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A variant of one I did ages ago, for [ profile] fringeverse.  Which is why it leans toward the earlier seasons. Slightly updated for the gifs done for [ profile] fandomverse.

A is for Astrid, her star is so bright,
   She hopes Walter won’t call her Asterisk tonight.

B is for... )
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For the [ profile] fandomverse Big Bang, I thought I'd:
--Say another goodbye to my much-lamented Fringe;
--Revisit an idea I had on [ profile] fringeverse thanks to [ profile] blue_sunflowers, the ABCs of Fringe; and
--Finally freaking learn how to make gifs.

Was I entirely successful? No. But it was sad, fun, and I think next time I could do better....

See if you can guess what's what. And if you need a hint, this revised (for post-Season 4) poem might help. Yeah, it's ridiculous too, but anyway. Fun, I say, fun!


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Fun challenge--to cast a movie from a favorite book. It may seem like I'm having a lark, but I'm quite serious with this casting, as it is one of my most favorite books, a fantastic English mystery with nobility, consulting detectives, women academics, romance, and spite. Check it out!

gaudy night casting
Yes, I couldn't resist the Sherlock crossover... )

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Fanmix for [ profile] fandomverse on "Beginnings and Endings". Fringe, of course, that's what's on my mind...

Fringe1cover Fringe2Cover
Songs, and some explanation... )

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The task was to make picspams of our favorite episodes. These are more like my favorite TV scenes, complete with dialogue (of course!) and even links to some music.

Frasier (Bebe extolls), Firefly (Mal survives), The West Wing (Jed rants), Northern Exposure (Joel strips), and Sports Night (Dan gets lucky).

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The challenge was to do a fanmix for a relationship, and I love this friendship, so...this is to commemorate Sherlock and John's first night out on the town. If you listen to anything, try "Take Me Out" (AKA that song they played on iPhones on the New York subway). I always think of these two, and this episode, when I hear it.

covera coverb
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For a challenge at [ profile] fandomverse, such a fun one, to create a spinoff from a TV show, book, or movie, with five new characters. I remembered a posting at TWOP clamoring for a spin off from the late, lamented Pushing Daisies featuring the amazing Kristin Chenowith as Olive Snook, and the incomparable Chi McBride as Emerson Cod. The idea was they could start their own detective agency. Just their difference in size was cause for visual hilarity, not to mention the confrontational bitch- and snark-fest that was the hallmark of their friendship. So, I bring you:

Cod and Olive's Pub and Detective Agency


I bet there are actors that you like back here... )
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- Write a fic that is exactly 26 words.
- Each word must start with a different letter of the alphabet.
- No first letter can be repeated.
- Letters of the alphabet do not need to be used in order.

But I did mine in order anyway. This was fun.

"Zeppelin! Yes! X!" Walter vociferously uttered. "Three stereo recordings quit playing! Oh, now my left knee joint is hurting."
"Go find energy drinks," coaxingly beamed Astrid.

"A bite can damage everlastingly! Ferociously!" Giles huffed insistently. "Just keep learning, memorizing, never over plan."
"Quite right," Spike toasted.
"Ugh, vampires, why?" Xander yawned Zeppo-ishly.
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For this [ profile] fandomverse challenge--a bingo card of prompts. Drabbles and icons inspired by this gifset by hobanwashburnes. No warnings needed for the fic, I don't's all post-BDM, though, so if you're still among those who don't want to be spoiled for that, avoid. :)

Zoe Washburne FTW! )

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Fandom: Battlestar Galactica

He held her in his arms, looking out over the glowing green grass, and, thinking back over his past--the blur of a privileged but embattled childhood, the rush of war and adolescent idealism, the attempt at family living and resultant pain and joy, the shock of the fight for humanity, the seemingly endless, soul-tearing quest--he realized nothing but this moment, now poised on the edge of death, seemed so full of life.

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A look at Criminal Minds, using the themes from the [ profile] fandomverse Big Bang Challenge.
  Derek Morgan: as The Atoner. Spencer Reid and Penelope Garcia: Left Brain, Right Brain.
    3 picspams of 25 images 60 pts + 2 fanmixes (really, a double album) 40 pts = 100 pts.
      As always much credit to the ever-inspiring [ profile] blue_sunflowers for the ideas, really.


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For [ profile] fandomverse, a drabble on the theme of friendship.

"We were good friends, as boys." Clipped, but with a soft sadness that, even given the circumstances, caught Molly by surprise. She shyly up-side-eyed the tall man standing next to her slightly apart from the others as befitting two with a secret that put them at odds with the rest of the gathering.

After the madness of the past many days, she felt her brain enjoying the idle consideration of which was more incongruous - the thought of them as friends, or the thought of them as boys. Actually, the latter she could suddenly picture, but in her mind's-eye as merely miniatures of their adult selves: one small tyke, with random dark curls, long coat, and piercing wild eyes; the elder, carrying a small umbrella, with pursed lips but gentle gaze. A mortifying laugh burst forth, quickly stifled as she and her companion turned to follow the mourners leaving the fresh gravesite of Sherlock Holmes.

sigtag scifi

(The fandom is Sherlock BBC in case not obvious.)
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I picked Winnie the Pooh! These were the exact books we had growing up!

pooh thmbnail copy
Picspam, sort of... )
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