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What would Russ and Holly have on their cel phones?

"Yikes, I'm late, gotta stop at the printer's on the way in. Let yourself out, okay?" Holly called over her shoulder as she downed the last swig of coffee, grabbed her phone off the counter, and headed toward the door.

Russ leaned out of the bathroom. "Hey!" he called.

She turned around to look at him. He winked, and her rather harried expression melted for a moment into a sweet smile. She waggled her fingers in a wave. "See you at the station."
Later, as she was pulling up at the printers, she felt an unfamiliar buzzing in her purse. Reaching in, she pulled out a vibrating phone and stared at it for a moment, puzzled. Seeing the text showing up on the lock screen with the picture of an old-style sneaker, definitely not hers, she rolled her eyes in exasperation and understanding.

--You got my phone. Unlock code is 2901.

She punched in the code and texted back:

--Sorry bout that. How did you unlck mine?
--5683? LOVE? Might as well be 1234.
--Whatev. What's yrs stand for?
--I'll tell u since have to change now anyway. Childhood address.
--Ah. Well I apreciate yr trust, I cld see all yr secrets.
--Look away. Got none.
--Yeah right, well no snooping on mine.
--K wont but some can't be unseen. Kittens. And how many weather apps do u need?
--I like weather. Anyway yrs is boring. No games, and what's with the sneaker pic?
--Tell you later. Im getting donuts for work, dont be late or youll miss em.

Holly tucked Russ's phone back into her purse and grinned at the thought of the day ahead.

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