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For a little challenge at [ profile] gameofcards.

captain kirk william shatner 1968 1969@therealcapt
Hey, Spock, Bones,  check my next RT, it’s not one of you doing this fake twitter, is it? It’s hilarious! @georgiadoc @ltcmdrspock

captain kirk william shatner 1968 1969@therealcapt
RT @shitcaptkirksays Hey, baby. Did you set your looks to ’stunning’?

Captain. I fail to understand what humor could be derived from fraudulently representing oneself as another.

Dammit, Jim! Of course it wasn't me. I’m a doctor, not a comedian!
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For a fun challenge at [ profile] tv_universe to make an amusement park based on a Walt Disney quote.


Elements: A map, with 5 main characters, 5 rides, 5 entertainment/attractions, 5 food places, and 10 castmembers aka staff. I decided to make 5 different "lands" based on famous TV sci-fi shows...and everything goes from there.

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...for [ profile] the_deepbluesea. (Firefly, Northern Exposure, Star Trek, and Sports Night).

Plus quotes!
Featuring Fizzbin! )
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Re-cast a JJ Abrams show with other actors. Hee hee.


recast 22
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For [ profile] scifiland, slightly different from the other challenge. After all, don't we love Star Trek because it has all the best qualities of a Disney cartoon--silly, sentimental, dramatic, adventurous?

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Three Times Uhura Didn't Kiss Spock…and Two Times She Did
Fandom: Star Trek (TOS and 2009)
Rating: G
Word Count: 268

Don't fret about the time warp... )

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This was silly fun for a challenge at [ profile] scifiland . See 'em bigger at the links below.

Something's amiss with the clickable thumbnails and/or Photobucket, so links below.

1) Comm

2) Beam On

3) Khan
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For [ profile] scifiland , gifs, icons, picspam, and wallpaper to match this "bingo" card! Fun!

A Pair (who else?)


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Since [ profile] jjverse  is coming to an end...*sob*...


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(For Challenge 30 at the awesome [ profile] jjverse . Thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers  for the support, and [ profile] teamtrek  for the constant inspiration!)

No time for polishing! Probably a lot of you don't even remember this show, but this is the theme song from The Greatest American Hero. Check it out sometime; fun and silly.

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For the very fun [ profile] jjverse . Go [ profile] teamtrek !

Let's Play Trekspressions!

...or, "Why the face?" )

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For [ profile] jjverse . Thanks to my [ profile] teamtrek  for the pressure and the advice. Muah!

Postcards from Earth...
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