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For a challenge at [ profile] wlreunion--to do a fic of at least 1000 words using any of the prompts. I managed to use all of them, but I guess "protector," "family," and "unexpected" are the most prompt-y. I've never really done a cross-over. Not sure if it really works. But it was fun. There may be more parts at some point. And kudos as always to the fine beta work of my pal [ profile] bluesunflowers. You make everything better.


The Case of the Half-Drained Vics
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, post Season 7.
Crossover:'ll see
Words: 1550
Prompts: dancing, protector, war, past, survivor, apocalypse, magic, trust, betrayal, unexpected, precision, water, ship, loss, family

Willow peers out... )
Part II here.

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This is for a challenge at [ profile] wlreunion -- a spin-off from a Whedon show. I always liked the idea of Giles going back to England and living a semi-peaceful life, running his own bookstore. So...introducing that quirky, magical and mystical dramedy:
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I'm doing another take on Challenge 10. Manifesto with my second-favorite Whedon episode, Doppelgangland. Verse and icons.

doppel thumb

Doppel... )
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Five Times Zoe Was Late
Warnings: Angst, implied non-con

1. "Zoe? Zoe Mayalin Alleyne! Where is that girl!" Zoe huddled under the shuttle console, her eyes wide with misery. She couldn't face anyone, least of all her Ma with her sharp eyes, those eyes that saw her boyish daughter's figure fill out and gaze become occasionally demure, who saw the dirtside boys drawn from their stoops and stands and shops to stare and shyly--or boldly--try to speak with the young, strong blossoming girl who'd emerge from the transport ship to buy goods. Even a mother, a father, four brothers, and a whole crew of women and men, cousins and uncles and aunts, couldn't watch the girl every minute of every day and night as they milled out among the locals on planet after planet.

Sure enough, on one such familiar settlement, Zoe had met up with a frequent friend, Joey, and their martial arts workouts and target shooting and bantering had become something more, a run to the other side of the creek and wrestling in the tall cool grass.

And now this. But she couldn't keep hiding forever, not even for nine months, and even if she could, what about after that? A baby? Her? Now? Sighing and biting her lip, she got up, looked up into The Black, and prayed for a miracle.

2. Corporal Zoe Alleyne leaned on the cannon and gazed out at the night sky. In another circumstance she could almost enjoy the cool dark quiet--small enough pleasures to be had in the hell of war. But no, as if being in a dirty, miserable, stinking, year-long battle weren't enough, she had to go and screw it up further--literally!--and now she was counting the days, with a gut-punch of panic, cursing to the heavens that her idiotic dalliance with that that hundan Tracy might have left her pregnant.

3. Zoe Alleyne looked up through the bars at the slate grey dawn sky then down at the cell cot where she made another scratch with her spoon. 42 days. She pressed her hand against her abdomen and prayed to whatever deities had long since abandoned them.

4. Zoe Washburne trudged out of the silver-foiled building to rejoin her husband unspooling wire across the sand. He caught her eye and his scowl softened. "Hey, baby, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm scared. With the things we get into--" he gestured with his head at their surroundings "--it just doesn't seem safe to bring a --" She flung up a hand and looked away. "Just forget it. It's not happening now, anyway." She strode toward the annex without looking back. He watched her go, suddenly stricken.

5. Mal Reynolds locked his eyes on hers. "You think she'll hold together?" Zoe returned his look. "She's tore up plenty, but she'll fly true." Mal released his gaze and nodded. "Could be bumpy." Zoe turned away, barely able to hide the grin that was forming on her lips. "Always is," she said, and as she walked away she patted her belly and murmured, "Oh baby, if you only knew."
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Manifesto to the Firefly Episode "Out of Gas." Icons and a little poem, of sorts.

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Landscape Icons (mostly) for the following prompts. Yes, I do have a thing for landscape icons.

Favorite Episode

Other prompts... )
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Fun challenge that most in the comm found too challenging, but I'm glad I gave it a try...


Feb. 11th, 2012 12:55 am
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Theme Icons for Whedonland...

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Prompt: Rewriting History--- Write a fic with whedon characters set in a time period other than their own.

Angelus raised his face to the moon and delicately sniffed the air. "Ah," he muttered, "I love the smell of gunpowder in the evening." In actuality, they were miles and weeks from the battlefield. But his centuries of basking in the midst of warfare had tuned those senses keenly. The metal tang of spilled blood, the scorch of burned flesh, the sweet scent of cries of pain….

An insistent chiming shook him out of his reverie, and, swinging his coat and lowering his head, he strode across the cobblestones to the steps of the theater, where a footman was ringing a bell. A half-head taller than most of the well-dressed throng headed for the entrance, he glanced momentarily at the marquee. "Our American Cousin,"  he murmured. "Sure and that's how we think of you, Mr. Lincoln." Slightly baring his teeth in anticipation, he moved with the crowd into Ford's Theater.
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Come join Whedonland!

[ profile] whedonland offers a wide variety of activities, games and contests for members to earn points for your team. Each week, there will be several challenges that you can enter. We also place a high emphasis on getting to know folk.

What happens:
01. Graphics challenges. These can be anything from icons to wallpapers to buttons. We have a number of talented graphics makers and we get to see so many pretties!
02. Games. From word finds to sudoku to random luck games and trivia, we have weekly games for you to participate in.
03. Writing. We have weekly writing contests from haikus to drabbles to longer challenges of 1,000+ words.
04. Gift-giving. We're pretty loving around here and have an entire comm devoted to giving gifts to each other.
05. Social posts, chat and getting to know each other. It's great to find Joss fangirls and boys that are similar to you. We have a community devoted to all kinds of social activities.

Ask me questions if you have 'em! And if you decide to join, tell 'em I sent you!
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I'm not much good at wallpapers....

But anyway... )
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Sorry for length; posting from mobile, hope it works. (And thanks to[ profile] i_phianassa  for the save!)


So no-one told you life was gonna be this way... )


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The [ profile] whedonland   Challenge: To come up with an original character for a Whedon show, complete with icon, tag banner, and backstory.

The Crew Gets a Cook
Badger makes a suggestion, Mal makes good on an old promise, and Maisie the Cook (played by Margaret Cho) makes her home on Serenity.


"Waal, she sure is cute enough, but jeez, Mal. Don't you think we're getting over populated by womenfolk here? I mean I like women 'smuch as any guy--more, even." Jayne's face, first petulant, lit up for a moment. "But we got ourselves a powerful preponderance of the female kind on crew already. And this one," looking sideways toward the kitchen, "got more 'n' a touch of the crazy in my humble opinion."

"Her name's Maisie, Jayne, and I didn't see you complaining while you were shoveling down the chow. So quit your whining and just appreciate that I've finally come through on an age-old promise to add a cook to this motley crew." Mal crossed his arms and looked satisfied. "And she seems stable enough to me. Granted-" he held his hand up to Jayne's sputtering-- "Granted, anyone comes recommended by Badger, gotta keep an eye out. But I think it's working out mighty shiny so far. So we'll hear no more gripin'. Just keep your distance if she makes you uneasy. Sure enough she feels the same 'bout you."

"Bloody hell, Boss. Grub's gone south since you shipped Maisie off with the scroungers. What's the use of training up one of our fine dancing ladies to be a cook, if you just up and let her scarper?" Marley tossed his fork on the table and pushed his chair back, rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Manners, manners, mate." Badger's voice was mild but there was a glint in his eye. "It's all part of the plan. It's about time we made this uneasy alliance a bit more easy on our end. And there ain't no-one can do easy like Our Maisie. She's already sussed out their com system and found a few hidey-holes that'll be good to know of next time they do a run for us. And if we can get her to work her wiles on one of 'em...or more...." His mouth twisted in amusement. "Well then we just might find ourselves with a loverly little Firefly at our disposal." He took a bite of food, and his expression turned to disgust. "But you're right about one thing, mate. Time to start training another of our dancers in the fine culinary arts." He too pushed back from the table, and, clapping his bowler on his head, headed out the door.

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Icons for the [info]whedonland  Big Bang.
Theme: "Did I Fall Asleep?

From Angel for the following prompts. 10 icons = 10 points.

Beautiful, Cursed, Confusion, Muted Colors, Sepia
I've Been Bad, Rescue Me, Measure of a Man , Burn, Flowers

From Dollhouse for the following prompts. 10 icons = 10 points.

Sleep, Innocence, Rotate, Negative Space, Wash Away, Black and White

Hush, Alone, Colorful, Secrets, Blue, Mad World
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Whedonland Big Bang
Theme: "Did I Fall Asleep?"

I. Prompt 002. Bonfire--Firefly
Fic and Picspam (270 words, 35 caps = 5 + 35 points = 40 points)

The night sky was full of sparks and flashes... )

II. Prompt 092. Shadow--Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Fic and Picspam -- 246 words, 38 caps (including 2 caps used as background) = 5 + 38 points = 43 points

“My very own recipe!” Xander said as ... )

III. Prompt 094. Fall (Firefly)
Fic and Picspam -- 194 words, 45 caps (including 2 caps used as background) = 5 + 45 points = 50 points

Mal gasped as he felt himself falling... )

IV. Prompt 046. Crush -- Dr. Horrible

Fic and Picspam -- 262 words, 40 caps = 5 + 40 points = 45 points

Well, so, I’ve been thinking about this, and he’s wrong.  )

[Screencaps by Emma-Jane, Can't Take the Sky, and Screencaps,org]
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Title The First
Show Dollhouse
Original Character Dr. Rance McGrew, Plastic Surgeon
Word Count 500
Screened or unscreened? Unscreened
Note For [ profile] pirateveronica --explained at the end. And, for a fic challenge at [ profile] whedonland , to write a story with an Original Character.
Fic (or link to):

Adelle picked up her drink and stared through the thick glass and amber liquid at her office, picture windows looking out into the night. She took a swig, closed her eyes, and let the memories surface…

The clinking of bottles and the murmur of bar chatter swirl around her as she savors the whisky, trying to tamp down the rising anxiety…or rather, anticipation. Surely he should be here by now? A hand drops on her shoulder and she spins around on the barstool. “Sorry I’m late, babe.” She looks up and her lips part in a smile as he bends down and presses his mouth avidly against hers. She rises up off the stool and urges her full length against him, irresistibly drawn. He pulls out of the kiss, tilts back his head, and looks at her lazily through golden eyelashes. “So beautiful,” he murmurs, lifting his fingers to brush her cheek. “No need for any of my skillful ministrations.” As his lips again drop towards hers, she feels her blood surge. But with one small, ruthless part of her mind she’s thinking how lucky she is to have a plastic surgeon as a lover. Could certainly come in handy some day.

The scene shifts, and she’s looking down at her lover—former lover—lying on the reclining chair under a strong light, in a dark room. Beside her, the slight woman in a white coat touches her arm. “He won't feel any pain,” she says softly. “You know this was the only way to save him. He was a great man, and was lost, but now he can be found again.”

Adelle feels her eyes turn to ice. She twists her lips and moves imperceptibly away from the other’s touch. “Yes, indeed. I have no qualms. The procedure was fully tested; it was time to put it into action. And what could be more appropriate than taking out a psychotic slasher?” Her lips untwist and her jaw sets firmly.

The young doctor moves to the side table and picks up a pen. “It seems odd, since he’s the only one, but I’ll ID him anyway. You know, protocol.” She essays a small laugh, but her smile fades as she looks at the vinyl-coated wristband. Her eyes flicker over, uneasily. “What name…I…”

Adelle lets out a harsh breath. “Well, we can hardly call him Dr. Rance McGrew while he’s shuffling around in pyjamas, waiting to be imprinted with a different personality every day. And it seems ill luck to call him by his more recent alias.” She feels a clutch at her heart, a momentary panic, then reasserts. “Either would be incongruous.” She thinks for a moment. “He is our number one,” she says, her voice suddenly soft as she reaches, almost involuntarily, toward the still figure. “The First. We’ll call him…Alpha.” She turns on her stiletto heel and strides out of the room before she can see the doctor wrap the band around the pale wrist and set the glowing scanner around the red-gold hair.

Author's Note: This vignette is especially for [ profile] pirateveronica , because during Bingo I promised an Adelle/Alpha if those two came up in the next round. (Of course they didn't, but anyway.) This isn't quite that, but it's as close as I'm going to get for now.
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