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For a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe to make graphics using the Top 100 Quotes of All Time here.

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 11:12 pm
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Like TV? Of course you do. Like games, puzzles, fanart, writing? Yes! So join us at

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This was fun: to do a picspam/mood board for a show/fandom using only stock images, and avoid even location shots. Hope these qualify. See if you can guess...

Template guides courtesy of ResourcesCollection at Tumblr.

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Like TV? Of course you do. Like games, puzzles, fanart, writing? Yes! So join us at

Check it out! And tell 'em I sent you!
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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe, a tribute to Saturday morning TV. Obviously Pee Wee is from my adulthood, and it was a struggle to remember to wake up at 9:30 am so as not to miss it! I did icons and a fanmix for some of these shows and you should check out the music, so fun. Here's Pee Wee since that isn't linked over there.

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10-song fanmix with front/back cover and links, and 6-image picspam tribute to Guys and Dolls, using the following inspirations: Luck Be A Lady (Frank Sinatra) and Lady in Red textures by Dreamseas.
...and an 11-image picspam for the word prompt Spellbound with thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers for the idea and the template.

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The challenge is toimagine your favorite TV characters have been put under a spell and have turned into a supernatural creature or, if they're already a supernatural creature, they've turned human. Tell us what they have turned into and how they react or deal with the change. So here's mine:

Title: Wolf Moon Over Manhattan
Fandom: Castle
Words: 416

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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe: to add a new character to an existing show. I want to add Jasika Nicole to every show, so here we have:

PortraitShow: Elementary
Character: Jasika Nicole as Leora Headley, personal assistant to Morland Holmes.
Description: After Sherlock's relapse, his oft-estranged father, Morland (John Noble), comes from London to New York to see to his son's situation. With him, as always, comes his personal assistant Leora Headley. Leora plays multiple roles for Morland: she arranges his extensive travel schedule, acts as secretary, and handles his personal affairs, such as they are. It is also possible that, a lawyer by training, she plays a stronger role in advising Morland on his own consulting work with governments and large corporations. She may also be a bodyguard of sorts, as her unassuming nature cloaks a skilled martial artist and expert at weaponry. Sherlock suspects that his father actually recruited Leora from the Secret Service. He does, reluctantly and grudgingly, quite like her, even though he feels extreme distrust of anyone who could work so closely with his father.
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Fandom: Battle Creek
Words: 178

Holly stood pensively in front of the display, biting her lip. Just as she was reaching for one of the boxes, she heard a low whistle and looked quickly to her left. "Aha! At last I've found you." Russ rounded into the aisle and sauntered toward her. She slowly pulled her hand back and onto the strap of her purse, looking at him with wide eyes. "Oh, hey, hi, fancy meeting you here," she said as brightly as she could. His eyes narrowed in response as he neared her. "You don't sound all that happy to see--" His gaze followed hers at it darted, guiltily almost, to the row of boxes. He grinned suddenly and reached out for one of the boxes. "Here, let's give this one a try. It's you! 'Copper Sunset.'" He waggled the box of hair color in front of her.

Sheepishly, she shrugged and grabbed the box. "And here I thought you were calling me 'Nice and Easy,'" she said lightly, as she took his arm and led him to the check out counter.

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Like TV? Of course you do. Like making art, playing games, writing stories?

Check it out! And tell 'em I sent you!
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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe.

A Very Special Episode of Firefly
“You Can Go Home Again”

Episode Synopsis
Serenity gets a WAVE from Jayne’s home planet. When informed by Wash that it’s from his mother, Jayne gets worried, since it’s not like them to use WAVE tech, preferring more to write. Once he listens to the message, he asks Mal if they can go there to help out. His family’s in trouble—his brother Mattie’s gone missing, feared kidnapped by a local gang who’ve been spreading stories about having rights to the Cobb’s land.

When they get there, they are engulfed by the hospitality of the Cobbs who, despite their crushing worry for Mattie, are warm and generous with their simple ways. Each of the crew is pleasantly surprised by some aspect of staying with the Cobb clan. Mal likes sharing stories with Jayne’s gruff dad; Inara charms baby Jayne stories from Jayne’s mom. Kaylee romps with the sisters and tunes up the ranch vehicles; River communes with the ranch animals. In between plotting and scouting with Mal and the older Cobbs, Zoe and Wash enjoy some privacy in the guest cabin down by the river.

The action team determines that Mattie is, indeed, being held by the gang on the outskirts of town. Before they storm the place to free him, a series of twists and turns lead them to decide instead to negotiate. Book and Mal, Dad Cobb, and Jayne accomplish this feat with a mix of diplomacy (Book), mild threats and shows of force (Mal and Jayne), and eventual capitulation (Dad Cobb, who agrees to cede some of the ranch land so the interlopers can homestead.

Thus satisfied, the gang releases Mattie to his family only a bit worse for wear. During the ensuing celebration and a few days of relaxation, Simon  is able to determine the cause of Mattie’s damplung; treats him for tuberculosis, and he is well on the mend, along with numerous other locals who’ve been lining up for Simon’s treatments during their whole stay.

Amid hugs, tears, gifts, and promises to return, the crew of Serenity go on their way. Jayne is pensive for a time, but cheers up as he realizes that their next job is on a planet full of bars and pleasure-houses—something to look forward to after playing innocent with his family these past weeks.

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...for a challenge at [ profile] tv_universe.  Two fanmixes of theme songs from the 60s and 70s—one with just instrumental, one with lyrics.

I could have done this forever. When you talk to me about television and “Remember When?” my first memory is the theme songs. I so miss the days when:
--Everyone watched TV together and at the same time (so no skipping through the credits)
--The Theme Song and credits were at the beginning of the show; no cold opens! I sometimes turn on a show 20 minutes through and they are still blipping up the credits over the action!
--The Theme Songs were instantly recognizable. You’d hear the first few notes from the kitchen and be all “Oh! It’s on!”
--For some, and especially comedies, they had the concept that you could tell from the first minute or so, whether through words or images, exactly what the show was all about. Theme, characters, tone, storyline. Just check these out to see what I mean.

Song Links and some lyrics and bonus tracks! )
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Where Joan of Arcadia's parents are Fox Mulder and Olivia Dunham. Hah!


"Okay, Liv, I just dropped her off at the train; she's on her way up to you."
"Thanks. How was it?"
"Aw, you know. It's always great to see her, but she's...yeah well. She gets more grown up every time. I mean, I've seen some scary stuff in my time, but nothing scares a man more than a gorgeous teen-aged daughter."
"Mmm. She's pretty level-headed, Fox. I don't think you need to worry all that much."
"Well, about that...we did have a long talk and it seems she, um--"
"Did she mention to you about ... the ... voices?"
"Hey, now, don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger. Apparently she thinks...she seems to be...she thinks she's hearing the voice of God, giving her tasks, and--"
"Goddammit, Mulder! What the hell are you talking about? This is serious! Is she...did she seem ill? Feverish? On ... drugs? I swear, she was fine when she left Boston, what happened?"
"Shhh, shhh, calm down, Dunham, calm down. C'mon. After everything you and I have seen, surely you can consider that maybe she's telling the truth? That she really is being visited by a higher power? I mean, if you don't believe in spiritual causation, or even the supernatural...maybe one of your Weird Science explanations? Anyway, just talk to her about it. I think you'll find her eminently sane, and very reasonable."
"Hmph. Well, with you and me as parents, god knows the poor girl wasn't going to have a normal life. Okay, I'll talk to her. But trust me, I'll find some way to blame you for this."
"Par for the course, my darling, I wouldn't expect anything different. Anyway. How's business? The Bureau running well up there?"
"Classified to you, pal. And you?"
"Same. You have your secrets, I have mine."
"Well, as long as we don't have any secrets about Joan."
"Agreed, Dunham, agreed."
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Challenge was to write a fic that featured a product featured on shopping networks. This immediately sprang to mind.

Beckett and Castle3
Fandom: Castle
Words: 391

Castle peered through the dark toward the couch bathed in the glow of the television set. “Beckett?” he said softly. “Honey, are you still up?” Seeing his wife staring intently at the screen, he sighed to himself and called a little more loudly, “Kate? Can’t sleep?”

Kate turned toward him with the look of —not quite a deer in headlights, but more like someone caught watching, yes, it was, The Shopping Channel at 3:12 am. Sighing again, audibly this time, he moved to sit next to her, as she blinked at him and clutched the afghan on her lap.

“Um, no, yeah, it’s this damn thing—“ patting her very pregnant belly — just can’t get comfortable, you know.” Her eyes turned back to the screen, and Castle’s followed.

“Ah. So is that why you are just about to buy…a Boyfriend Pillow?” With one hand he pointed at the TV, with the other he pulled her hand out from under the afghan, where she had been clutching her cel phone. “Sweetheart, c’mon. We still got three or four weeks before the baby comes. You can’t keep buying weird stuff at night; we’re gonna drown in it.” He nodded toward the sideboard, covered in a jumble of half-boxed items.

Kate looked down guiltily. “I know, Castle, I don’t know what’s coming over me, I’ve never been the kind of girl to collect a bunch of crap. For some reason I just felt like I needed … “ her voice trailed off as her eyes fell on the bright pink Air Hair Curler and words seemingly failed her.

Castle’s eyes softened as he reached out to hug her. “It’s okay, baby, I understand. It’s nesting, Mother explained it to me. Just next time, let’s start looking at things that match our decor.” Cuddling her close, he reached to switch off the TV, making a mental note to bring home some Barney’s catalogs tomorrow.
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News stories from our favorite shows. Sigh. These tie into a couple of "three sentence fics" I did for [ profile] gameofcards for these two late lamented shows.
graphic here... )
Detective Russell Agnew
Heads To Detroit

BATTLE CREEK  -- Battle Creek Police Department Detective Russ Agnew is heading to Detroit to take a mid-ranking post with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Police Commander Kim Guziewicz confirmed yesterday. "We will be sorry to lose Russ. He is a fine officer and has served the city ably for twenty-five years," Commander Guziewicz stated. "We are proud that his talents have been recognized in this way, and congratulate the FBI on a fine decision."

Agnew was born and raised in Battle Creek, and attended Valley High School, where he graduated in 1982. He entered the Battle Creek police force in 1990, and was promoted to detective in 2000. His career has been marked by several high-profile cases, but also by multiple suspensions, investigations, and charges of inappropriate behavior.

He is expected to take up his new post in July. The Department has not released any plans for his replacement.

Henry Morgan, MD, Last Seen At
Family Funeral

NEW YORK -- The New York Police Department are still searching for information on the whereabouts of New York City Medical Examiner Dr. Henry Morgan. Morgan, the lead ME for the NYPD, has been missing since May 25, when he was last seen attending the funeral of downtown antique dealer Abraham Morgan, who died of natural causes on May 23. Friends of both men have stated that they were related, though the exact relationship continues to be unknown.

"The NYPD is dedicated to locating Dr. Morgan," said Lieutenant Joanna Reece, "He is one of our own, and we know we can locate him and bring him home safely." The NYPD is working with the local FBI in order to determine Morgan's whereabouts. Some in the department have expressed concern that Morgan's criminal investigation work may have proven to be a factor in his disappearance.
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Like TV? Of course you do. LIke making art, playing games, writing stories?

Check it out! And tell 'em I sent you!
catko: (joe_s) me. Actually the Cousin Itt one isn't too bad, lol.

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This is for [ profile] tv_universe, so needed a TV theme. So I made Tribute Fanmixes for TV bands: The Monkees and the Partridge Family. I also learned a new graphic technique: how to do a fisheye graphic that is really only suited for an album cover, I think.

I've never made a tribute fanmix before; they are hard, since it's not songs or versions that I already knew, so there's a lot of listening to different versions, etc. Also, with the more limited oevre, it was kind of a stretch, especially for the Partridge Family. I had to pick a couple songs that just sampled their songs, and one where they covered -- Neil Sedaka -- as opposed to being covered. Given the source material, some of these covers are more silly than awesome, but a few of them are awesome. See what you think!

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