Aug. 19th, 2015

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What does Mrs. Wellick have on her phone? Disclaimer: I used Google Translate for the Danish and Swedish, so apologies for errors...

"Damn. Det er min telefon ikke fungerer."
Tyrell shrugged. "Få en ny." He reached in his pocket for his money clip while he scrolled through texts --someone's-- on his own phone.
She waved it at him. "Guld fon," she reminded.
He shrugged again, clicked his platinum-edged, E-Corp Black Card down on the brushed-metal kitchen counter, and strolled, still scrolling, to the wine rack.
"Foruden , jeg har alle mine apps og fotos. At kink site, er ikke let at få download link."
He looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "Back up?" he said.
"Farlige," she rejoined. "Disse fotos ... du ved selv hvor let det er at få dem.." She stood and moved to him, pressing her belly against his hip. "So ønsker du bare nogen lort hacker at se mig?"
He set his phone down and wrapped his arms around her. "Jag ska skydda dig."
She looked up him and blinked slowly. "Du kan prøve," she murmured, as she slipped out of his arms, tossed her phone on the counter, plucked up the credit card, and headed for the door.
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