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The challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea is to cast a book into a film. Here I take the cast of Sherlock and pop them into Winnie The Pooh. I'm not thinking of this as an animated film with voice-overs, nor as people dressed up in furry costumes. I'm not sure what kind of technology exists to let you see the human actors as animals (or in this case, stuffed animals), but if it exists, that's what we're using here. Right?

title pooh

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Always did love these two: Charlotte's aunts, Lily and Vivian Charles, aka the Darling Mermaid Darlings.

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More for [ profile] the_deepbluesea challenge to do stuff for a favorite episode. I liked how the episode relied so much on words and text, mostly in newspaper form, and on inanimate objects, to advance the story. The gifs are just gifs....

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Challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea to do fanstuff for a favorite episode. I chose The Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock BBC. Sigh. It was sad doing this, though. Also will include picspams and gifs.

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For [ profile] the_deepbluesea challenge. Uhh, a version of something I did once before...

To M’Lady Aura Alleyne Washburn: So, little Minx, it’s your seventh birthday coming up here, and seeing as I promised your ma I’d pass these on to you on that special date, I’m leaving this for you to open on your own, private-like. Now, if after reading all this, you want to talk with me, or Auntie ‘Nara or Riv, or Doc Simon and Auntie Kaylee when we see ‘em next month, or even Uncle Jayne….well, you get the idea. Any of us’d be proud to talk about your folks, and how much they loved you, even before you were born. And how much we love you, and ‘d do anything for you, and all’s you need to keep that going is to be the best girl you can be, as you’re doing already. Your daddy was a good man, smart, funny--well sure, he could be aggravating, but he was the finest pilot I ever knew. And your ma, well, you know already, she was the baddest, bravest, strongest woman—person—I ever had the pleasure to have by my side. She left these notes in my safekeeping, before we went to that forsaken moon, and while I’m sure as sorry it wasn’t the other way around, her giving you a note from me right now, with your Dad smiling by, well, this is the way it is, and you got both of ‘em in you, and it’s fine to see. Happy birthday, little Minx. --Love, Uncle Mal


My darling Aura: Hey, baby. As I’m writing this, you are just a baby, but this is for your seventh birthday, and you’ll be reading it on your own as you’ll be quite grown up by now. I’m sure I’ll have told you many times already, seven is a special number among our people. Every time you have a birthday with a seven, the clan gathers and gifts you with a special talent, a skill, or a tool to help you get along in life. But here’s the secret: the gift you get is something you already have within you. So you think about what that is, deep down inside, and let it out, and we’ll all gather round, and gift it to you, and you’ll have it forever.

But this is your first birthday with a seven, so I’m giving you something else. It’s folded right in here: a note from your Daddy, that he wrote right after we made you, and you were still our special secret. Now you’re out in the world, and you can hold this close, and know he’s near, and that we both love you with all our hearts. –Your Mother


So, Little One--so little we can’t even see the trace of you yet. But your mama says she can feel you, and so I can too, because your mama, well, she’s pretty convincing, and she can have you believing in any kind of miracle, which is what you are, a miracle, and even if I wasn’t absolutely sure before that this was the right thing to do, now I know it is, because she says so, and she’s always right. Just remember that always, and your life will be magic, because how could it not be, with your mother so magnificent, so beautiful, and your dad so witty and charming? You’ve got it made, kid, just you wait and see. I can hardly wait to see you, so you go on and get big and strong and healthy, and we’ll have all kinds of adventures, and I’ll teach you to fly, and we’ll be the happiest family in all the ‘Verse. I guarantee it. With all my love, Your (soon to be) Doting Dad
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...because you know it's due. For a challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea.

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Inspired by, and spoilers for, the trailer for Sherlock Season 3. For a challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea.

He runs his hands across his head and tugs, the sensation suddenly reminding him of the crime scene where Sherlock had grabbed him by the hair to exclaim, "It's SIMPLE, you idiot, how can you not see it?" before swirling off to find the essential clue in the garbage skip about fifty yards from the body. He remembers the mixed feeling of irritation and wonderment, and his stomach churns with grief and anger, his hands sliding down to cover his face.

He gets a buzz cut.

He is hurrying to the clinic, late for his shift because of a jam-up on the Tube; the re-emergence of his limp makes it effortful, and with a shaky hand he rubs the sweat beading below his nose. Instantly comes the memory of a post-case rush, ice-blue eyes gazing at his, a strong delicate finger reaching out to stroke his upper lip with such tenderness that his heart lurches even now, making him freeze on the crowded street, pressing his mouth.

He grows a moustache.

He leans on the damp brick wall, fingering the Sig and watches his prey--two figures whispering together in the dark of the alley--when he dank odor of garbage and piss and beer penetrates his concentration, and catapults him back to a memory of an unexpected, mid-case burst of laughing camaraderie with John and Lestrade, in just such an alley, lifetimes ago. He is suddenly paralyzed by the hopeless futility of his quest to ensure the safety of those he loves, without being able to be near those he loves.

He goes home.
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... for [ profile] the_deepbluesea






Bunheads, because of Awesome Dancing, Episode 14
Castle, because The Kiss, Episode 3.13
Castle, because Michael Trucco!, Episode 2.21
Fringe, because Aw Olivia, Episode 2.15
Fringe, because Aw Walter, Episode 2.20
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...for a challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea.


Space Stage
Spinoff of Firefly
An itinerant troupe of Shakespeare actors travel among worlds, performing plays on different planets and hitching rides on spaceships. The characters are a mix of serious actors, refugees from lost cultures, mercenaries looking for an opportunity, wanderers, criminals in hiding, and veterans from both sides of the War. The show follows them on their rambling adventures and unfolds the stories of their past, the dramas of their present, and hopes for the future--set against the backdrop of a post-war, multi-cultural universe.

Inspired by this tempting quote from Joss Whedon: "I had planned to do an episode of Firefly with Amy and Alexis and James Marsters as part of a traveling Shakespeare troupe. Because it’s sort of a staple of the John Ford westerns is that there’s always that over-the-top theatre guy, and I thought it would be terrific having them trying to put on a play in the cargo bay. But, I don’t know if you know this, but we were cancelled; so I didn’t get to do it."
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...for [ profile] the_deepbluesea. (Firefly, Northern Exposure, Star Trek, and Sports Night).

Plus quotes!
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For a prompt fic challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea. This is a continuation of a story I started here and here for different challenges; it may not make sense if you don't skim those parts. I realize Part One is in present tense and Parts Two and Three are past; I'll fix that someday if I ever put it all together...


The Case of the Half-Drained Vics
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, post Season 7.
Crossover: with Sherlock BBC
Words: 1253
Prompt list: betrayal, escape, insecure, impulsive, distraction, forgotten, unexpected, beauty, kindness
history, lost, victim

Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Dawn stepped out of the elevator into the lobby of the Lancaster and milled around for a minute, insecure. It had been all well and good to be powering out of the hotel room with that impulsive stride of determination, with this unsolved crime of the people half-drained of their blood. But now they each realized they weren't exactly sure what they were going to do next.Out of habit... )

sea turtle
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Ooh I like this challenge. At [ profile] the_deepbluesea, to come up with an original character for a show. Okay, full disclosure, the Cammie character is totally inspired by the wonderful Sofie Series by [ profile] morganstuart ... I kept thinking about Maisie Williams while I was reading it. The Mac character is just due to my impulse to put Mark Sheppard into every show ever.

maisie mark
Characters: Cammie Lestrade, Mac Lestrade
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Actors: Maisie Williams, Mark Sheppard

John pulled up behind Sherlock as he unaccountably came to a dead stop just inside the doorway of Lestrade's office. John peered around the lanky frame and goggled. Lestrade was sitting at his desk, no surprise, but what was startling was the huge, genuine grin on his face (rather than the more usual harassed grimace) being directed at a small female perched on the desk looking down at him. They both turned toward the doorway at the commotion, and the likeness on the side-by-side faces made one thing clear, at least.

"Sherlock, John," Lestrade said as he got to his feet. "Er, meet-"

"Your...niece," Sherlock said smoothly, moving into the room with a piercing stare. "Middle-school age, 11 or 12, has been living in New Zealand with her father, your brother, no mother. They are moving back to London, exact reason undetermined. She is good in sports, field hockey, and excellent student, strong in maths and sciences, but slightly lacking in-"

"Sherlock!" "Hey!" Oi!" shouted three voices simultaneously. It was only then that Sherlock and John noticed a figure slouching near the window. "And here is the brother, younger, not by much, bit of a black sheep, yes? Involved in the import-export trade, ran a bit afoul, ergo the escape to the Southern Hemisphere, but hoping to broker some type of deal in England, couldn't be too illegal, since he's contacted you, but perhaps that has something to do with the girl, who will need a stable living environment to pursue her schooling."

The girl only stared for a few seconds, then let out a peal of laughter. Hopping off the desk, she moved toward them with a grin. "Hi, I'm Cammie Lestrade," she said with a slight bob. "You must be Sherlock and John. Nice to meet you. And oh," as they composed themselves, "It's lacrosse, not field hockey."
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For another cool challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea, to make something for this trope--Hidden Heart of Gold, There's more to this guy than meets the eye. I chose Barney Stinson relating to his baby nephew...

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You've seen me post things, now join the fun! A multi-fandom challenge comm. Cool things: it's fewer challenges, less pressure. And you can join via either LJ or Dreamwidth. Lovely variety of challenges, great teammates, awesome mod. If you join, mention me!

DW: info | sign ups
LJ: info | sign ups
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Sword 3

For a challenge at [ profile] the_deepbluesea. As I've indicated elsewhere, this episode--wherein Jeremy becomes obsessed with the loss of a yacht during a boating race when he discovers his parents are divorcing due to his father's affair AND Dan settles in to woo Rebecca over the long haul while rhapsodizing over the second chance for an over-the-hill pitcher during spring training--contains one of my favorite scenes in all of television.

The music is mostly about sailing, disaster (family and otherwise), baseball, second chances, and romance. Some songs chosen for theme only, but of course Sloop John B is used to great effect within the episode, and Shiver Me Timbers and Closer to You are my two favorites here. (I think of Closer to You as a very-early-morning-after song. In that hotel room with the empty bottle of champagne in the melted-ice bucket.)

Cover and songs here... )

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