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For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the: to do something on the theme of "colors." As soon as I saw the theme, I couldn't stop singing "Red, yellow, green, and blue, blue, blue, and purple, green, yellow, and red!" So, to share the earworm, I made three fanmixes, one for kids, and a couple others.

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For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the: to do something on the theme of "hero." I'm always attracted to the idea of regular people doing extraordinary things. And I wanted to try to learn something new, so, inspired by this gifset by tonystarks, I tried a fade-in gif thing with text that...well, see for yourself.

ETA: Wow, now that I look at that one done by tonystarks, I realize I should have aligned the names so the hidden thing is easier to read. Next time!

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catko: (angel disco) I picked music! Three of my favorite songs/performers. The challenge at [ profile] universe_the was to spend three hours. My personal challenge was to learn how to do those tumblr-style graphics with a gif embedded in a background. Also with lyrics. Interesting experiment. Kinda fun, actually.

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...for a challenge at [ profile] universe_the. I decided to pick some from different decades. So.....

1970s The Rockford Files
With the most awesome James Garner as a hapless, lovable loser type of private detective, with his own set of morals, a funky trailer on the beach, and a Pontiac Firebird. One of the best gimmicks of the show, and one that really illustrated Rockford's character, was the opening telephone answering machine message. See the sample below.


And the rest...some surprises, maybe. )
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Need to Know Basis
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock BBC
Rating: G
Notes: Three scenes, six women, 1303 words. Part of this crossover ‘verse I write in, sometimes, where Giles brings the Slayerettes to London after the fall of Sunnydale, and they get involved with the Sherlock crew in solving crimes. Now post-Series 3, apparently.

Fun pairings.... )
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Two fics from an alternate 'verse I occasionally write in, some of which can, in a scattered way, be found here. For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the.


At the Crime Scene
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock BBC
Words: 680
Rating: G, Gen

Background: Rupert Giles and the Scoobies have escaped the destruction of Sunnydale, and, after an arduous journey to England, have left the Potentials at the Watchers’ Council headquarters outside London and set themselves down in The City. Giles connects with his childhood friend Detective Inspector Lestrade, where he is swept into an investigation of a peculiar set of serial killings that has left victims, half-drained of their blood, scattered around town. Meanwhile, Buffy and the crew have followed newspaper headlines to the exact crime scene where Giles, Lestrade, Sherlock, and John have just arrived.

Sherlock strode toward the caution tape... )

Meanwhile, In Luton...
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock BBC, Grimm
Words: 785 (157 words from a previously-written fic)
Rating: G, Gen

Background: Mycroft Holmes paused with his gloved finger hovering over the keypad at the gated entry. He closed his eyes momentarily, unfamiliar doubt flooding his mind. He willed himself not to glance back toward the black car at the curb. He hadn't chosen to engage Anthea in his trust; he had no right to request her support now.

It had been many years since he had pressed those numbers (of course, he had never pressed these numbers; the code was changed weekly), many years since he had crossed this threshold. However this current flurry of serial killings, the involvement of his brother, and the surprising appearance of the man Giles made this visit inevitable. In any case, hesitation and doubt were irrational, unproductive. He pressed the requisite numbers with aplomb, and pushed the open the gate to the headquarters of the Watchers' Council.

The doors were opened by... )
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In case we have to show the icons only...

They are here! )
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The challenge at [ profile] universe_the is to re-do an award show to your own liking...the awards given, that is. So I took on the 2013 Emmys and focused on:

F R I N G E!
...and more ethnic diversity
...and only shows I've seen, which left out a lot of good stuff, I know.
...and Tatiana Maslany! even though she couldn't win because Olivia Dunham.

And the Emmy goes to... )
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Come play! Apply here. Tell 'em I sent you!
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For [ profile] queer_theory. Not necessarily songs Dan himself would like, but in tribute to him and his Sports Night life.

Dan RydellDan Rydell 2
Songs. And Quotes. From the Show. )
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For a challenge at [ profile] universe_the, which I am hurrying to get posted since Series 3 will no doubt make all of this look ancient and obsolete in three days. If you can't guess what they all are, the answers are here. At one point I thought of making a poem, but the only part I could get was "Jim Moriarty, he's crazy a smidge; K is for Kitchen, a head in the fridge" so I thought I'd better give it up. Anyway. This might make your eyes go buggy. (And in case you want to see these for Fringe and Castle....)

sherA sherB SherC...and so on... )
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Here's the answers to the Sherlock ABCs, heh.
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...for [ profile] universe_the. The challenge is to write a fic about what I wish for in one of my fandoms for 2014, but I twisted it slightly to be what I think one of the characters might wish for, sometimes.

What I Wish For
Fandom: Grimm
Characters: Rosalee (mentions of others)
Words: 650

Journal Entry, December 31, 2013

I’ve been trying to keep up my father’s habit of journaling—I think he came by it out of the need to make notes of all the potions and artifacts and customs of our people, and thank the saviors that he did, and my brother, as all of our Fuchsbau forebears have, on down the line. Because of course without that, we couldn’t ply our trade of saving our peoples and the whole damn world, now could we. Not to mention soothing the sniffles, backaches, fertility problems, and whatever else ails the wesenfolk.

Anyway, it seems that it’s in our tradition to keep not just apothecary notes, but also personal ones. There’s been so much going on lately—understatement!—that I’ve been lax in the latter department, but trying to turn over a new artauch leaf, as we say, for the new year. So here we go.

It’s been quite a year, but as I sit here, in my new abode, I find myself tending away from reflection and remembrance. Oh sure, there have been some good times, and right now is one of them, but the past is full of snarling beasts and rocky shoals and dangerous substances.

Sitting here, with Monroe snoring in front of the television set, me with my tea and pen in hand, I almost feel like we could be a regular human couple, with just the usual jobs, and aches and pains, and silly customs of the Kehrseite. Say we just moved in together—we did!—and worrying about how to tell our parents—we are!—but not because our parents are crazed bigoted wesen who are violently opposed to inter-wesen marriage, but just for the usual reasons, not sure what those would be. But anyway, we’re looking forward to celebrating New Year’s Eve at a….fancy hotel, with a bunch of people we don’t know, ready to toast with champagne and dance and talk and laugh and not worry that, even if a drunken brawl should break out, that it will end in torn-off limbs or claw-slashed throats. Vogueing, not woge-ing, lol.

Imagine we’d be planning our next vacation, maybe an Alaskan cruise, on one of those big ships with a rock-climbing wall, and buffets and slot machines, with our biggest worry that we might get stuck with a couple of bores at the dining tables, or whether our fancy dress is fancy enough, instead of whether a bunch of Bauerschwein or Seelengutter book passage and damage Monroe’s calm.

It would be fun to double-date with Nick and Juliette, just two couples out on the town, going out to a movie and then grab a burger, and not feel like Nick is always on the lookout, or that we might run into wesen who recognize him as a Grimm and freak out.

It would be amazing to think about planning a family, maybe even a baby this year, without having to do all this extensive historical research on our particular pairing, and whether the mix can even work out, and the whole Vorherrschen thing. Yeah, that would be amazing.

Oh well. That’s one life, but it’s not ours. Maybe we can have bits of it, but the life we have right now is … well, like I already said, it’s so much more wonderful than I ever imagined I’d have, I shouldn’t even be thinking of wanting to live the Kehrseite way, but just think about our own future: a future that just might hold more love, friendship, creativity, and dedication than I’ve ever known before.

Oh, I think they are going to drop the ball at Times Square. I better get Monroe up, so we can ring in the New Year like the good Wiederen we are. Here’s to 2014!

Kehrseite (human);   Vorherrschen (prevalence); Wiederen ("Reform” wesen). ETA thanks to [ profile] magical_sid for the German beta expertise!

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...for [ profile] universe_the. Icons to represent one thing I'm grateful for this year--Almost Human! Scenes from the pilot episode.

ah1 ah2 ah3 ah4 ah5
ah6 ah7 ah8 ah9 ah9a
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It's fun, really it is. You get to do creative stuff, which is healthy, right? Reduces stress! And you have an awesome team, and do puzzles, and have that bit of thrilling competition. Come on, join us! Go here to sign up, and tell them I sent you!
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Making a current show into a horror show for [ profile] universe_the....

Monster Family
Just a typical American family--the Pritchett clan, going about their suburban lifestyles with SUVs, soccer practice, gymboree, golf, shopping, and family meals. But little do they know, their California calm is soon to be cracked--by an Evil Spirit. And what's worse--it has the ability to inhabit a different body, whenever it wants. See what happens as this spirit turns one modern family into...a MONSTER Family!

horror thumb 4
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