knew has died and left him a substantial amount of money and a somewhat down-at-the-heels hotel/casino/nightclub in a seaside city on Greenleaf, home planet to the moon where Badger was raised.

Judging that Persephone had become a little risky for a businessman such as himself, Badger tips his bowler and hies off with some of his crew to see what fortune could be made on a tropical planet that was just developing a thriving industry—bordering on outright piracy—in black-market drugs borne from the plant life that grew so richly in the rain forest.

And what do you know? He's making a go of it. Join us for the humor, intrigue, larceny—and even romance—that thrive in the neon lights, bubbly drinks, and hectic management of….Badger’s Planet!

Also starring:
Mischa Collins as the local Alliance Administrator, Jack King, monitoring Badger’s gambling operation and occasionally casting a wary eye at the burgeoning black-market plant and drug trade. Despite his adversarial role, he and Badger are actually becoming friends, often sharing a late-night drink and waxing philosophical over the ups and downs of life.

Amy Acker as Rue Lette, nightclub maitre d’ and the most outspoken of the holographic  staff corps who work as entertainers, wait staff, and other personal service providers. Her constant attempts to organize the holo-crew and fight against the discrimination they face, create problems for Badger, but he generally treats them as well as he does the human staff.

John Cho as Chip Underlay, card dealer and eager up-and-comer, who may or may not be involved in nefarious activities outside the casino. Despite his annoyance at Chip’s brash confidence, Badger has somewhat taken him under his wing, though he doesn’t trust him 100%.

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For a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe to "Make a TV Show." Mine's a spin-off of...well, you'll see.

Title: A Broad Abroad


Synopsis: Martha Rodgers has decided to leave New York behind her. With her mystery-writer son Richard Castle getting married to NYPD's Kate Beckett, and her granddaughter Alexis doing a university year in Spain, she decides to split the difference and take up a position in a small Shakespearean theater troupe in outer London. She hopes this will give her career a boost—and her life, which had, let’s be honest, gotten into a bit of a rut, even with all the excitement of The Big Apple, Alexis’s hijinks, and the romance and homicides of Richard’s and Kate’s daily fare.

She adores London and relishes the notion of a regular acting job, though she knows her parts will be smaller and fewer. Still, the life of the theater, the footlights, the camaraderie, and above all the PLAYS—what can it be but wonderful?

Little does she know what history there will be in the histories, what drama in the drama. And that touch of black in the comedies. But she will soon find out what it is to be…A Broad, in London!

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...for a challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea.


Space Stage
Spinoff of Firefly
An itinerant troupe of Shakespeare actors travel among worlds, performing plays on different planets and hitching rides on spaceships. The characters are a mix of serious actors, refugees from lost cultures, mercenaries looking for an opportunity, wanderers, criminals in hiding, and veterans from both sides of the War. The show follows them on their rambling adventures and unfolds the stories of their past, the dramas of their present, and hopes for the future--set against the backdrop of a post-war, multi-cultural universe.

Inspired by this tempting quote from Joss Whedon: "I had planned to do an episode of Firefly with Amy and Alexis and James Marsters as part of a traveling Shakespeare troupe. Because it’s sort of a staple of the John Ford westerns is that there’s always that over-the-top theatre guy, and I thought it would be terrific having them trying to put on a play in the cargo bay. But, I don’t know if you know this, but we were cancelled; so I didn’t get to do it."
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This is for a challenge at [ profile] wlreunion -- a spin-off from a Whedon show. I always liked the idea of Giles going back to England and living a semi-peaceful life, running his own bookstore. So...introducing that quirky, magical and mystical dramedy:
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For a challenge at [ profile] fandomverse, such a fun one, to create a spinoff from a TV show, book, or movie, with five new characters. I remembered a posting at TWOP clamoring for a spin off from the late, lamented Pushing Daisies featuring the amazing Kristin Chenowith as Olive Snook, and the incomparable Chi McBride as Emerson Cod. The idea was they could start their own detective agency. Just their difference in size was cause for visual hilarity, not to mention the confrontational bitch- and snark-fest that was the hallmark of their friendship. So, I bring you:

Cod and Olive's Pub and Detective Agency


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