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...for a challenge at [ profile] womenverse.

You know you're  Kaylee Frye fan when....

--You find yourself calling everything "shiny"
--You think about learning to be a mechanic
--You practice all kinds of smiles
--You're really most comfortable wearing coveralls
--You don't mind having a smudge of grease or dirt on your face

--You seriously consider whether you could make that duck tape pink fluffy dress
--You wonder whether you'd really be scared of River
--You get homesick
--You really wonder whether it's better for Kaylee to be with Simon
--You decide not. :-)

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The challenge was to do something for a show we'd "just discovered." Mine is Doctor Who. Okay, okay, I know, I'm decades late. Here's to Series 8 and Clara, Madame Vastra, and Jenny!

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The challenge at [ profile] womenverse was to cast characters from books--so I picked our favorite female detectives. Let's get some diversity in here!

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20 in 20 for [ profile] womenverse, what better for a theme challenge with women characters than Buffy?
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For a challenge at [ profile] womenverse to feature non-human females in fandom...

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For a challenge at [ profile] womenverse. This was cool, I'd never seen mood boards before. At first I was stumped, but thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers, it kind of popped. It's her creativity that inspired the Luna one; I admire how her suggestions were all adjectives, while the ones I came up with on my own were mostly nouns. That means something I think.

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Like fandoms? Like playing games, making art, writing stories? Like women???

Then join us at [ profile] womenverse, a creative landcomm focusing on our favorite females.

Tell 'em [ profile] catko sent you!
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We came up with items that matched with women characters, then had to take pictures of ten of those items. Fortunately, I was able to take most of these shots without standing up from my desk. A few of them I had to go across the hall. None of them are the same as the ones used by the characters, though. Especially the phone, LOL. I also copied the full list of items and characters under the cut, because it's cool.

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At [ profile] womenverse, we submitted stock photos, then got them randomly assigned to us to make something with. I chose to do mini-mixes for mine. All artists are women or include women. Click for bigger!

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...for the Disability Fest Challenge at [ profile] womenverse, inspired by this very cool tumblr fest. Fanmixes for Becky Jackson of Glee, played by Lauren Potter, and Joey Lucas of The West Wing, played by Marlee Matlin.

Songs and lyrics... )
So I'm ready to attack, gonna lead the pack
Gonna get a touchdown, gonna take you out
That's right, put your pom-poms downs, getting everybody fired up

Girl Power - Cheetah Girls
Sometimes life may get you down
But you better hold your ground
Can't nobody live your life but you
Stay true to who you are

Can’t Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera
Letting them know we're gonna stand our ground
Lift your hands high and wave them proud
Take a deep breath and say it loud
Never can, never will, can't hold us down

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
I want to be the one to walk in the sun
Oh girls they want to have fun

Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
Don't you hear that heartbeat comin' your way?
Oh, it be like, boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass

Honesty - Billy Joel
Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

Megaphone - Parry Gripp

Her Majesty – The Beatles
Her Majesty’s a pretty nice girl
But she change from day to day

Songs and lyrics... )
Wanna be remembered?
Stand out in the crowd
Don't choke on the fire
It's tryin' to burn you out …
But I just wanna hear your voice

Make a Noise - Katie Herzig
Find your voice, find your voice
Make a noise

Can’t Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera
This is for my girls all around the world
Who have come across a man that don’t respect your worth
Thinking all women should be seen not heard
So what do we do, girls, shout louder

Electioneering - Radiohead
Riot shields
Voodoo economics
It's just business
Cattle prods and the IMF
I trust I can rely on your vote

The System - The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Are we human or the system?

I Swung the Election - Jack Teagarden

Democracy - Leonard Cohen
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.
It's coming through a crack in the wall

People Have the Power - Patti Smith
People have the power to dream, to rule
To wrestle the world from fools
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For [ profile] womenverse, for two women characters randomly selected from fandoms I provided. I got Alt-Astrid from Fringe and Dawn from Buffy!

How They Met
Fandom: Fringe, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: G
Words: 441
Notes: This didn't quite get to the heart of what these two have in common, but I might get there sometime.

Dawn wound... )

I see both of these young women as sometimes feeling ostracized, different, left out. Major identity issues, right? But they also have strength and power and independence. So, here is a fanmix honoring that.

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Fun challenge at [ profile] womenverse to interview a favorite character. I chose to use the so-named Proust Questionnaire as done by Vanity Fair magazine. I've always liked this short, sometimes profound, often silly, format.

The Proust Questionnaire: Martha Rodgers
Vanity Fair is thrilled that this month’s Proust Questionnaire Interview is with Martha Rodgers, currently appearing in the Matrix Theater’s production of The Winter’s Tale, and also mother to famed mystery writer, Richard Castle.

What is your... )

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They provide the reaction, we provide the trigger--by representing a scene that evoked that reaction in us!

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Really fun landcomm celebrating our favorite women on screen, stage, anywhere. [ profile] womenverse!

Does it help to see what you can win? Look below here!
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Cool, right? Tell 'em I sent you!
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For a challenge at [ profile] womenverse, to honor a character that only appears a few times. Ms. Hudson, from Elementary, is played by Candis Cayne, who was just featured in this week's Time Magazine piece on "transgender people who influenced American culture." Here's what Sherlock and Joan say about her--I meant to incorporate these into the cover, but couldn't quite do it. The songs celebrate her strength and her talents, and encourage her to keep being herself!

  • Sherlock: Miss Hudson is a fascinating woman. She has an Oxford don's knowledge of ancient Greek, but she's a complete autodidact. Well actually its a very fitting field of study for Ms. Hudson, considering she makes her living as something of a muse.

  • Joan: Are we fleeing from the scene of a murder because Miss Hudson and her boyfriend were up half the night yelling at each other?

  • Ms. Hudson: He said he wants me back. But…he just wants to stick me in some walk-up, giving me a clothing allowance.

  • Ms. Hudson (gesturing around the library): You start with the hard sciences on the north wall, and then you move clockwise around the room in descending order of academic rigor That way, Physics by Aristotle is as far away from You Can Learn Telepathy by Morton Zuckerman as possible...I have a touch of OCD. It seems to flare up after a breakup.

  • Watson: I like Ms. Hudson. You know, she's lost. She's just trying to figure herself out…I think it would be good if Ms. Hudson learned to take care of herself, that's all.

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...for a challenge at [ profile] womenverse, that meme thing you've seen around.

kaylee really
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For a challenge at [ profile] womenverse to write a children's story. This was rather hard!

Fandom: Firefly
Rating: G
Author’s note: These are based on an OC that I wrote about here and here. Inspired by Gina Torres’s quote as shown in this gifset by backinblack-est1967 at tumblr. Made the baby a girl, though, played in my head by Quvenzhané Wallis. :)

The Ugly Duckling and Jeannie the Genie )

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Our awesome women characters--bad-ass, fun-loving, glamorous--that we love? Come pay tribute to these ladies through art, fic, puzzles, and games. It's easy, you don't need any special skills, and your team mates will help you! It's creative, it's competitive, it's delightful. Come try it...and tell them I sent you! Click here!


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