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My Five Favorite Sorkin characters, for [ profile] sorkinverse .

Lewis Rothschild in The American President, played by the amazing Michael J Fox, because of this scene:
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Dan Rydell
from Sports Night, for so much, but mostly for how he looks at the end of this scene. I’ve never seen anyone on any show look so happy. In fact, I think this might be my favorite episode of any show, of all time. Video link. And, thanks as always to the amazing [ profile] sntranscripts  for the transcripts.More. )

C.J. Cregg
from The West Wing. Because she’s tall, and smart, and funny, and tough, and vulnerable, and can hold her own most of the time, and she’s endearingly human.
SAM: There are bathrobes at the gym?
CJ: In the women's locker room.
SAM: But not the men's…
CJ: Yeah.
SAM: That's outrageous. There's a thousand men working here and 50 women.
CJ: Yeah, and it's the bathrobes that's outrageous.

Isaac Jaffe from Sports Night. Because he’s older, wiser, and just hilarious in his own right. Plus, of course, since Robert Guillaume had a stroke in real life, and was willing to play it that Isaac had a stroke too. But mostly because he is so dry.
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Matt Albie
from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Because Matthew Perry was a revelation, and seemed happy to play a good, strong, smart and sensitive character who was also a bit of a buffoon and kind of a jerk.
Matt: Thanks, man. I miss her. I really do. I'm dying inside, and I appreciate your support.
Danny: Matt.
Matt: Yeah?
Danny: Go up on the stage now.
Matt: Why?
Danny: You just won.
Matt: Really?
Danny: Yeah.
Matt: Hey, that's great!
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The dull roar in his ears ebbed and hummed, punctuated by a clatter of silverware, a clash of platters. He stared at the woman across the table, concentrating on her lips, until her features seemed to distort into a rubbery wobble. Shook himself, hopefully imperceptibly, to focus on making a response.

Okay, done. Suddenly Danny is hurtling toward him. Lurch up to meet him, grabbed in a bear hug, feeling the surge of emotion. All he wants is to blubber out his pain. This is the answer--him and Danny. No crazy Christian ex-girlfriend, banquet table fodder, brought up at every damn seating at every damn charity event and awards show...

Uh-oh. Wait. Awards show. AWARDS SHOW?

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Hotel room. What fresh hell could this be? That’s the thing with having a fucking secret. Everything becomes about that. Hiding, holding, waiting for it to ambush you, from the inside or the outside. That clutch of fear when you catch sight of a supermarket tabloid or see a blind item about a “notorious Hollywood partier.” The moment of panic when any one of a million celebrity bloggers swans over to you at a party. Expecting that every unexpected event will turn into the Big Reveal.

He puts the tape into the VCR, praying that it isn’t of him.

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She sips the wine and feels herself make an impressed expression. She’s no snob but hell, good is good, and this? Is damn good.  She sets down the glass and dimples at the orating man opposite, enumerating her successes, toasting their host, her new boss.

She tries to tamp down the fluttering in her midsection, and wonders: why? Shes got the job, right? This is the celebration. Then where’s the joy, or at least, the sense of relief? Deep breaths. Settle down, girl. She takes another slug of wine, and prepares to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening.

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By the way, I'm not good at icons, but at least I learned how to use an Icon Table Generator!


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Title: Friends Only

Rating: PG (implied past)

Fandom: Studio 60

Characters: Matt and Danny

Note: For [info]sorkinverse , Challenge #11, International Day of Slash; request for fic and/or Friends Only banner.

Danny helped Matt to his feet, and they lurched against each other.

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Title: Field Placement
Rating: PG (implied violence?)
Fandom: The West Wing, Studio 60
Characters: Random Pairing of Zoey Barlet and Bevo; also Jed Bartlet, Cal Shanley
AN: Points for anyone who catches the rather bad pun here.
For the [info]sorkinverse  challenge; go to [info]sorkinites  to check out more! It's fun! Why not join a team?

“You know I support you, sweetheart. But your mom and I don’t like to think of you so far away. Way out in California! Why can’t you study--what is it called, animal dangling?—here in New Hampshire?”
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