Jan. 27th, 2017

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Based on descriptions in tvtropes.com, of course.

Castiel from Supernatural as Actually, I Am Him: Odysseus as a Tramp

Severus Snape and Lily Potter from Harry Potter as Achilles' Heel

Cassandra from The Librarians as Cassandra: Truth

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...on the theme of "iris" which symbolizes the 25th anniversary.

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Fandom: The Librarians
Words: 401
Theme: Unusual Holidays, January; taken from this site: http://holidayinsights.com/moreholidays/january.htm

Cassandra glared at The Book, then let her gaze drift to the open air above it, eyes darting and fingers fluttering. “Hmphf,” she grumped. “Apparently January is a low time for magical action, just like it is in the ordinary world.”

“Post holiday slump,” called out Ezekiel, who was stretched out by the fire, chewing on licorice and gazing at a handheld device. “What do you expect on the day after New Year’s Day? Worst time possible for the thieving arts. Everyone stays home, hides out, pawns their valuables to pay off their excesses…..” He sighed, and stared toward the fire.

“Hey, man,” growled Stone, passing by with an armful of old maps. “If you’d stick to the lawful life, you wouldn’t need to worry about ups and downs.”

“Children, children,” said Eve briskly, coming down the stairs. “We’re just bored. If only you all would make good use of this down-time by practicing your self-defense.” The others groaned loudly, and Ezekiel made a great show of burrowing even deeper in the armchair.

“Well if we think our January’s boring, take a look at these funky holidays.” Jacob held up an old piece of newsprint. “Fruitcake Toss Day? Humiliation Day?” He chortled as the others, lacking anything better to do, gathered round.

“BEAN day,” scoffed Ezekiel. “I wouldn’t half want to avoid that one. Phew!” He held his nose in a broad gesture.

“Aw, Cuddle up day,” murmured Cassandra. “That sounds nice.”

“Well here’s something we can do to expand our minds,” said Jacob. “We can each pick a day and research it. Then, when the day comes, you can share the history with the rest of it. Who knows, buried deep in some of these might be some mythology that might come in handy.”

Ezekiel moaned, but then his eyes caught on the list. “January 9. Play God Day. That’s for me. Back later!” The others watched him head to the computer, rolled their eyes, and scanned the list for something to pick. “Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day, the 12th,” proclaimed Eve. “I’m sure that’s got a great story behind it.”

“I’m deciding between Cuddle Up Day and National Hugging Day. That’s the 21st, so it gives me more time to plan something,” said Cassandra brightly. “And as for me,” said Jacob, “I’m going to look into Appreciate a Dragon Day.” He eyed the Back Door, then the maps in his hand, with speculation.
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Coming in the Fall Season
A Stunning New Series
“Battlestar Galactica meets Lost meets Firefly!”

Next Life
The year is 2121. Climate change has made the Earth virtually uninhabitable. Over the past decades, there has been a strategic exodus from Earth to distant colonies scattered throughout the galaxies, with humans and other life forms loaded onto huge space vehicles designed to sustain life for years, while they seek out habitable planets.

We join the ship Pegasus XII, home to 5,000 individuals, just as it completes its hyper jump into the Aeon Galaxy. Suddenly, there is a shipwide emergency, resulting in mass evacuation, scattering the humans, and whatever they can bring with them, across this new solar system.

One escape ship lands on a habitable planet, where the oddly assorted group tries to take stock of their situation, and of each other.

Here they thought they were starting a new life. But now they must create their….Next Life.


Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk as Maya and Joe: A married couple, they were recruited by the Pegasus Corp to pilot the ship and provide a military presence. They are skilled, reliable, and very much in love.

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as Ray and Eames. Cops on Earth, they had joined the transport with twenty of their squad, and are the only survivors. Ray is sarcastic and hot-tempered, Eames is highly intelligent and a good negotiator.

Octavia Butler as Angeline. She is a schoolteacher, staunchly progressive, with strong ideas about a peaceful, utopian society. She can be warm and understanding, but she bristles at authority.

(And yes, my goal was to make a show with versions of some of my favorite characters. I had a lot more but ran out of time!)

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